“Who are we, if not one?” by Cristi

“Who are we, if not one? We walk the same ground to breathe the same air and listen to the same birds sing. We have faces full of sunshine or not but we all dream of the same things. Together, we build the same buildings and watch the same night sky. Songs fill our hearts and we sing them together, however many miles apart. Together, our faces illuminated by hope, persevere through valleys of darkness and get to the top of the mountain, hand in hand.  If we are not one, what are we then? If we are not together, are we really all that apart? We stand next to each other, maybe not physically, but there we are, looking at the same sky.”


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  1. This is a very well written truth Cristi! Great job 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting! Hope everyone enjoys.

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