Today’s prompt:

Write a trolaan style poem about morning time.

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works  and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


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  1. This is completely unrelated to this prompt, but here is my poem for Day 6:

    How lucky am I
    That God of the
    Most beautiful universe,
    The god of the trees and the
    Oceans, and of the skies
    And the galaxies
    Thought I could make
    The world more beautiful
    How lucky am I


  2. Very deep!

  3. Brianna Miles

    This is kind of all over the place and not very well written, but it is my first trolaan poem.

    We walked out early in the morning,
    Willfully ignoring the patter of rain.
    While the storm continued our mourning,
    Weeds seemed to dominate through pain.

    Elongated thunder rings in the distance,
    Ending after a full three seconds.
    Everyone is miserable but persists,
    Even when the warm fire beckons.

    Light finally broke through the clouds
    Liberating us from the cold and wet.
    Letting gold cover all like a shroud,
    Lending all a sense they would not forget.

    Inspiration and awe struck our heartstrings,
    Incredibly beauty and glory that it was.
    I looked to sky and imagined I had wings,
    Imagine how great that wonder ’twas.

  4. Note: Unrelated to the prompt.

    What if we all had wings
    Wings to lift our broken souls
    Wings to lift our shattered things
    Wings to make us whole

    What if invisible we could be
    Not to be seen or heard
    Would that set us free?
    Would it make us blurred?

    What if we all had super human strength
    Our mountains could be moved
    We could go the distance, go the length
    What would that improve?

    But I do not have wings, am not invisible, and am as strong as the average one
    Does this make me any less or any more than another girl?
    So I can’t fly, am seen and heard, and can’t lift a ton
    But I am God’s creation, a wonderous girl.

  5. (Once again not related to the prompt. My apologies. I will try for a prompt soon.)

    Thoughts, they come and go.
    Some remain forever
    While others aren’t so slow
    They leave before you realize
    how important they were.
    But mine are unwelcome guests,
    Who overstay their visit
    as if on house arrest.
    I wish they’d go, leave me in peace.
    Yet in my mind they nest.
    Think. Speak. Repeat.
    Three simple steps
    For me too great a feat.
    I wish and wish to perform,
    But each time I am beat.
    I talk too little;
    Think too much.
    My mind is a kettle
    Whose whistle’s been screaming
    And will not settle.
    Unanswered questions
    Fire through my head.
    I long for a single suggestion.
    How do I free them?
    They remain in constant congestion.
    They say I’m too quiet.
    That I need to use my voice.
    They don’t know my minds a riot.
    I cannot open my mouth.
    But I think I may be willing to try it
    If it’ll end this pain.
    Prevent this looming explosion
    And keep the damage contained.
    I fear I have no more control.
    Will I break?
    The pressure is destroying me
    I think it’s too late
    And I at last release
    The words I’ve held captive
    They are now freed, finally.

  6. (Unrelated to prompt)

    A morning bird chirps
    Its song more than delightful
    Nothing can go wrong.

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