Writing Prompts!

From Olivia: Your character just attended a comedy show. Did they like it? What are their thoughts?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. She giggled under her breath by my side in the car, I was driving she was passenger. It was a wonderful first date, the right person, the right time, the right place, but the wrong show. I thought the guy was absolutely horrendous. He didn’t tell one joke I liked, or understood. But her she was, 20 minutes into the drive home still giggling at his stupid jokes.
    “What about that guy did you find so funny?” I ask, with a note of confusion in my voice.
    She giggled.
    “He wasn’t even that funny! Did you get his jokes?”
    She giggled again, a bit higher pitch this time.
    I turn in the drivers seat to look over at her,
    “I’m not even that funny. Did he pay you to laugh?” I turn my attention back to the road and just as I look away, she giggles.
    “What is going on? Did you even like him at all?”
    ANOTHER GIGGLE! This is so frustrating. I pull into her driveway, cut the engine and stare at her hard.
    She pulls out her phone from underneath her leg and taps it once.
    A giggle.
    I break into a broad smile, “All your laughs were recorded!”
    Finally she speaks, “Oh goodness yes, that guy was terrible!”

  2. Thanks Christi! 🙂

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