Today’s prompt:

Read a couple Shakespearean sonnets and then write your own inspired by your favorite sonnet.

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works  and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


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  1. (not related to the prompt)

    White floaties pulled off dandelions
    is the time I cannot preserve,
    I reach to draw them back in
    Efforts to start again.
    But the wind takes them,
    Floats them away.
    Are my

  2. Note: Not based off a Shakespearean sonnet, but is as close to a sonnet as I could get for now. Also, from the POV of Maid Marian from the story of Robin Hood.

    My love for you is like a hidden bomb,
    Buried deep beneath false alliances,
    Everyday closer to disturbing the calm,
    Further loving your defiance’s;
    Your deep compassion draws me towards you,
    Your bravery everyone does admire,
    Justice is your red, white, and blue,
    And your eyes, they shine like a sapphire;
    Though your arrow deeply pierces my heart,
    The corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham kills,
    To wickedly force our mad love to part,
    He has to marry me against my wills;
    Therefore, my dearest adored Robin Hood,
    Our love must stay in the depths of Sherwood.

  3. My Sonnet of Shakespeare’s “My Mistress’ Eyes” Sonnet 130

    Why must I compare your ethereal soul as a mirror to deathly snow?
    The freezing joyfulness in your eyes is colder than ice.
    You are more frigid and chilling than a simple piece of frozen liquid would ever know;
    The burning icy feeling of being around you will always feel like vice.
    The ever-present dazzling and gorgeous snowflakes on your lips.
    Sparkling too bright for the human eye to ever miss.
    Frozen liquid that melts from the snowflakes starts to drip.
    From the painful and dreadful snowflakes on your kiss.
    If only the frigidness of you could be warmer and more temperate.
    I would always feel thermal and wholehearted standing around you.
    If only I disliked sunny days, but it is cooler temperatures I hate.
    For my unexpected and irrevocable hatred for coldness; I have no clue.
    Your everlasting soul filled immensely with frozen and chilling ice that will never dry;
    Is the reason you’re so cold and your presence makes everyone around you want to cry.

  4. thewritingpegasus

    I really thought about doing NaPoWriMo, as I did it a year or two ago successfully on my blog, but this April, I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, so I thought it would be best to not weigh myself down. I don’t know any Shakespearean Sonnets, so I will write a poem for another prompts 🙂

  5. Mary-Kelly R.

    (Not related to prompt)

    One of these days
    Your text responses will grow shorter
    And our visits will dwindle.

    One of these days
    You’ll become too busy
    And I’ll no longer fit into your schedule.

    One of these days
    You will find someone new
    Someone better, I suppose.

    One of these days
    Being with me will become a chore
    And the excuses begin to roll in.

    One of these days
    Your laugh will grow fake
    But you’ll promise that you haven’t forgotten about me.

    One of these days
    I’ll have to come to realize
    That we aren’t kids anymore.

    So please, just stay a tad longer
    Because one of these days
    We’ll be strangers once again.

  6. (Not relaged to prompt)

    Brick by brick
    she built a wall
    between herself and
    those she loved.
    Brick by brick
    she built a wall
    to block out the world
    and it’s hurtful words.
    Brick by brick
    she built a wall
    slowly trapping
    who she was
    within the confinements
    each one brought,
    until she realized
    she could not build,
    brick by brick,
    a wall within herself
    where the real pain
    still remained.

  7. My Day 4 submission!

    When I asked what
    “Forever” meant to
    You, you answered,
    “Always” but that
    Wasn’t true because
    It’s been 3 months
    Since then and where
    On earth are you?

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