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Start your poem with a piece of advice.

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  1. Don’t take what you have for granted
    Or so they say
    You may lose it,
    Or have it taken away
    You could be happy
    Or you could be sad
    But never take for granted
    What you have
    You may not care,
    Or you love it the most,
    Never take it for granted
    You don’t have to boast
    You may have money
    You may have skills
    You may not be able to pay the bills
    You may have it all,
    You may be have it rough,
    You may barely have enough,
    But through it all,
    Never take it for granted,
    Or you may suffer a fall.

  2. Think happy thoughts
    Maybe you will fly
    That’s what we’ve been taught
    Since before the years passed by
    Now more than ever you are stuck to the ground
    Depression, rage, guilt
    They tie you down
    To this stone wall you’ve built
    Now more than ever you want a Neverland
    Second star to the right straight on til morn’
    But everything seems to be out of your hands
    The perfect white dress stained red and torn
    It’s out of your hands, but not your head
    The merri-go-rounds of negativity spinning
    Leave wishing you stayed in bed
    Because, maybe doing nothing is winning?
    Try this instead, it worked for me
    Think happy thoughts
    Float above the trees

  3. Don’t let disguised ignorance change who you are
    Really, honestly, you’ve made it this far
    Your heart is pure, you don’t need this scar
    Don’t lose that soul that shines like a star,
    Don’t let them change who you were meant to be
    They’re after your innocence, can’t you see?
    It’s o’ so clear, or is it just me?
    That they really mean them when they say “we,”
    Believe me when I say that you’re better than them
    You’re like a walking miracle but times ten
    Don’t listen to the person they wish to condemn
    They wan’t to tear you apart and rip away your stem,
    Several years down the line, you’ll see their true form
    They’ll try to convince you that you’re far from the norm
    Please don’t be fooled by the temptations of their storm
    They will try to fool you by using lies to inform,
    So please, I beg you
    None of this is new
    People like you are few
    You’re everything times two.

  4. The world was never made in one day so don’t try to do everything in one day
    We are not octopus or spiders we are just normal teenagers
    Sometimes in life everything will get hard and there is so many deadline
    to meet but
    you gotta roll with the punches and
    take break and save it for tomorrow or come back to it
    No stress means more rest
    Nothing can be done in one day
    If so than life would’ve been created in one
    But it isn’t so you can’t do it in one day

  5. My poem for day 29!

    You will be rejected,
    And it will be okay
    You will lose friends,
    And it will be okay
    You will stop liking
    And it will be okay

    Do not forget to
    Try new foods
    Do not forget to
    Sleep every now
    And then
    Do not forget to
    Thank people
    When it is due
    Do not forget to
    Read a book

    And, lastly,
    Do not forget
    That you love to write.

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