Ice to Water by Alexia

My little ice statue.
Shaped like me,
Can you see?
When it wiggles and dances the fractures are there,
Thin lines and shattered chunks made from despair,
As she moves, she breaks, but she continues to dance.
When she shatters she chants,
Lord of Lords, King of Kings, won’t you come down to rescue me?
Prince of peace, Love, Emmanuel,
I’m waiting on my knees.
Her tiny ice hands reach into the sky,
and are greeted by a butterfly.
It flits it’s wings and lands on her heart,
It melts her piece by piece, part by part.
In her saltwater puddle it lands,
Forming into giant hands.
They scoop her up and pull her close,
To welcome her to the cosmos.


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  1. Oh my word, this was so incredibly beautiful, Alexia!

  2. Thanks Emilee!

  3. Wow, Alexia! This is wonderful. 🙂

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