Today’s prompt:

Revolve your poem around a single unique sound.

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works  and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


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  1. The muted plop of tears on paper
    Letting go of all those moments of the faker
    Letting yourself feel as you truly feel
    Letting yourself be, for only a moment, real
    Letting your feelings stain the paper, bleed the ink
    Letting it flow, not even pausing to think
    Crafting as you go, another shield
    Building up strength, so you can be once again, sealed
    The fleeting moment of reality fades
    And you’re left again, to the charade

  2. Click. Click. Click.
    The sound just makes me sick,
    Fingers dancing
    Upon a platform of letters and ideas
    Fingers prancing
    To get things done,
    This keyboard
    As time goes forward
    The clicking repeats.

  3. *I guess this doesn’t technically follow the prompt but it’s still sound so we’ll go with it.*

    The steady beating dum in my ear
    Rythmic lyrics sung to my heart
    And strumming guitars that start
    Making a beautiful sound all blended together
    That I can dance or sing along to forever

  4. The screams are torture
    The unhappiness present
    I cry when I hear it
    The pain it represents
    The cruelty it shows
    I can’t get it out of my head
    “AHHHHHH!!!!” Is all I hear at night
    I want to save them
    I just can’t
    The screams continue
    Until I can’t take it anymore
    I finally am able to break free
    And help those screaming
    Help them find hope
    Help them stop screaming
    Give them peace,
    While at the same time give myself peace

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