Today’s prompt:

Write a poem through the view of an inanimate object.

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  1. I am picked up every day
    And read through and through
    I have caught teardrops falling
    Gently, late at night or at noon
    Words are typed across me
    Telling a million stories of one
    Person, I am deeply loved
    By many, though undiscovered
    By thousands, I will grow old
    Yet my story will grow old never
    I am a novel, a book,
    A story, and I will be here

  2. Brianna Miles

    The Music Box

    I’m getting old.
    Passerby tell their friends
    When they ask of the
    Years-old trinket.
    They forget I once shone,
    That they used to cherish me,
    But now they scoff.

    I’m breaking down.
    Yesterday the hinge broke,
    Proving I’m a
    Years-old trinket.
    Do you not remember
    Sweet music I used to play?
    But now they scoff.

    The memory is fading.
    Like my once-bright paint,
    He doesn’t remember the
    Years-old woman
    Who wasn’t always old.
    Her face is foggy in his mind,
    Yet still they scoff.

    But last night, gentle night,
    They remembered, they saw.
    They tried to turn the key,
    And it turned.
    I played, hesitantly, mournfully,
    Her song.
    Tears gather in his eyes,
    Dropping into my gears,
    And I stop forever.

    Once he remembered, I fell apart.

  3. Mary-Kelly R.

    You stare straight through me
    I bend your vision into place
    You sometimes forget that I’m there
    But without me, then you are as good as blind.
    I’m there to show you a world
    That would have been blurred and fazed
    I am a pair of glasses.

  4. I was enduring, unmoving, and steadfast
    I was with you until the moment that was your last
    Through anger I was the one who absorbed your shouts
    I listened to every muttered word of malice you let out
    Each insult spoken behind closed bedroom doors
    It was your dislikes and spite that I bore
    Into my cloth you cried your true tears
    In those moments of grief it was I you pulled near
    I was there through your sorrow, but also through bliss
    I heard your mumbled dreams and your whispered wish
    I was the one you rested upon when the day was done
    When happiness engrossed you and left you stunned
    The moments between each rushing light
    I was there to carry you through each peaceful night
    I am your pillow.

  5. (not related to the prompt)
    Today my pen fails me;
    it does not ooze ornate melodies,
    or fabricate luscious narratives.
    It does not stain paper with color,
    or paint images of sun.
    or rain.
    or anything.

    I thought I could write something for everything;
    the way pain feels inside me now;
    the way confusion sits unsettled in my veins;
    the way I know what is happening but I don’t.

    Perhaps I will say:
    How selfish I feel
    to wish someone back,
    from her Father’s arms,
    for the sake of life’s motions.

    No other words accompany me
    in this struggle to grasp
    what has happened,
    no words exist to lessen
    the blow we subsist.

    Perhaps it is not necessary,
    to be able to pen everything.
    Some things are
    left felt
    than read.

  6. Shania Madaris

    If you go and check out MattyB’s Songs, I think that the lyrics are poetry.
    To me, The one with the most poetry is Blue Skies with Justin Beiber.

  7. -Your Loyal Pen-

    My ink pours out
    Making letters into words words into sentences and sentences into stories that have never been heard before
    My power is undeniable, for though I do not create these words myself, they would forever remain in your heart without me.
    I’ve helped create love letters and stories and journal entries for years
    Each one just as passionate as the sun
    I’ve felt anger, I’ve sorrow and I’ve felt joy like anyone but I am your loyal companion when all is done.

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