Writing Prompt!

From Olivia: Your character just wrote a raving review on Amazon about the latest product that they purchased. What was it? Why did they enjoy it?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. My Character Daniel Grigori, bought fabric glue and feathers because his wings are loosing his feathers and that’s the best he could do to save them. He wanted to make them look realistic,

  2. Rating: four and a half stars
    AMAZING! If you want to find REAL aliens, then you should definitely get this product. Everyone had thought that I was crazy until I bought this special “alien tracker.” After using it, actual aliens came! Now, I would have given it five full stars if the aliens hadn’t destroyed our homes and our crops in the process of taking us over (kind of almost got killed lol), but you do get the whole movie-like experience. GOOD BUY!

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