Today’s prompt:

Revolve your poem around a single color. Use at least three of the senses.

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. This is unrelated to the prompt, but here goes!


    Though I haven’t lived
    Here since the start,
    These canopy roads
    Will forever have my heart.


  2. This poem is a little bit dark, and there is no rhyme scheme that makes any sense in it.

    It is my fear, my crux,
    This metallic, warm, deadly shade.
    It hammers me down with terror,
    Causes my blood to run frozen.
    What is that terrible stench?
    The scent of murder, of death.
    My eyes are tormented with the sight,
    There’s so much, it stops my breath.
    It runs through my hands as I hold tight,
    Trying to stop the life from seeping away.
    I hate this color for what it means,
    Fitful passion overtakes my sensibility
    And I fall to unconsciousness.

  3. In the ground,
    All around,
    You can touch and see.
    Feel the heat,
    Dig with your feet,
    It’s the color of the trees.
    Smell the Earth,
    Natural and pure,
    Decaying and new,
    Hear it as it rumbles,
    Sturdy and proud,
    Is the color of the ground,
    Yes, the color is brown.

  4. I think this might be one of my first actual poems so it’s a bit rough but here goes nothing.

    Yellow, bold and bright
    Like lemons and flowers
    It’s bold to the sight
    Yellow, like the sun in the sky
    I close my eyes and feel it’s warmth
    It’s almost like I can fly
    Yellow, like the scent of flowers in the meadow
    It fills me with joy and makes me want to stay

  5. You remind me of spring
    And sound like sleep.
    Of soft, gentle breaths
    Caught in between dreams.
    You taste sweet
    And give lingering peace,
    Singing lullabies
    Until I am quiet, serene.
    You are tea
    While I settle down and read,
    On lazy Sunday afternoons
    That make the week complete.
    Lavender, you seem
    Such a simple thing.
    A pastel too unnoticed,
    But loved so dearly by me.

  6. Blue
    Not freezing, yet chilly to the touch
    It smells of
    Flowers and freshly baked cookies
    And feels smooth
    Like a sheet straight from the washer.

  7. Awww thank you so much, Emilee! ❤️😆

  8. Red
    Love, Fire, Urgency
    Brings joy to some, fear to others
    A deep red rose smells of love,
    A deep red fire burns your lungs with smoke
    A bright red strawberry tastes like joy
    A bright red pepper burns your mouth
    A light red is the color of her cheeks
    Dark red is fear
    Pastel red is pink and reeks of love

  9. Michelle Beaumont

    a view clearer than a diamond,
    a sadness deeper than the ocean,
    a love revolved around the color of your eyes.

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