Writing Inspiration

Use the picture below to write a poem, story, or essay. Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


39 thoughts on “Writing Inspiration

  1. One step, hold your breathe.
    It has only been a second on this beaten path, yet one filled with so much fear.
    But it feels like forever.
    Why did every lasting day feel like a long stretch of emotional poison? Why did everything feel so bittersweet? Everything hurt, everything cried, everything yelled.
    Everything wasn’t the same.
    Second step, hold back the tears.
    My life, it feels amazing, to feeling like pain. I feel as I’m never quite either, but both. My mind cannot stop racing, ideas, plans, things I could do, could have done. The memories are back, they aren’t pretty.
    Third step, lungs beat without air.
    The memories are panic. They were what was ruined to my fear. I cannot live a day, a single day without feeling the terrifying familiar rush of losing someone. It seems silly to many, something so childish, yet turned me into an adult evermore.
    Fourth step, heart starts pounding.
    My heart races, my breathing wants to stop. I want the endless pain to stop. Sinking in a chaotic ocean with no anchor of hope to pull me up. There is so much noise. So much noise I cannot stop. There’s chatter, whispers, Its maddening. In a crazy world, I’m called insane.
    Fifth step, almost there, but I won’t make it alive.
    I just cannot breathe, Its all too much, what is it with this pain? What is it without all the noise? What is it like to feel alright? I cannot believe it. I’m just so tired, so tired of what they say is, nothing.
    They say it’s nothing.
    Sixth step, gasp.
    I remember there is hope, yes, it might be flawed, but its there. I can get through this hell. I can take steps of grief to find steps of joy. In a flimsy bridge of emotions, it will go away. The sun will shine in the clearing of a storm. I will be, okay.
    Seventh step, final step, breathe.
    There is hope, I can breathe, I can live again. But I still will have to hide, hide until I find someone who understands.
    But they were the only one who understands
    I’ll breathe, but it won’t be long before I’m lead into a way of this again, but for now, I’m almost to the other side.
    I’ll just have to begin, again.

    1. Wow! This is so intensely deep! I love the depth of this story and how its an inner battle representing an outwards motion, steps. I love how at the end, there was a hopeful twist and the weight was lifted. Beautiful! 🙂 ❤

  2. “You can do this Sirene…” she mutters as she gets ready to cross the bridge. Nightfall was close, and she was only to go on a supply run, but had gotten sidetracked because she helped a survivor get back to their home base. “Caw…” croons Crane, Sirene’s pet bird. “It’s OK buddy… d…don’t w..worry!”. She had the most supplies she had ever found in her hands. The bridge stops wobbling for a second, giving false hope to Sirene and Crane. Sirene lets out an exhale, while Crane emits a low caw of relief. “See! I told you it was fi-” Sirene’s eyes get big as she sees the su set, leaving her and Crane in complete darkness. Sirene starts to walk across the unstable bridge once more, getting a queasy feeling in her stomach anytime she sees a shadow. The crow lets out a low trill of comfort for it’s owner, for he too felt nervous. As Sirene takes a final step off the bridge, she exhales in relief. “Let’s go buddy! Alex is gonna be mad for being out too late!” she whispers to Crane. “Caw!” replies Crane. “Sirene! Where are you?! Did you lose the supplies?!” says Alex over the static of Sirene’s headset. “Right on cue.” mutters Sirene as she starts running. “What?” replies Alex. “Nothing, Al. Nothing at all.”.

      1. Thank you Alexis! Also, thank you Naomi! It wouldn’t allow me to reply to the comment directly, so I apologize.

    1. I love this Lydia, was the post on the prompt don’t turn around” a continuation of this? 🙂 I love your characters already! They seem hilarious! I loved it, great job! 🙂

  3. Through the fog I walk
    As it gets thicker and thicker
    Harder and harder to see
    Harder and harder to breathe
    It feels like a poison infecting my lungs
    And spreading to every part of me
    Infecting me
    Mutating me to be a creature of the night
    I should have never followed the illusion
    I should’ve been smarter than to fall for this trickery
    I cannot go back
    Because the bridge has shifted
    There was never a way out

    1. Wow, your poetry is always filled with such deeps and pain. This is amazing, mysterious and down right heart twisting. Great job! ❤

  4. My chest pounded, my heart desperate to escape from the chamber it was imprisoned in. My knees ached from crouching so long. The tattered tree I hid behind, did little to protect me from my pursuer. My valuable possession pressed against my chest, hidden beneath my cloak. Footsteps thundered causing the world to shake. What little leaves were left on my hideout, now fell to the ground. I clutched the object, I had whisked away from my foe, tighter. My senses told me I needed to change hiding places, my stubbornness told me I needed to stay put, my fear told me I’m going to die. The sound of a harp string being plucked caused me to suck in a breath. My grip turning to iron around what I hid. The footsteps froze. The deep gurgle of a growl pierced the frigid air. Another sting was struck, the sound turning minor. Like lightning my sanctuary was ripped from the soil. Scrambling to my feet, I didn’t need to look behind me to know what had put the half dead tree out of its misery. I dashed to a different tree a little way from the first, my breathing coming out in gasps. “FEE, FI, FO, FUM!” the ground shook as the creature roared in anger. I peeked around the trunk of the tree. The giant stomped around like a child, rage in his humongous eyes. The middle of my cloak parted, a tiny golden feminine head, peering out. “What do you-“ the voice cut short as a high scream erupted. Clasping my hand around the mouth, I looked back at the giant. The large eye rolled my way, a crooked toothed smile forming. Spinning around I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. The sound of pursuit echoing in the forest. With a yank the enchanted harp’s delicate hands removed my palm. “You’re not going to make it!” she screamed, glissandos filling the air. The earth shook as the giant stomped behind me. “We’re going to make it!” I shouted, my destination coming into view. “Oh no! we’re not going to cross this shabby thing, are we?” sobs escaped the living harp, as I skidded to a halt. What stood in front was the distant reminder, from when Man and Giant had solidarity. A bridge with enough space for a single man to cross. From the looks of it, the wooden structure suspended with rope, hadn’t been used for centuries. “GIVE ME BACK MY PLUNDER!” turning I saw the giant, its feet crushing anything in its path as it drew nearer. With a deep breath, I ran onto it. The bridge swayed, as more sobs of horror fled out of the miniature golden lips. I teetered, unable to grasp onto anything, my hands occupied with the mystic harp. Fog formed as I carefully made my way across the bridge. The grotesque beast stood at the edge of the cliff, raging desperation in his eyes. A wood plank broke causing my head to whip back in front of me. With a jolt I pulled my foot out of the gaping hole. Looking back, I saw the giant disappearing beneath the fog. Wide eyed I made my way around the hole. The sound of blubbering filling my ears, the cloak I wore, drenched in tears and snot. Coming to the edg, on the other side of the hole, I took off, almost reaching the middle of the unstable bridge. Out of nowhere a bulky dirt covered hand flew through the air. The tree like fingers effortlessly slicing the fog. With a resounding crack the bridge broke into two. With a scream I grasped onto the rope above me, my right arm clutching the enchanted gilded harp who screamed so loudly a string likely broke. The ground rushed closer, the wind whipping my face. In a blink of an eye, an even uglier image replaced the ground. With horror I looked on, as the giant’s opened mouth enlarged with every second.
    ————————————————————————————————————————– As always suggestions and comments are always welcome! 😊😉

  5. Abyss Under the Bridge

    My lungs stung with effort each breath I took. My feet throbbed with every step I took. My eyes stung, the foggy air around me irritating them. I wanted to stop but I knew better. If I stopped for even a second it would catch up with me and there was no way I was going to let that happen.

    The fog surrounding me made it so I couldn’t see more than a couple feet in front of myself. I had no idea if I was going to run into another one of them or going to walk off a cliff. I was scared to keep going, however the fear of what they’ll do to me once they caught me was greater. So I pushed forward, ignoring my lesser fears in favor of a bigger one.

    In the distance a blur began to appear in my vision. Wondering if I was imagining it, I rubbed my eyes and continued walking. As I put more distance behind me, the blur began to focus and took shape of an old, run down, wooden bridge.

    Once again I was faced with a huge risk. I didn’t know how long the bridge was or how deep the drop or if the bridge would even hold my weight. I also didn’t know how long it would be before those things caught up with me again. Taking a deep breath, I gripped the railings and tested the bridge with one foot. When it held, I walked completely onto the bridge. It was surprisingly sturdy, that would not, however, lesson my fears as I wondered across the bridge.

    Halfway across, I heard a deafening screech. Shouting in shock, I yanked my hands off the railings and slammed them against my head in hopes of muffling the sound. It did nothing but cause the bridge to sway. Pulling my hands away from my head to find them slick with blood was not what terrified me. What terrified me was the cause of the bleeding. They were here.

    Standing back up, I threw all caution out the window and bolted across the swaying bridge. I could make out the end when a figure dropped down and landed two feet in front of me. I stared in horror at the create that could reach out with clawed wing and touch me. Stumbling backwards, I turned around only to find the another one of them.

    I began hyperventilating. I wanted to live. I wanted to be the first person to finish the task. Yet, while watching the figures move closer ever so slowly, I knew that I wasn’t going to make it. I clenched my jaw and narrowed my eyes. If I was going to die, it would be on my own terms. I wasn’t going to ripped apart by the monsters who killed so many others in the same way.

    I stood and just as the creatures reached out the wings and began snapping the razor sharp teeth at me, I jumped into the abyss under the bridge.

  6. The air is thick, I call out “Hello?”
    Pieces of plank break, falling miles below
    Blinded by the fog of my past
    Each step, which one will be my last?
    Causing my descent into the dark void beneath me
    It swings-the ropes thinned through the years
    This is the bridge of all my fears
    White surrounds me, my vision one with the fog
    I fight my way through this long hard slog
    Can’t see the end, now I discern
    This bridge could be endless, and now it’s my turn

  7. In the distance I see you breathe,
    Puffs of air mixing with the clouded breeze,
    Fogging my vision, leaving you blurry
    Suddenly you were gone, disappearing in a hurry
    I was left alone, shuddering, it’s getting hard to breathe
    The pressure is suffocating me,
    Pushing against my ribs and lungs,
    Making me feel as though I wasn’t enough,
    You disappeared in my dream,
    Walking down the rickety bridge,
    Everything about you has been haunting me since.

  8. Okay, I think I’ll continue with Jake and Cadence, as I really love that bridge and they are my favorite characters.

    The bridge was rickety, it was falling apart, and it would probably lead to certain death. Of course Jake would tell me to follow it. Although, I had to admit, walking blindly into fog at night did have its appeal.
    “Ready?” He asked, eyes lit with excitement and to my surprise, fear. If he was scared, I knew something was wrong.
    I swallowed and peered into the deep chasm – well, as much as I could see of it.
    “If ready means to cross a bridge and die or fall off the side, yes.” I said, shivering as the cold night wind blew around me, in thick light blankets of smoky fog. The trees rustled in the wind, Jake stiffened.
    “They’re getting closer, we can’t fight them in this state. We need to go,” he said.
    I stepped on the bridge. It shook and trembled beneath my weight. I looked up at the stars above. If this was how I died, this is one of the last things I wanted to see. The stars. And Jake, the crazy, funny guy who persuaded me to come on this little quest to find the Empire Stone, the one who so far was my best friend of two months. Who had stalked me, terrified me, and basically ruined my life to show me the life I was born into. Was meant to have. With the myths. At least it wasn’t a full moon. Then we may have run into a werewolf who was not as friendly.
    “Jake Pines, if I die I am holding you responsible.” I said, inching along the trembling bridge,
    I couldn’t see him behind me, but I heard his voice, which was a small comfort. I wasn’t alone.
    “Cadence Willow, I know. CAREFUL!”
    I slipped but regained my balance. “Sorry.”
    “Don’t do that.”
    “Why? Will you miss me?” I actually felt a rise in mood. For no reason.
    “No, but my hard work of dealing with you would have been for nothing.” He replied, his old, arrogant attitude. Not to mention the tone of voice and charmingly witty personality. There’s my friend. The devil may care kind of charm.
    Nothing like my calm sensible manner. Not that I felt anything close to sense right now; it’s amazing what walking over an old, condemned bridge can do, isn’t it?


    Despite our current situation, we could find a moment of our bickering, yet friendly selves came back. Our spirits, torn, ragged, and depressed – much like our clothes and bodies, full of scrapes and scratches from being in the wilds of Colorado – found one piece of the past to hold onto. But what Cady doesn’t know, is that waiting for us, across the bridge, is the entire clan of Dogwoods, waiting. Behind us, much worse. What a lovely day we were having.

  9. I blew out a deep breath, shaking with fear. Before me stretched a rickety bridge, engulfed in fog that loomed before me, ready to swallow me whole if I misstepped. It may look like a cloud below but I would surely meet my doom. After all, translated from the native language, it was named Death’s Drop.
    “Cosmo, there’s no way we’re walking across that,” I said matter-of-factly, arms crossed. The perky boy next to me laughed and bounded ahead.
    “Oh, come on Silas, stop being such a scaredy-cat. Just don’t fall!” I scowled. Obviously I wouldn’t leap off like an idiot or plan on falling. That didn’t mean a board couldn’t snap, a rope dislodge, or a shake of the bridge could knock us off, literally and figuratively.
    “I think he’s right, Cosmo,” Petal said quietly beside me. I cleared my throat.
    “Yeah! It’s three against one numnuts! Get back here!” Cosmo giggled again and stepped onto the bridge. It trembled slightly but held the blonde’s weight. My patience was at its end though. I growled and rushed ahead, grabbing his thin arm and yanking him back. The force sent him to the ground but he was walking onto a death trap.
    “Aw, no fair!”
    “I’m not letting you get killed. Your parents would be furious at Petal and I for having let you go.” I stomped back towards the tree line, expecting the two to join me. Instead, I heard the sound of wood detesting it’s treatment and turned only to see the fog billow into a cloud. The sight was unnerving and neither Cosmo nor Petal were anywhere to be seen. And somehow, that still became the least of my worries.

    Sarcastic? Scary? Harrowing? The world may never know. One thing is for sure though; it’s short. I need to work on my speed writing.

    1. This is so good! Kind of scary since I’m not really into ‘scary’ things so when I read or see something slight menacing, it seems scary to me. Amazing job!! 🙂

  10. Just two more steps
    Across the wobbly bridge
    You think its okay
    Until something bad happens
    The cold fog traces
    The outer skin of our faces
    Just two more steps
    And you’ll be out of this mess

    Super short and not very good, comments are appreciated! 🙂

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