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From Natalie: Your character wakes up in an unfamiliar house, but is greeted by a familiar face. What happens?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. (Apologies if this is a bit rusty, I’ve spent the whole month writing poetry that I’ve been out of my story writing game haha)

    It’s quiet.

    Leo stares at the ceiling boards, noticing right away that they were rusty and discolored. He sat up, clutching his head to try and calm his raging headache. What happened? He could remember nothing. He tried to shuffle through his brain for some kind of memory. Anything. But all there was was this house, or at least what was left of it.

    The floorboards had been ripped from the ground, nails sticking out of them. Cobwebs had made their place in the corners and ceiling and the poor architecture gave away holes and crevasses in the walls.

    Creaking rang with every step he took. To him it felt like some kind of alternate universe, and he wanted desperately to remember something.

    “So you’re here. I had a feeling today would be different.”

    Leo turned his head, his eyes locking with a young man who had to be in early twenties, sitting in an old rickety chair in the corner of the room. He held a book in his hands, but closed it when he saw him. The young man looked familiar. His dark hair and his young eyes behind wire-rimmed reading glasses had to be from somewhere, but for the life of him Leo couldn’t align a name with his face.

    “Who are you? Where am I? Why can’t-”

    “Okay, okay,” he said cutting him off, “I know that you’re confused and I get it, you don’t remember me. You don’t remember anything. But I certainly remember you.”

    Leo raised an eyebrow. “Who are you?” he asked again.

    The young man smiled and stepped towards Leo, his blue eyes gleaming in the sunlight spilling into the dusty room. “My name is Alex Burk,” he said. “And this is is the house where I used to live.” Leo could hardly believe that somebody could actually call this home. It seemed unlivable and worn to the core. “Long ago, it had burned to the ground. As the flames were swallowing every room, my foot got caught. I couldn’t get up, and I thought for sure that I would die. But you ran in, and you saved me.”

    Leo struggled to find words. He had to be bluffing. This had to be some kind of joke. “But it couldn’t have…” he began. It made no sense. How could they be able to stand in a house that burned down? “Do you know how ridiculous it is to make something up like that? You’re sick. You’re so sick.”

    “I get it,” Alex responded. “It sounds pretty ridiculous. However at this point, everything can be deemed ridiculous. I’m afraid that you are in grave danger, Leo.”

    “What do you mean?” He asked.

    “Many things have happened while you were out. You saved my life, and now it is time for me to save yours.”

  2. I don’t open my eyes. Instead I feel for the ropes binding my hands and ankles, but they aren’t there. Now I open my eyes, but remain still just in case. I am in an unfamiliar place, and quite an eccentric place it is. The wood ceilings are low, barely two feet above my head even though I’m sitting, the floor is a maroon carpet, and the walls are stone. This is really weird.
    “Hey! I don’t know where I am or who brought me here, but I would really appreciate if you would let me be on my way!” I call out into the dark area surrounding me.
    “One moment Ariel!” called an all too familiar voice.
    “Dad! ”
    I rush up to greet my father in what sounds like the next room. Rushing up was not really a good idea. My head hit the wood ceiling with what could have been called a satisfying thwack.
    So I crawled to the small archway that lead to the next area.
    When I had my ace through the doorway I saw him. He was much aged, his hair greying, skin drooping, and his once spritely step was hindered by a limp I could even see in his crawl.
    “What happened to you?” I asked.
    “Long story.”
    “I got time, lots of it. “

  3. I’ll admit, it took me a little longer than ten minutes to complete this… enjoy anyway!

    “Where… where am I?” I look around the room I am in. Everything about the room is unfamiliar. From the bed with white sheets as opposed to my purple ones, to the candle on the floor as opposed to the lamp that is usually there.
    “Oh good, your awake.” This voice is familiar, I just can’t put my finger on it. Looking up to check, I see the familiar reddish orange hair I have seen every day for the last three years. While it was recognizable, it wasn’t her usual voice.
    “Casey?” I ask with confusion, “Where am I?”
    “What do you mean? We have been in this house for 2 years.” That can’t be right. We don’t live together, and my house is very different.
    I looked at her blankly. “I have never seen this house in my life.”
    “Wait… does this mean… no it can’t be…” she was going on like this for a while.
    “What is it Casey?” this is so unlike her. She is usually so calm and collected, always knowing exactly what to say.
    “You’re not from here.” She finally concludes. “You’re from another universe.” I don’t know how to process this information. It sounded like a joke that she would play on me.
    “I don’t understand, are you pulling a prank on me?” She suddenly looked hurt, and slightly offended.
    “I would never joke about something as serious as this!” I was startled by her sudden anger.
    “Can you at least tell me what is going on then?” She then looked like she regretted her decision to blow up at me.
    “I suppose you don’t know then.” She said this carefully, not wanting to get worked up again.
    “Every five years, in January, someone from my universe is transported to your universe. In turn, someone from your universe is sent to my universe. When they are sent, they don’t know what is going on, they just remember their past lives.” She started slowing down after seeing my frightened and confused face. “You have a one in 7.347 billionth of a chance of getting picked.” I couldn’t believe this was something that happened.
    “You are positive you are not joking, right?” I genuinely needed to know now.
    “Of course!” she yelled, getting provoked again. She took a couple of breathes to calm down, “Of course.” She said, much calmer this time.
    “The people you call crazy, or nutjobs for thinking that they live in another dimension come from here.” She explained. Come to think of it, there were more than a few people who claimed that over the years.
    “What can we do to help me get back to my universe and bring your guy back?” I asked, not knowing the proper procedure.
    “No one has ever done that before.” She announced, dejected, “she’s never coming back, and I’m stuck with you forever.” She said this in such a depressing way that I knew what I had to do.
    “Well, I guess we’ll be the first.”
    I wasn’t sure how we were going to do it, but I know we needed to, and fast.

  4. Alex could honestly say she didn’t know where she was. She hadn’t felt this way or bee this confused after a night out since she was staying with Marylin a few years ago.
    “James?” she called out, or at least tried too. Her throat felt like water hadn’t touched it in weeks.
    “Not James,”
    Alex jumped up as quickly as her spinning vision and achy joints (from being in one position so long, she assumed) allowed. Alex came face to face with someone she had never seen before.
    “Who are you?” she croaked.
    “Mike.” The man said. Alex raised an eyebrow?
    “That’s all you’re gonna give me?” She asked.
    “Well, all I know about you is your name is Alex and you apparently run some kinda company.” That was a common thing for people to know so Alex felt a little more at ease around the stranger.
    “Alright, so you tell me your occupation and we’ll be even.”
    Mie cracked a smile at that then gestured to the water on the coffee table. Alex quickly gulped it down, wincing at the ice clacking against her teeth in her haste. Alex put down the glass and took in her surroundings.
    It was a normal New York apartment. Small, yet big enough for two or three people. It reminded her of her and of her old apartment.
    “Sooo,” Alex drew out, “Where am I? And more importantly, how did I get here?”
    “You’re still in New York, not far from the BR rec center, if you know where that is.” Alex nodded. “We found you last night. You looked like you were gonna pass out and we couldn’t find a phone on you or anyone that knew you so we brought you back to our apartment.
    “Our?” Alex didn’t see or hear anyone else in the apartment.
    The front door flew open.
    “Honey, I’m home!” A voice called out. Mike snorted and shook his head. Alex leant to the right to look around Mike to get a look at the next stranger.
    She looked dead in the eyes of Michael Bea.

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