Macbeth by Kevin

“My lord! My lord! King Duncan has been found dead!” I was stunned. This day has come too soon. The news of the death of a good friend is always hard to stomach.

“By what means?”, I asked, genuinely concerned.

“The royal messenger told me nothing of sorts,” my servant told me while spent from his efforts to reach me as fast as he could. “There’s going to be a new king soon, you have been invited to attend the coronation. Your power and wealth is of high opinion of the Royals of Scotland”

“I shall go. I must see for myself who will guide Scotland in the future,” I said with concern. “I feel a responsibility to the Scots to ensure we have the right ruler.”

“Okay, my lord. I shall send your intent to attend the dinner and event, as well as organize your travel plans.” My servant left me alone in a daze as he fulfilled his duties. I feel he was aware of my sorrow. After gathering myself, I decide I need to start making my plans for the trip. I will try to adjust but It won’t feel right, no matter who the king is.

We arrived at the castle. The royals and the nobles seemed confused. Nobody could’ve foreseen this happening to Duncan. He wasn’t a young man, but nobody expected him to die so soon. After quick conversation with many of the guests, I spoke to Banquo, a respected man of war.  I hadn’t been told who was being crowned. I asked Banquo.

“Macbeth, of course. You didn’t know?” he asked.

Befuddled, I explained that I only got the news of Duncan’s death. “Why him?”, I asked.

Banquo explains, “The fleeing of both heirs of Duncan incriminated them, leaving Macbeth the next in line for the throne.”

“That’s too bad,” I said in a disappointed fashion. “He hasn’t proven his legitimacy to be the next ruler.”

Banquo gave me a confused look. “Why is th…”

Banquo is called by another guest.

“I’ll speak to you later, William.” He assured me. We shook hands and went about our own ways at the coronation.

4 Hours Since Speaking to Banquo

“Where’s Banquo?”, I wondered. Our conversations were ones I always looked forward to, but he’s nowhere to be found. “That’s strange,” I thought, considering how confused Banquo seemed when I questioned Macbeth’s right to the throne. Why would he miss the coronation of the King I assume he supports?

“The dinner proceeding the coronation shall begin shortly. Please make your way to your assigned seat in the dining area.”

I followed the request of the servant. Still not sure of what to make of King Duncan’s death, I sit and wait for the arrival of the King-to-be.

As we made our way to the dining room, I made an effort to observe Macbeth. I’m skeptical of him. He has had many military victories but I would caution war-mongers becoming leaders of a kingdom. He was speaking to non-noblemen for an odd amount of time. Royalty of his likes doesn’t socialize with regular folk unless they work for them. Macbeth confidently approached a seat which I thought was reserved for Banquo and sat. Suddenly, the dining room erupted with a scream that echoed through the entire room. Some of the guests weren’t giving too much attention to the new king but they were gravitating towards him now.

“HOW? I THOUGHT YOU…” Macbeth was in disarray. The way he was looking at this chair was as if he had seen a Ghost. He was pointing frantically towards the seat that, one would assume, was meant for his use for the night. Lady Macbeth did her best to rescue the situation.

“Macbeth is simply feeling stressed,” she pleaded. She continued, “The transition of power and the death of King Duncan has obviously taken its toll.”

Macbeth seems to have calmed down at this point. Regaining his composure, he reassures his guests that he’s fine and we continue with the event. I’m not sure what to think. I’m concerned about his mental state if this is how he’s acting this unstable at his coronation.

Macbeth proceeded to raise a glass: “Thank you all for coming. I know this is unexpected so I appreciate you for coming. I would like to take the time to thank Banquo. I saw him earlier but it seems he could not make it. I still want to make a toast to h-…”

Once again, the host stopped what he was doing to point out a nonexistent figure in the seat. His face was pale. His wife was also taken aback. She abruptly ends the night, leaving us all confused.

“The king needs rest. He has been fatigued and drained during this entire process”

We all looked at each other with disapproval. Is he fit to lead? Scotland can’t afford an unfit leader due to the potential encroachment of neighboring kingdoms like England and Ireland.”

This situation has caused great discomfort to me and creates a worrisome future for Scotland and its people. Thoughts of what my next move should be raced through my mind. Should I be a martyr for my people and Country? Or am I overreacting to this entire ordeal?

As I was leaving with my servant to make it back to my estate, I was called by a group of Scotland’s greatest nobles and Royals.

“William! William! We have much to discuss tonight.”

I paused. I had an epiphany. I wasn’t alone.

“You’re right,” I responded. “Scotland is at risk. We should reject his coronation.”

One of the nobles agreed but asked for patience.

“Our time will come. We must suffer the insufferable for a time. We must act accordingly. We’re all certain of his incompetence, but we must act on his actions.”

“You’re probably right, but let it be known I’m concerned for Scotland. I’m willing to finance and help with the effort of dethroning the new king. I shall make efforts to get to the bottom of the murder of King Duncan and if his children are indeed the perpetrators or if they’ve been framed.”

The group seemed to be pleased by that plan, but still asked for patience. I agreed. The future of Scotland hangs in the balance and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to save it.


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  1. Nice story, Kevin!

  2. This is great Kevin! Macbeth is my favorite Shakespeare play besides Hamlet 🙂

  3. Kevin Mansfield

    Thank you for the kind words 🙂

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