Congratulations to Cristi McKee, winner of our #MicoPoetry Contest.

And so I am supposed to be kind to my enemy so now it is time to be kind to myself.

Also, we’d like to give a shout out to Mary-Kelly Reimel, and her runner up poem.
A cloudless sky
Worries distant
In the spring
Seeing nature thrive
And all that I can think
Is what a time to be alive.

Thanks to everyone who voted and submitted poems.


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  1. Mary-Kelly R.

    Congratulations Cristi! Everyone’s poems were fabulous!

  2. Everyone’s poems were great! Congrats Mary-Kelly and Cristi!

  3. Congrats Cristi! Great job everyone.

  4. thewritingpegasus

    Congrats guys! ❤

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