Writing Prompt!

From Rosalind: Start your scene with your characters best friend screaming at them, “It’s all you’re fault!”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!” Jessica yelled as we rushed through the mall, in desperate need of finding a last-minute birthday gift . So, you’re probably wondering what exactly is my fault. Well, it’s a long story. It all started this afternoon…
    “You’ve gotta help me out, Molly! You have to! I didn’t get invited to the party, you know that! Please please please will you take me? Pleaseeeeee?” My other best friend, Oliver, whined through the phone. He was complaining so loudly that it was almost as if he was sitting next to me.
    “You know I’m bringing Jessica, Oliver. Plus, I don’t even know why you’d want to go. You don’t even know her,” I explained patiently, sighing inside.
    “I know, but I need to go! If I don’t go to Emma’s party, Amber will notice and then she’ll tell Alexi and then she’ll tell Miranda and then she’ll tell her cousin who is good friends with Emily’s sister’s boyfriend who is the brother of Cara! How am I supposed to get her to go to prom with me if she hears that?! I love Cara!” Oliver exclaimed, melodramatic as always, and I rolled my eyes.
    “Wow, that sounds like true love,” I remarked before laughing and bidding Oliver goodbye, ignoring his desperate pleas. “Alright,” I thought, “Gotta get to Jessica’s so we can plan our outfits and do our hair.” I drove over to Jessica’s house and we did our hair, makeup, nails, and picked out cute outfits to wear to the party.
    “Alright, time to go!” I said and Jessica grinned as we made our way to my car. Arriving at Emma’s house, I remembered that we needed our invitations to get in-the party was apparently very exclusive. Reaching behind the seat, I felt around for the invitation, but came up with nothing.
    “Um, where’s your invitation?”
    “I swear I had it….” I sighed in frustration and looked at the front door of Emma’s house. Right then, I noticed undeniable familiar spiky brown hair, and the head turned toward me. OLIVER?! He smiled in our direction, shrugged, and ambled into Emma’s party.
    “He took your invitation?!” Jessica exclaimed.
    “I-I guess. Let’s see if we can get in anyway,” I suggested, and we made our way to the front door.
    “Sorry, invitation only. Or show up with a present. But unless you have one of those, goodbye!” We were told, and Jessica stomped her foot. Now we had to go find a present….

  2. “It’s all your fault! Now were stuck here forever! Just great Jake, star moment there!”
    “Sorry! It’s not like I meant to offend the giant, Abbie, I only said he had large feet! AND HE DID!”
    “Oh my Lord, Jake. What is wrong with you? NO TACT! The giant was our only way of getting across the river of death safely!”
    “Well… We could try swimming…”
    “Tactless and stupid! We would die!”
    “Oh right.”
    Jake looked off in the direction the giant went, paused, then said,
    “We could go look for him.”
    “Well that’s our only hope now isn’t it?”
    That’s how we ended up tramping through thick underbrush screaming to be heard 30 feet in the air,
    And that’s also how we ended up re-finding the last living giant to roam the underworld.

  3. “It’s all your fault!” Sarah screamed still bent over his body. Saliva flew from her mouth and her eyes were wild and dark from ruined mascara.

    “No…” I began, but the sentence fell short in a breathy whisper.

    She stood up, her stare vicious. “Its. All. Your. Fault.” Her voice wasn’t frantic anymore. Each syllable was punctuated with a terrifying calmness.

    “No! I didn’t- I didn’t… ” I sobbed. He was dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.

    “Didn’t what? Kill him?” She stepped closer to me, but I couldn’t face her. My eyes refused to look away from his crumpled form. “You’re reckless, Ani. You’re selfish! If it weren’t for you trying to play hero and save the city, He’d still…” Her voice broke, “He’d still be alive.”

    I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move. I wanted to run over to him and brush his dark hair away from his eyes. I wanted to shake him and yell his name until he woke up and smiled. Until he woke up and said everything was okay. I watched for his chest to rise and fall. I waited.

    “It should have been you,” I met her eyes this time. “It should have been you!” She lunged towards me and grasped my shoulders with a grip I didn’t know she possessed.

    “He loved you. I know he did. He died saving you because he loved you, not me.” I dropped my head with another sob that wracked through my body. The only thing holding me up was her fierce grip.

    She started to shake my shoulders hard, nails digging into my flesh, “It’s all your fault. Say it! Say it, Ani! It’s all your fault!”

    I whispered the words under my breath. They couldn’t be true. It wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t. She grabbed my chin and jerked it upwards, her slender fingers wrapping around my jaw.

    “Say it louder. I need to hear you say it.”

    “It’s…” I choked on the words. I couldn’t say it. If I did it would make them true.

    But they were true.

    “It’s all… It’s all my fault.”


    “IT’S ALL MY FAULT!” I screamed and collapsed onto the floor. Sarah came down with me, making three bodies crumpled against the concrete. And then we wept.

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