Writing Prompt!

From Natalie: Take the last thing someone said to you and begin a short story with it.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. It was eleven in the morning and Al was angry, per usual. The reason she was angry was always and will always be the same: her dumb roommate Maria. She was more particularly angry than usual because of last night. Al was going to destroy Maria as soon as she saw-
    “Good morning!” Maria said from the couch as Al stepped out of her bedroom.
    Al stared blankly at Maria.
    “Oh, so now you’re going to talk to me? After everything that happened, the betrayal, you just say ‘good morning’?” Al was livid, to say the least. Why had she ever agreed to room with this idiot?
    “I’m sorry?” Maria questioned and then pulled a weird face, “I don’t really know what we’re talking about.”
    “Um, last night?”
    “I really don’t know what you’re talking about!” Al shot Maria a glared and she winced then sighed, “Look, maybe you’re confusing-” Al cut her off.
    “I don’t really know why I’m surprised at what happened, Miss Too Good For Everyone. What? Did you get too much of an adrenaline rush from selling me out?” Al sneered.
    “Excuse me?”
    “I’m suspended because of you!” Al shouted, “I con not believe you would do that! I’ve saved you from failing multiple times! You owe me so much!”
    “As far as I know we’ve never met.”
    “What?” Al asked. Maria (Maria…?) just looks amused.
    “I’m gonna assume you’re Al?” When Al nods she continues, “I’m Maria’s twin sister, Beth.”
    “Yeah, ” Beth said drawing out the sound, “So what happened last night?” Beth was smirking now.
    “We, uh,” Al was suddenly embarrassed, “We raided to art room for paint and painted some stuff on Delta Minor’s group house.”
    “Just the two of you?”
    “There was a group,” Al suddenly remembered why she was angry, “And your sister ratted me, alone, out.”
    “Wel, she’s not the greatest person in the world, speaking from experience, of course.” Al snorted as Beth let out a little laugh
    “Hey!” Maria said indignantly from the bathroom doorway.
    “Shut up,” Al and Beth said at the same time. They beamed at each other. Al felt like the was the beginning of a great friendship.

    • Woah that’s really good! The dialogue’s flowing naturally, and I like how the line “Look, maybe you’re confusing-” foreshadows the twist. Nice.

  2. “Darling? Is that you?” squeaked a small female voice from somewhere to the left of him.
    “I am a darling, but I don’t think I’m yours.” said Justin’s deep, smooth voice.
    The woman let out a little scream and her small frame popped into the doorway with her eyes wide.
    “Who are you?” she said, panic thickly strewn over the words. She looked the man up and down, combing over him with her eyes. He had his hand clutched to his side. It was dripping blood.
    “I can’t tell you that, but I need your help”
    Sensing truth in his voice, the woman commanded as best she could at the much larger man, “Sit down.”
    He let his body fall into the closest chair available, which happened to be at the dining room table. The woman disappeared into the next room and a few minutes later reappeared with a bowl of water, a first aid kit, and two rags. She proceeded to clean him up and asked no questions. About 30 minutes later when she was almost done, he muttered, “Thank you.”
    Another man came through the front door and called, “Honey, I’m home.”
    Justin said quickly, “Well there’s your darling. I really must be on my way. Thanks again.”
    The woman hurried out of the kitchen to greet her husband and when she returned there was no sign that Justin had ever been there. The first aid things were put away, there was no blood on the chair, and the man himself had vanished.

  3. Oh, I was angry. I was properly cross for the first time in a while. My lungs burned as I heaved for breath running through the endless corridors. The walls were intricately crafted, adorned with gold frames that displayed prestigious ancestors and other royalty. If I hadn’t been running for my life I could appreciate the beauty of being in an actual castle. But he had other plans. I told him not to go wandering through the palace. Not to go down dark creepy hallways and break into dungeons. Of course, he didn’t listen. And now we’re running for our lives from some creature he let loose by accident. Oh, I was very cross indeed. I could feel its presence draw closer behind us, its heavy footsteps shaking the frames loose along the walls. A deep bellied growl echoed through the hall and I involuntarily suck in a sharp breath. We reached an immense door, structured with metal built to endure, and after a quick struggle to pry it open burst through the opening and slammed it shut. Except not all of us got in. A shrill screamed passed between my lips as I was jerked back by my hair. My head instantly ached, every hair follicle burning with pain. The force pulled me to the floor.
    John whipped around at my cry, fear etched into his expression that I had been caught by the creature, who now pounded at the door.
    “What’s wrong? Are you hurt? What happened?” His eyes scanned my body and I could see him mentally confirming I was still in tack.
    “Yes, yes. I’m alright. It’s just I’m stuck…” A wave of embarrassment rushed over me and I couldn’t bring myself to finish the sentence. I was caught in the door by my hair. My inconveniently long hair.
    “Caught? By what?”
    “My hair…” I mumbled, a faint pink rising on my cheeks.
    “Your hair? How’d you even go and do that?”
    I considered slapping him then, “John, really? How do you think?”
    The door shifted, large dents slowly forming with the weight of the monster on the other side.
    “You’ll have to cut it off,” I said the sentence in one breath. Hating to say it aloud. Hating that it was the only way we could escape. Hating that I was hating cutting it off. It was just hair.
    “Sure, I’ll just give you a nice trim with the pair of scissors I always keep on hand!” I was most definitely going to slap him.
    “Sarcasm is not appreciated right now. Figure something out or we’re going to die. There has to be something sharp enough to chop it off.”
    He grimaced and whirled around to walk further into the next corridor. I cringed at the piercing sound of metal clanging to the ground. More banging followed before he reappeared with a stupid grin on his face and a long, threatening sword in another. I did not trust that clumsy man with such a dangerous object.
    “Castle!” He exclaimed, “I forgot we’re in a castle. They really do have knights in shining armour…”
    I flinched as the door pressed into my back with another blow from the monster, “Oi! Do hurry, John. I’d prefer not to die.”
    He dropped down to my side, the sword, a dull silver that had seen better days, in tow.
    “Just don’t cut it all off, okay? If you can. Please.” My voice was no more than a strained whisper.
    “Women and their hair…” John chuckled as he started fingering my locks. I pulled away from him and gave a look that could kill.
    “Don’t you dare go stereotyping, John. Besides you could talk Mr. Fabulous Floppy Hair with your dramatic bang always in your eyes.”
    “Did you just call my hair fabulous?”
    “Shut up!” I bit back, rolling my eyes, “Just cut it already… But not too much!”
    It was just hair, I chided myself. But it was more than that. It was long, well past my waist, and frankly beautiful in the most vibrant shade of red. I loved my hair- it was more than an accessory or security blanket, it was my favorite defining feature. It was a part of who I had always been. His hands slid through my hair until it reached the door, where the rest of my locks were trapped on the other side. The distance between my roots and the metal frame felt far too short. He glanced at me one last time, a soft almost sad smile on his lips. I took a deep, deep breath and shut my eyes. It wasn’t a swift cut like I had hoped it would be. My hair was far too thick for that. He had to saw through it, chunks slowly falling from the door’s hold. Then the pressure, the sharp pull at my scalp dulled to a phantom sting as the rest of my tresses were released.
    I felt so very light.

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