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Write about your favorite vacation trip using the Nove Otto style (

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  1. *Does not apply to prompt*

    Fantasies fall with our tears
    Replaced by incandescent fears
    Our mermaids and unicorns are laid to rest
    When the weight of the world falls on our chest
    The man in the moon no longer sings
    When we let ourselves feel life’s sting
    But I shall cry no more
    Sew what has been torn
    Keep my fairy tales with me
    For they can set me free

  2. (Unrelated to prompt, but really related to modern-day society)

    I see upon the plain – beauty lies awake.
    With gentle lips pursed and a heart that’s fake.
    Dreary words brushed amongst the scales of her eyes.
    Festive colors masking her in a disguise.
    Nothing real except the silent tears echoed upon her palm.
    Blood boiling in cacophony – she’s never calm.
    This is beauty – mad strokes and concrete painted and smudged upon stiff cheeks.
    This is beauty – eyeliner, highlights, lipstick, contouring, and mascara that never leaks.
    What does beauty want – is it money, fame, guys?
    Is this really beauty, or is it just a mislead disguise?

  3. As the sand envelopes my toes.
    I Inhale the beauty with my nose.
    The air allows for an awakening in me.
    For this sand is now my home.
    This water I am allowed to roam.
    For I am finally free.
    To take in what is the vastness of Italy
    I am free to move rhythmically
    On this day I am Me, no longer We.

  4. (Not related to prompt)

    I am the night owl
    When you’re asleep, I am awake
    Cause nothing in this world
    Compares to the silence of the night
    The one time
    Where you have permission
    To be still
    And to be free.

  5. Not very clean, but I tried.
    I look around the clean hotel
    The beautiful beach that is swell
    There is no need to be a clown
    The pristine waves washing about
    You just can not have a fallout
    There is joy completely around
    With family and friends in place
    No one is always in your face
    An beautiful trip to beach town.

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