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Write a poem about the day the world ends.

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  1. Bombs were dropping across the globe,
    Falling upon unsuspecting victims.
    Children in school, doctors in hospitals,
    None were spared the nuclear fallout.

    No, many died, but not everybody.
    Those rich few who thought of the impossible
    Now huddled in the dark, fearful but safe,
    Waiting for the backup lights to turn on.

    They heard so many things while they waited.
    Scream of women and children,
    Clawing at the metal doors to be saved,
    Explosions that rang for hours on end.

    Then they started to smell things.
    Burning flesh from corpses piled outside,
    Vomit from survivors suffering symptoms
    Of the radiation sickness seeping inside.

    They had a radio to contact other vaults,
    Including one that saw compassion.
    They let in as many as they could, kind souls,
    But didn’t count the heads coming in.

    They gave mercy to too many, they said,
    And because of that, they would be given death.
    Their supplies were already dwindling fast,
    And the medicine is entirely gone, save some band-aids.

    Time went on and the other vault died,
    While the others saw innumerable deaths.
    Their shelter wasn’t secure, they died of poison,
    And some, from insanity, were driven to kill.

    Few survived, but still there were some.
    A small number who held on and fought to continue.
    Some who didn’t go entirely insane, just enough
    To kill when they had to and still be human.

  2. *Unrelated to prompt*

    He always spoke
    in poems. They were
    just never about me.

  3. They were alone, broken isolated.
    Was is us or each other they hated?
    Their planet had died decades back,
    We had come to right the track.
    We had picked them off one by one,
    Finally it was done.
    The last one stood solid as a tree.
    He would chose which way it would be.
    From his lips came a battle cry,
    Fighting was how he would die.
    Fighting was how the human race was extinguished.

  4. As the world we know crumbles
    And I look into your eyes
    There are somethings that I wish
    Oh how I wish
    To breathe clean air again
    To watch the sun rise
    To listen to the sweet music of a violinist
    All with you
    I wish we could reverse time
    And go back to when streets weren’t being torn apart
    And screams weren’t always filling the air
    I wish
    Oh how I wish
    That humanity didn’t take everything away from us.

  5. The world ended with a whisper,
    In one last gentle breath.
    Not with explosions and violence
    As I had come to expect.

    I hated that no one noticed.
    No one gave a second glance.
    They didn’t realize the earth had gone still;
    That it stopped its routine dance.

    I wondered how they couldn’t feel it,
    The stillness in the air,
    Like a hollowness that kept growing,
    A pain to strong too bear.

    A ringing echoed in my ears.
    Was I the only one?
    My vision blurred, my lungs gave out,
    A kind of hurt that had only just begun.

    Bile rose in my throat.
    I longed to shout; to scream.
    To call for a single person
    Who would tell me it was only a dream.

    But no one answered,
    As the world fell apart.
    The only thing that kept me company
    Was the steady beep of your dying heart.

    And I realized as you gave your last breath,
    That a place without you in it
    Was just the same as
    The word having ended.

    • *last line is supposed to be
      The world having ended

      (I read the poem a thousands times before I post it and didn’t even notice the spelling miskake… 😑)

  6. Michelle Beaumont

    The day my world ended,
    was the day I fell in love
    with you.

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