The Infamous Writer’s Block by Natalie

If you have been a writer for more than a week then you have most likely experienced writer’s block before. New to the concept? Here’s a quick explanation: writer’s block is when the universe constructs an enormous, impenetrable brick wall between you and your word doc/paper. Alright, you got me, there is no physical brick wall. However, there may as well be one in your mind. Being unable to continue the piece you’re working on or come up with any new ideas for any length of time is considered to the writing community as “writer’s block.”

In any new writer’s meeting, author meet-up, writer’s seminar I’ve attended, someone had always asked about writer’s block. “How do you overcome writer’s block? What are some ways you can get rid of writer’s block? You, a successful writer, must never encounter writer’s block; how did you do it?” In my opinion, the search for an answer and instant solution to writer’s block will never end. There are countless articles online about this topic to keep you busy for hours, but I’ve taken this opportunity to share with you a few short and sweet ways I like to shake that stuck mindset.

#1 Go outside
As an artist as well as a writer, I am always inspired by nature and my outdoor surroundings. Even if you live in a big city and “nature” isn’t very abundant, then perhaps you can find inspiration in pattern, architecture or even graffiti on a wall. Wherever you are, getting some fresh air and stepping away from your room is always a good thing.

#2 Write your thoughts
I find myself stuck in my own head a lot and often getting lost. This, in turn, causes my writer’s block more often than not. Pull out a fresh piece of paper/new document and jot down those thoughts. Although it may feel a bit weird at first, writing down exactly what you’re thinking word-for-word could help you get out of that rut.

#3 Pick up something you normally wouldn’t read
Let’s say you’re a huge fan of fantasy novels, and you live and breathe the genre. You write fantasy, read it, and maybe even participate in some fantasy RPGs at some point. You now have the worst case of writer’s block and can’t continue your character’s epic journey. Perhaps it’s time to go grab some inspiration from an unexpected place to spice up your own work. Pick up something you usually skip over at the bookstore and use that as an opportunity to dig yourself out of that mental hole.

Remember, the internet is a fantastic and helpful place for this subject and I highly recommend anyone to go and research this topic some more if they feel the need to. In the meantime, I hope these tips picked you up a little and perhaps gave you something new to try. Good luck with your future writing endeavors and don’t let a little stuck mentality prevent you from finishing that New York Time’s Bestseller!


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  1. I really like the third option! Sometimes we want to remain in our comfort zone with a repetitive genre or writing style, but opening up to other genres may tug on your interest and broaden your writing. Thanks for posting!

  2. I was stuck while writing my story, not knowing how to reveal a key piece of information perfectly. I just wasn’t satisfied with anything that i came up with. I decided to check the blog see if I could get the gears turning with the prompts. I stumbled upon this post and decided to go outside and write my thoughts. It really helped! Thank you for posting this when you did, now my story has the perfect plot twist 😉

  3. I love the third idea! Reading something that one typically doesn’t read is great for inspiration!!!

  4. Great advice, Natalie! Writer’s block is so frustrating. Sometimes, I feel like I may end up like Jack Torrance from The Shining! 🙂

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