“Disguised Ignorance” by Mary-Kelly

Don’t let disguised ignorance change who you are
Really, honestly, you’ve made it this far
Your heart is pure, you don’t need this scar
Don’t lose that soul that shines like a star,
Don’t let them change who you were meant to be
They’re after your innocence, can’t you see?
It’s o’ so clear, or is it just me?
That they really mean them when they say “we,”
Believe me when I say that you’re better than them
You’re like a walking miracle but times ten
Don’t listen to the person they wish to condemn
They want to tear you apart and rip away your stem,
Several years down the line, you’ll see their true form
They’ll try to convince you that you’re far from the norm
Please don’t be fooled by the temptations of their storm
They will try to fool you by using lies to inform,
So please, I beg you
None of this is new
People like you are few
You’re everything times two


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  1. That is a really beautiful poem.

  2. This is beautiful! I love how straight to the point and blunt, but still sensible and delivered in a lovely poem this is!

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