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Start your poem with a lyric from your favorite son.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. Brianna Miles

    I am not as pleased with this poem as some of my others, but eh.

    “Being blue is better than being over it,”
    Because climbing that hill is so much worse.
    The pain I feel isn’t because I am empty,
    Rather because I am overflowing with memories.

    Getting over it means so much more than that,
    It means forgetting the happiness we had,
    So that it doesn’t haunt me with, “what if?”
    I don’t want to forget any of it yet.

    I want to feel the pain of my scars just a little longer,
    To remember the laughs, the love, the happiness.
    Feeling grief is better than feeling nothing,
    And sadness is warmer than complete emptiness.

    I don’t want to grow up yet, I can’t end it yet.
    I want to feel, I want to sob, I want to cry.
    I know it won’t help, but it’s so cathartic,
    Soothing the wounds without healing them.

  2. Unrelated to prompt:

    Who are we, if not one? We walk the same ground to breathe the same air and listen to the same birds sing. We have faces full of sunshine or not but we all dream of the same things. Together, we build the same buildings and watch the same night sky. Songs fill our hearts and we sing them together, however many miles apart. Together, our faces illuminated by hope, persevere through valleys of darkness and get to the top of the mountain, hand in hand. If we are not one, what are we then? If we are not together, are we really all that apart? We stand next to each other, maybe not physically, but there we are, looking at the same sky.


  3. “My stubbornness is bottomless,
    My fearlessness is talking it,
    I’m wide awake, and I’m taking names”
    The breathes I breathe are staggering,
    Each moment seems to be lingering,
    I’m facing you,
    It’s time you knew.
    I’m not afraid of who you are,
    You can’t keep me behind these bars,
    Cuz I’m rising up,
    Someone’s backing me up.
    Muscles tensing over me,
    I’m being as strong as I can be,
    I’m strong as steel,
    Cuz God’s my keel.

  4. “It’s hard to speak my heart”
    I know that things can be better
    I can’t stand us being apart
    You comfort me in any weather
    You make the still start
    And you keep my life together
    So stay with my restless heart
    Even through this endeavor.

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