Today’s prompt:

Describe the earth being attacked by aliens.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. Brianna Miles

    (not in relation to the prompt)

    A sorry excuse for a name, if you ask me,
    Tattooed on my arm so that I can’t forget it.
    The numbers are distorted from starvation.
    A cigarette mark is covering the number 8.

    They keep them along the fence to keep us in.
    They howl, they bark, they growl, feral things.
    Silence is a delicacy lost on those things.
    If I weren’t exhausted I would get no sleep.

    That building in the back that we never enter,
    That only the dead see the interior of.
    Pitch-black smoke wafts towards us, looms over,
    The smell of burnt flesh following close behind.

    They had us dig large holes near the back of camp,
    Beating those who stopped for an instant to breathe.
    Now here we are, lined up and blindfolded at the edge.
    Gunshots ringing through the air and getting ever closer.

    • I love your poem! Awesome use of detail. I could picture the whole thing. (I missed the disclaimer that this poem wasn’t related to the prompt and thought you were describing aliens imprisoning humans or the other way around.) Still, related to the prompt or not, fantastic work!

    • I kinda want to make this into a story now…

  2. Note: This was written in a comedic manner.

    If the aliens were hostile:

    ARHHH!!! Humans shall fall!
    Kablooey! The aliens are 10 ft tall!!
    EXPLOSION! There goes the mall!

    If the aliens were cute, but hostile:

    Aww! They’re so cute!
    Kablooey! The dumb humans should be mute!
    SHAZAM! We shall collect our loot!

    If the aliens looked like humans:
    note: read this part in a British accent

    Oh, hello chap. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
    Kablooey! Well I’m glad I took care of you!
    *puts away sword* That’s one less thing to do!

  3. An unrelated poem once again, but here is my Day 5 poem! 🙂

    I was in stormy waters and
    Asked God why this
    Was happening when
    I trusted in Him

    I was in stormy waters
    But I then learned that
    My enemies couldn’t swim

  4. (Not related to the prompt)

    The sea is
    a beautiful contradiction.
    A clash of personalities
    so vastly different
    under any other circumstance
    the relationship would
    fall apart.
    The ocean can be wild
    and angry
    and ominous.
    It can be harsh
    and violent
    and ever so mysterious.
    Yet it can also be
    calm and gentle.
    A source of comfort
    and relaxation
    and infinite possibility.
    And that intrigued me.

  5. Flashing lights
    Distant screams
    Terror and confusion clouding the skies
    Like a blade in the sky
    The ship strikes left and right
    And even the largest corners of the earth
    Were far from safe.

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