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From Cheyenne: Your protagonist wakes up one morning and sees a love note from a secret admirer in their mailbox. What do they do next?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “Maybe I shouldn’t have taken that Forensic Science class last year.” The thought swam about in Ella’s mind as she stared at the black-inked scrawled on the back of an old McDonald’s receipt.

    It read,

    “Dear Ella,
    I like your hair and maybe your smile.
    From Anonymous”

    This had to be from Evan. Ella knew it had to be from him. Evan was Ella’s bio partner and he was the definition of Ella’s soulmate. He listened to her favorite bands, volunteered at the same children’s hospital as her, and even ate the same foods as her. Evan was basically Ella – which meant that Evan in Ella’s “intuition” – was perfect for her.

    She carefully and evenly spaced out the enzymes, probes, lab gel, and lab tray on her wooden desk and began the process of DNA Identification.

    “First step, put Evan’s note of exuberant affection onto lab tray and pour enzyme mixture onto it.” Ella said out loud as she obeyed her lab notes and the WikiHow article instructions.

    “Next step, pour lab gel mixture into lab tray and place the trusty nylon membrane over the now-saturated and ruined note.”

    “Last step, pour probe mixture onto nylon membrane in lab tray and cover with x-ray film.” Ella said as she finished mixing everything and decided that the lab tray was ready to be examined in her developer- which she got for Christmas last year.

    As the developer began to extract the DNA from the fingerprints probably smudged all over the McDonald’s receipt for “one order of large fries with Big Mac Sauce and bacon to the side and two orders of chicken Mcnuggets” – Ella tapped her sunflower-coated nails against her lap excitedly.

    Wow, if Evan- the most dreamiest guy to exist, actually wrote Ella he liked her hair and “maybe” her smile- she would run out onto the streets excitedly declaring her love back for him. Kind of like they did in that one movie, except it was raining in that movie- which sadly Ella couldn’t control or she would make it rain for her exhibit of mutual liking to Evan.

    “Beep. Beep. Beep.” Ella looked over at the developer and saw a green light flashing- which meant the evidence was ready to be determined. She quickly pulled out the piece of printer paper extending from the machine and read it’s content.

    “DNA Extraction Results: Jerold Wheeler.”

    Ella’s mouth dropped open in shock. Jarold Wheeler! The lead singer of “Empty Water Bottles.” That’s the best band to exist on this planet. They have some of the best songs like: “Cold Rain” and “My Favorite Color is Black.”

    “What?!” Ella screamed out excitedly as she rushed out from her bedroom and onto the street where she began feverishly declaring out her love for Jerold- Ella’s new definition of her “soulmate.”

    • Ohh I’ve been meaning to reply to this! This is one of the amusing stories on here and it’s just!! So filled with charm. It’s great. My favorite part is right at the end, made me snort. Keep up the awesome work, compadre!

  2. I was still groggy when I walked up to the door that morning. I remember stepping on it before I realized it was there. The bright pink envelope that I somehow missed. It was all very funny because later I would regret letting that piece of information slip, that I had stepped on it, not that it’s bright pink. Anyway, I had picked up the envelope still not registering the ‘love’ that was dripping from the hearts drawn all over it in red marker, and opened it. I opened it out of routine, I had barely cast a glance at it before that. The second I opened it, I regretted not looking at it first. It started screaming at me! Or, I thought it was screaming at me because it was 6 o’clock in the morning and the rest of the house was dead silent. Once I had gotten over the initial shock of very loud music playing from inside an envelope I actually heard the music. Can you see the love tonight??? I couldn’t that morning, until it hit me in the face. It was a love note!! Suddenly I was wide awake. Who was the unfortunate lady who had not realized I was married? I dug my hand into the envelope and retrieved the pink, musical card. It was from my wife. Who was in Africa on a mission trip. DUH!!!!! I can’t believe I forgot it was Valentines Day!

    • Oh my gosh, nice. I like this particular plot twist, haha! I love how the card “SCREAMED” at the protag, that type of hyperbole is probably one of my favorite things to read.

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