Writing Prompt!

From Olivia: Your character receives a superlative for their school yearbook. What is it and how do they feel about it? Write a scene where they explore this topic.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “Your yearbook is on fire man! You have all the girls’ signatures!”
    “Hmmm.” Detrius grunted in response to his best friends superlative.
    It was true, he had most of the girls signatures with add-ons like phone numbers and small XOXOs, but he didn’t have the one he wanted. Abigail still refused to sign his yearbook. Why? He had no idea. He was told that she was just doing it to bother him, but it seemed more than that. He would be sure to ask her later.

    The end of the school day came and Abbie, Jake, and Ness met with Detrius in their usual spot, under the flagpole.
    In her sing-song voice Abbie proclaimed, “I have an announcement.”
    Detrius’s eyebrows shot up his forehead and Jake, Abbie’s brother, crossed his arms.
    She continued, “I am going to spend Christmas with Detrius and his dad in their world.”
    “WHAT?!” Jake yelled.
    Lizzie and Ness’s eyes were wide open.
    “How?” inquired Lizzie.
    Abbie replied, “The sphere is in Poseidon’s possession, so he came come here, pick us up, and take us back. Detrius has already let him know we’re going to stay.”
    “Oh NO! NO, NO, NO! Your boyfriend is not going to whisk you away to his mighty dad, Poseidon, so he can turn you into a fish. NO.” said Jake.
    Everybody laughed at Jakes so obvious misconceptions, but it was decided. Abbie was spending the break underwater.

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