Untitled by Brianna

“The air was fresh and clean; the birds sang their songs of glee and liberty pleasantly, and the bees buzzed cheerfully as they went about their work. Flowers of a thousand colors bloomed in the warm sunshine, showing their brilliance willingly to the quiet observer. The leaves shown with a bright, deep, vivacious color, and even the grass seemed to glow with a deeper green. A doe was grazing near the trees, peaceful, for the time being not terrified of being found. A rabbit crossed quickly by it, causing her to lift her head momentarily from her meal, blinking lazily. Squirrels flew from tree to tree, chattering to each other. A vixen fox stuck her head out from behind a berry bush, her children following close behind. Nearby, there was a bubbling stream, laughing Nature’s laughter to the delight of those listening. The fish were very active this time of year, occasionally jumping out of the water for joy.
This was how things were when I found myself without home, without money, and without friends. Distraught, I had left the only home I had, not only because it had been demanded of me, but because I couldn’t bear the news in the place I had once so loved.
Tears streamed down my face as I blundered into the quiet meadow. The doe startled and sprang away, the vixen rushed her kits into the brush, and the birds singing and squirrels chatting ceased their merriment. I flung myself onto the soft, cushiony moss that covered a large, round boulder and let the rivers I was trying to hold back flow freely.
For twenty years of my life, I lived in a nice country house just south of the nearest town, Bartleton. My parents dead from the Black Death when I was just a babe, I was raised by my uncle. His wife never cared for me, and neither did his children, but he was kind to me. When I confided in him and told Uncle about how his own children were cruel to me, he listened. When they refused to allow their governess teach me, and supported themselves with their doting mother, he hired another, kinder one to show me how to be a proper lady. Never did he think about sending me away, and as I grew into a young woman, I found I was with at least one friend who always was there for me.
A year ago, my uncle took ill, and I was distraught with grief. I took care of him every day, made and brought his food up to him, held the glass for him to drink, and administered the medicine the doctors recommended. His children would have nothing to do with him, and on the pretense that they worried they might also become sick, they were constantly out of the house on walks with their mother. My governess would spend the hours we were supposed to do working sitting next to me in his sick room, reading to both of us as shrieks of glee and merriment rang from below.
Months passed like this, and my uncle got worse and worse. Still, we tarried in his room more than usual and tried our best to heal him. With time, I woke to him with barely a breath of life in him, and I held his hand as he slipped away. My governess helped me dress the body and carry it into the garden, where he loved to wander when he needed to think. We held a quiet funeral, just me and the governess, since his own family refused to stand in the dirt amongst weeds. That was last week.
My aunt brought out his supposed will earlier today, which he kept in her safe keeping, and decided to not take action on his wants until he was “properly gone” (whatever that meant). But when she did produce the desires of my dear uncle, she claimed that they were to banish me from the house without a penny. In shock and pain, I flew from the place that held so many dear memories for me, from the place where I was betrayed by the one I cared for the most.
And now I sit, without any direction or hope for my life. My story ends here.”


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  1. Love this Brianna! The character detail along with little mannerisms made it all the better!

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