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From Rosalind: Your character wakes up one morning to discover they have grown a pair of rabbit ears, and they only have a half hour before they go to work. What are they gonna do?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Mae’s eyes shutter open. Before he could even think his first thought of the day, his mouth opens and lets out a huge, satisfying yawn. He groggily buries himself under the cocoon of warmth. Today is a new day.

    After a few minutes pass, Mae slowly slips out of the bedsheets and into his slippers beside the bed. He goes through the motions – dressing himself in his patented Doctor-Mae-Suit (which, in actually, was just a buttoned down paired with simple, long black pants), not noticing the strange sensations that occurs as he pulls the shirt on. It’s only when he glimpses himself in the bathroom mirror that Mae notices.

    The hair-gel can falls out of his hand and clatters to the floor.

    The same hand moves shakily, rising up above his incredulous face and then his head and stops before coming in contact with the creamy, soft-looking things on top of Mae’s head. They are spread apart by at least three inches and rose as tall as his forearm, though both droop slightly.

    No, no, no. This just can’t…

    In a flash of hysteria, Mae grabs and pulls on one of them. A second later sees him blinking back hot tears.

    This was really happening, Mae realizes. He had sprouted bunny ears.

    He freezes. What about work?

    He glances at his wristwatch, already knowing that he only had a few minutes to spare but still a small, dumb part of him hopes he had woken up early. If the universal constant of time could go out of its way to help any unfortunate people who have the misfortune of sprouting rabbit ears… then any animal of the Suidae family would have the potential to sprout wings.

    Mae bites on his lip, eyes flitting back and forth from the watch to his reflection. What to do?

    – – –

    “Hello again Ms. Sycamore, I trust that the exercise regimen has helped your predicament?”

    “Oh, yes, it definitely has! In fact, it’s helped much more than you can imagine – you and that monster catching app you’ve recommended! It’s—”


    “What on earth is that… fuzzy thing… on your head?”

    “Ah yes. It’s a hat. That I thought I’d wear to, to, to amuse one of the kids here that I’ve befriended.”

    “Ohh. And… you’re wearing it now?”

    “Thought it might also amuse you.”

    Mae gives her a sheepish look. The lady’s strained smile relaxes into a grin.

    He’ll be fine, Mae thinks to himself while straining his new ears to stay still and resisting the urge to scratch them, he’ll be fine. At least for now.

  2. Groggily -and grudgingly- I pick my head up off my pillow. I sit up in bed and do my signature good morning to my large Labrador retriever, a mix between a grumble and a sigh. I lazily walk to the bathroom across the hall and don’t even bother to look around before I hop in the shower. 5 minutes later I get out and wipe off the mirror to attempt to comb my hair back. Swipe. Swipe. AHHHHH!!!!!
    I feel on top of my head to make sure that they are really there. I touch the sides of my face. The person in the mirror does the same. I work my hands up to … them. The person in the mirror, well, mirrors it. My fingers touch the thing I dread. RABBIT EARS! Fluffy, light brown rabbit ears the same color as my hair sticking out of the top of my head! I only have 20 minutes left until I have to leave for work!
    Quickly I run a brush through the rest of my hair, which was luckily unaffected. Then I dash into my closet and pull out the thing I never thought I’d ever wear again. The odd, pink velvet top-hat that went with the velvet dress I wore to my aunt’s wedding. A few steps and I am staring into my ludicrous reflection again. Gingerly I stick the top-hat over my .. the… things. What!! Oh come on!! The hat is not tall enough. It dangles hilariously off of the foot long ears, coming about 3 inches shy of my head.
    Well, I suppose I am going to work with rabbit ears.

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