Spread the Love by Cheyenne

Valentine’s Day. For some people, it’s either a happy day filled with love and joy, or it can be a dreadful and depressing day if you feel like there’s no significant other out there to share love with you. I think society has ingrained this idea in a lot of our heads that Valentine’s Day is meant to be celebrated exclusively by couples. But I believe that regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day in its entirety should be a day where any person finds someone who has impacted their life in some way and do something for them that will make them smile.

Writing is a gift all by itself. Creativity can be explored and experimented with on all kinds of levels, and gift-giving is absolutely a great way to use your creative writing talent. For Valentine’s Day, think about an individual who had done something special for you at some point in your life. This person can be a teacher who stayed a few hours after class each Thursday to help you understand a homework assignment, or a kind, compassionate neighbor who made a delicious roast for your family when you moved in. This person, whoever they may be, should have given you a happy memory of some sort.

Once you have this person in mind, sit down and write them a little fictional short story. It can be something entirely made up, or you can choose to write about the event that impacted you in a fun, light-hearted way. If you’re not the story type, poems work just as well. And if you prefer songs over poems and stories, I’m sure the special person would love to hear you play a song you wrote just for them—either recorded on a flash drive or played live in their living room.

The whole point of this act is to find it in your heart to bring out your giving spirit. Even if you are reading this article past Valentine’s Day, don’t wait for a special occasion to do something spontaneous for another person. Valentine’s Day—and any day for that matter—is a day of love for any relationship; celebrate it in a way that makes someone feel unique and appreciated. They will definitely love your writings much more than a little dollar-store trinket.


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  1. True, Cheyenne! Love this.

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