Writing Prompt!

From Mary-Kelly: Start your story or poem with the sentence “Don’t turn around.”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “Don’t turn around.” I shuddered, feeling the cold stretch bone by bone up my spine.
    “Aurembiaix? What is it?” I asked. My voice was trembling as I began to shake.
    “It doesn’t matter, Silas. Just remain still. It will pass.” I swallowed on a dry mouth. The freezing pins an needles stretched further up my back. Slowly, I felt a pull on the back of my shirt, pressing the front half against my chest as something, god only knows what, reached up the back of my shirt. I felt cool spindles like hairs spread across my shoulder blades, curving down like liquid to spread down the front of me. I kept my eyes looked on Aurembiaix’s, staring into the crystal blue in the hopes that this strange experience would end. She stood bravely, not worried or empathetic but stone faced in the throws of danger as she always was. The cold rose up my neck, swirling around my jaw.
    “Keep your mouth closed and head up,” Aurembiaix said slowly. I lifted my head but that broke my sight line to the woman who was keeping me confident. Without her in my view, I felt untethered, fear seeping into my thoughts as my heart began to race. Suddenly, it withdrew in a flash. The cold, the fear, all of it, with a ginormous flash bang behind me. I was sent hurtling forward, crashing to the gravelly ground. Smoke filled the cavern as I bilked away the bright flash. I felt hands grip my face and head a distant yelling as my ears were also recovering from what felt like an explosion. As my vision cleared, I was met with Aurembiaix’s bright blue eyes once more and a bright smile.
    “You did it,” she said softly, her thick accent prominent at the low volume. I smiled weakly and looked back to the now empty corner
    “What was that thing and- ugh! What am I covered with?” There was a dark purple slime coating everywhere I had felt the cold. Aurembiaix laughed.
    “You don’t want to know.”
    Aurembiaix is an actual name. It belonged to a woman who was the countess of Urgell in 1208. Her and her father fought for her right to succeed him and she did a great job through clever negotiating and gaining the people’s favor. The origin is Aragonese and roughly means ‘from the lower golden land’. Pronounced or-EM-bee-ay.
    As for Silas, I just liked how it sounded so I have no idea the origin. 🙂

    1. I have to say I absolutely love this and the fact that you research names as well lol. As for Silas, it’s both a girl and a guy name, though usually used for males, and it’s a Latin name meaning wood lol.

  2. As we crossed the bridge, I wondered why I felt something was wrong. Some kind of impending doom almost – “Don’t look behind you.” Jake interrupted my thoughts.
    Now what? I looked behind me. “RUN!”
    We bolted off the bridge, it swayed and creaked beneath our sudden race. At the end, the fearsome creatures were behind us. Welves*, the giant, wolf like creatures that belonged to the Dogwoods, they were after us. Next thing I knew we were trying to cut the thin ropes that held the bridge together as they gained footing and caught up. Their thick tan fur gleamed in the night.
    Jake cut off one side with his pocket knife, and then started on the other. The monsters lost their balance, six of twelve feel into the river below. The fog was thickening, blurring our vision of them.
    Just as the final strand of rope broke, the head of the pack leapt out at us, scratching Jake’s arm. But it fell too. We sat there, breathing heavily, on the edge, I handed Jake a bandage out of my purse, which I’d somehow managed not to drop.
    “Thanks Cady.”
    “Sure, just please don’t die.” I said, peering over the edge.
    “Don’t do that.” He warned.
    “Oh, how sweet. Its disgusting. A purebred Myth and a little, impudent human. You disgrace the werewolf breed. She could never be called a vampire. She doesn’t even have the temperament for a fairy. Surrender the human, don’t help it anymore. We won’t hurt you.”
    The sick, menacing, cold voice, the voice that made us shiver in fear, that we could never fight in our current, ragged and exhausted condition was right behind us. “Don’t look behind you” had a whole new meaning.
    Suddenly, Jake pushed me over the side, he fell too, purposely. I screamed as I fell into the river.

    All I can say is that Twilight has nothing to do with this. These are my own characters, and they are having a bad day. Luckily, everything has a bright side.

    1. Haha! It seems sort of Twilight-ish, but I can see the difference and the originality! Amazing job, I love he sci-fi-like characters! 🙂

  3. I advise you this, Don’t turn around. Those three little words were my saving grace, I learned many months after. Living in an internment camp, for three years your mind begins to wonder what you can do to escape the living and impending doom that will reach you. The date was February 9,1945, I was currently working in a forced labor camp in Treblinka a forced labor/annihilation camp.
    Due to my skill of embroidering, cutting tress, carpentry and many other things; i was allowed to live in a endless state of pain, guilt, and stress. My wife, Magdalena Friene, and my eldest son were allowed to live, while My oldest daughter was sold as a slave, and my youngest two daughters were killed in front of my eyes in the public square by gas asphyxiation. Needless, to say, I was doomed to die had it not been for the voice that told me that in a couple of days, I would walk away and start a new life. Down the wooden path, there was a soldier that was wearing the German uniform, but seemed to be carrying artillery and machinery that were definitely American.
    As I am cutting wood, and pulling heavy loads, my wife is crying in a corner trying to find a way to cook us something. In that instant, I bolt and decide to try my luck by going to the soldier, and exactly at that moment I hear an alarm that sounds alerting the guards apparently of my disappearance.
    Instead, what I hear is planes overhead and I realize that help is on the way. I call to my wife in a hushed voice, and she and my eldest son follow me out. This was a day, that I wish I could save everyone of my friends and family, but an instinct tells me to keep running along the grass and river, to where I will find safety. My family catches up to me, a day later in the square, and we begin our journey to the country of Romania, a country that would lead us to the safety of Sweden.
    And that same week, February 13,1945, I entered Stockholm, Sweden. And I never returned to my Poland, until today.

    1. Wow… this feels so realistic. I feel the pain the narrator had when he lost his daughters. You would be a great historical writer Ivan.

    2. Wow, I love the historic theme to this. Amazing job, I would love to hear more about what happens when he returns! 🙂

  4. “Don’t. Turn. Around.” says Alex. I stop in place, precious supplies in my hands. Crane, my pet raven, knew the threat and stopped breathing. Right behind me was a nightmare. A volatile. It breathed on me, observing its prey at its weakest. I had encountered a whole pack of these things before, from when the infection started. They had almost taken me to their to so they could do who knows what with me.”Don’t move, don’t do anything! And don’t disobey me this time!” Alex said sharply. The nightmare lets out a roar, hearing Alex’s voice over the coms. I run faster than i ever had before, gripping the supplies as I run. Crane burrows deep in my hoodie so he doesn’t fly off. I hear the thudding of footsteps running toward me and the beastly roar that it emits so it can call its pack members. I run straight to the safe house and I pray that i will make it there in time.

    This is in the perspective of Sirene! I thought a first person perspective would enhance the paragraph!

    1. This is really cool! I can feel the main character’s fear and see the monsters chasing after her, the first person POV is always fun when writing a specific emotion!

    2. Wow! This is so action packed and crazy! I need to know more abut the characters and the scene and who’s chasing her! Awesome job, you should make this into a longer version as a book/novel! 🙂

  5. “Don’t turn around!” Caleb shouted, presumably about five yards away from me. I heard some noise around where he was, but couldn’t discern what it came from. I kept my eyes shut, my hands flat against my face and my body turned away from him. Suddenly, I felt a warmth cascade over me, and Caleb wrapped his arms around me and held my hands, pulling them away from my face. “You can turn around now…” He whispered, turning me to him. I couldn’t help a giggle that escaped my lips but lightly pushed him away so I could see what the secret was. He stepped to the side, giving me a clear view of the room. We were in his living room, and right in the middle of the floor was a rather large box, wrapped in blue and a big white bow settling on the top. I looked at him skeptically, but he just grinned and stayed where he was, nodding towards the gift. I suspiciously tiptoed over to the box and knelt down in front of it, poking it with my finger. Not receiving any insight with this tactic, I grabbed the sides of the lid of the gift and ripped it off as quickly as I could, tossing it to the side.
    I looked inside.
    Snuggled within a fluffy yellow blanket lay a golden brown puppy, with little flappy ears and fluffed fur, and an adorable black nose. I stared in complete surprise, then turned back towards Caleb. “It’s not dead, right?” I said unbelievingly. Caleb laughed. “No, no! Go on! Pick it up!” I rose an eyebrow, but then reached into the box and picked up the little puppy along with the yellow blanket. It breathed against my arm and snuggled deeper into my grasp. My heart melted, and my eyes began to fill with tears. I turned once again to Caleb, this time unable to speak as I gazed at the little creature before me. Caleb walked over to me, and I looked back up at him, a silent look of gratitude on my face. He smiled and kissed the bridge of my nose.
    “What’s the occasion?” I whispered softly, stroking the puppy’s fur. Caleb shook his head as if erasing my question, and replied,
    “I love you.”

    I think I’m having some serious cutesy romance feels lately, I’ve been writing way too much of this kind of stuff… I’m also procrastinating my school – so how’d I do? xDD
    Thank you for reading if you got this far!

    1. Oh my goodness this is so cute! I love sweet cheesy romance stories, this isn’t cheesy though, this is absolutely adorable! I feel every girl wants this sort of relationship! Its so adorable and sweet, I love it! 🙂 ❤

  6. Don’t turn around
    I know right now it’s just a sound
    But follow my voice
    It will be clearer with the right choice
    Don’t let them fall
    The promises atop these walls
    Reach for them
    Before they tumble, and seek revenge
    Don’t look back
    Worry not, I’ll keep you on the right track
    Keep coming towards me
    I’ll be your eyes so you can see
    Don’t give up
    On me, on us
    I’ll be the last one you can trust
    As long as us, it is just
    Together, moving forward
    And never looking behind

    1. This is amazing! It’s so sweet yet so rimmed with danger – I love it! The poetry quality is also just incredible!

    2. This is awesome Marysa…lol I was literally trying to write something like this and I couldn’t, but you’ve done it wonderfully! I love the feel you gave to it! ❤

    3. Wow! This is so mysterious and it holds a “danger” and “warning” type of vibe, like you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Amazing job! 🙂

  7. May I ask if anyone likes to read? I read the post about how reading is important to a writer, it was very interesting. Reading different genres also helps with writing. I read everything and write anything from scyfy to historical fiction. Sadly, I am a bad poet. But does anyone else feel like that?

    1. Oh my goodness, I love to read, it’s literally one of my favorite things ever, and I read practically everything besides scyfy, idk why. But as for poetry, seriously, writing terrible poetry is the best, because it’s what makes you better, I feel like I’m a pretty okay-ish poet, but you should see some of my poems from when I was like 11…it’s like yeesh, did I really think that was any good, at all? lol. So write terrible poetry if you have to, besides you can always edit it and make good poetry, I always write bad poems then pick lines from them and make one awesome poem. Anywhoodle, I just think you should write whatever you feel, it works awesomely. ❤ 🙂

      1. Thanks Alyssa, I was curious. I think you are a good poet though. Thanks for indulging my whims! Do you read Jane Austen? People say its odd for a scfy lover to also love Jane Austen, but I don’t care very much. 🙂

      2. Yes I love Jane Austen, and all things similar to her, but I have a very wide spectrum of what I like to read, and depending on my mood I won’t read certain things. I get in those weird moods where I read nothing but mythical books about werewolves, vampires, and faeries, and then I also go through moods where I read nothing but non-fiction. :p

      3. I loved Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet also made me cry. Happy Birthday (whenever it is,) to you and Mr. Poe! 🙂 Mom wouldn’t let me, a 15 year old, read Wuthering Heights. She said it was to… intimate and inappropriate. Is it? I really want to read it but am not a big fan of romance. I think its okay, but too much is too much. I am running out of space to comment.

      4. Pride, Prejudice and Zombies was scary – not in horror, but in the fact they’d do that to Jane Austen. They may possibly create a new Emma and Witches. No, please no. Did you like Emma? I tried to get Macbeth at the library… still trying. Have you seen the movie Becoming Jane? It’s about her life and her one love. Rated PG, so more than safe. It’s great, and sad, and I look at her in a whole new life. She played cricket and was surprisingly athletic!

      5. OH MY GOODNESS NO ONE EVER LIKES BECOMING JANE! I’ve probably watched it about a thousand times, I used to watch it over and over and over and over, it was my thing for an entire year lol. Well as for Wuthering Heights, it’s definitely not child appropriate, but it’s fabulous, I’m also 17 so I’m a little older lol. I think we’re all running out of space to comment.
        Are either of you by any chance doing CampWriMo this year? I’m super excited for it.

      6. What is camp WriMo? You didn’t like becoming Jane? With Anne Hathaway? I loved it. I really want to read Wuthering Heights, did you see the movie?

      7. I would love that Alyssa! I loved Becoming Jane, what was your fave scene? Weren’t that characters great? My favorite scene was when they were at the balls and walking in the woods. Tom Lefroy for got her name.That was funny. And please, I would love to join Wrimo. I think I should comment at the bottom though to make it easier. I am running out of threads to click! I think, I need to check. 🙂 I never met another person who even heard of Becoming Jane! Besides my neighbor. That is so great.

      8. Yeah, so if you just let me know what your username is, we can actually just talk in the cabin on there and it’ll be a lot easier lol. My favorite scene is actually your favorite scene! OMG!

      9. Amw2121 I need to go but maybe we can chat tomorrow, what a coincidence about our favorite scenes! Mother calls me to the grocery store, goodbye. 🙂 Thanks!

      10. Alyssa Campwrimo sounds fun! are you able to send a link to it? And thanks I never had someone say that about my name! 🙂 ❤

      11. Alyssa, will it email me, I don’t want to receive emails, will I be able to delete my account? My mother is questioning it. AS long as it won’t email me and I don’t have to always be active, its fine. Can you just add me to yours? Will Mrs. Emery oversee it?

      1. Alyssa, Naomi, thanks so much. Yes, I love everything Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte one moment and scyfy fantasy the next. And even if I do stink at poetry, like Naomi, I still try it. Do you Like Charlotte Bronte and Emily Dickinson? Edgar Allen Poe? The Raven scared me and Jane Eyre made me cry… and smile.

      2. Oh, and do you like Shakespeare? I wrote this after the one below. I don’t know why it came up first. I am basically a book and pen nerd. If there is such thing, but to quote Jane Austen, “I shall live by my pen.” Not entirtely sure I understand that in this context, but okay.

      3. Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite most of the time…actually fun fact, his birthday was the day before mine :O. I love Jane Eyre and Emily Bronte’s, “Wuthering Heights” is killer, and of course I love Charlotte Bronte, they’re fabulous writers. AND as for Shakespeare, omg, don’t get me started on Shakespeare, I can probably recite half of Macbeth, Othello has my heart, Romeo and Juliet is obviously and amazing, and Hamlet is just to die for lol.

      4. I loved Sense and Sensibility. Emily Dickinson, what can I say, since when has there been such a great poet past the 1800’s who wrote of death and springtime? Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth had great personalities. Pride, Prejudice and Zombies was just weird.

      5. I have this hatred of zombies for some reason…I read so much fiction and I love it, but I just cannot stand zombies, so I never even entertained the idea of Pride, Prejudice and Zombies lol.

      6. Pride, prejudice, and Zombies was a strange but interesting take. my favorite movie is the pride and prejudice made in 2005. the actors in it were phenomenal. 🙂

      7. I also feel like mentioning, I absolutely love your name Naomi…honestly it’s probably because I’m obsessed with 90210, but I really just love your name lol.

      8. No, no no I love it, just no one else does lol. I haven’t seen Wuthering Heights. CampWriMo is like, NaNoWriMo, if you know what that is lol, it’s a writing thing, where you set your own goal and then you work with other people in this little cabin thing and you get to do your story or epic poem or revisions or whatever it is. If you want to you can make you an account and I can add you to my cabin and then I can you can be part of my group if you’re up for it. It’s over the entire month of April, alongside NaPoWriMo.

      9. Mrs. Emery doesn’t oversee it, and you can unsubscribe from the emails, but I can’t add you until you create your writing project. The only people that would be in our cabin is you me and if Naomi decides to join her 🙂 but if your mom would prefer you not do it, it’ll be fine. And yes, you can go into settings and delete your account. It’s just like NanoWrimo.

      10. So what you need to do now is create your project, which means that you just open it and add a word count and a title and then let me know and I can add you to my cabin. 😀

    2. So I couldn’t find your account, if you give me your email would work lol. But you have to make sure you go into your email and activate your account 🙂 Just lemme know and I’ll talk to you later! If you need to look me up my username is alliebear.

      1. Yeah, but there’s a button you have to press that says “Create Your Project” and you have to do that before you can get added to a cabin 😀

      2. Lydia that’s awesome, and we’re glad to have you! I just need you to create your project before I can add you, because that’s a requirement that Camp has 😀

    3. I literally can’t be seen without a book. I love reading. I write poetry, but it’s not good. I still do it though. You should just try sometime 🙂 You can only improve by writing.

      1. I bring books everywhere, my mother hates it. 🙂 Your ‘write.’ about the reading and writing improvement.

      2. I love reading too Marysa! When my family travels, I always have a book, even if I get a little car sick, its worth it! XD

  8. So I wrote a poem, and this weird letter thing… not that either one is great because I’m going through a weird little writing slump, but here goes nothing! 😛
    Don’t turn around, don’t walk away
    Don’t leave me again; please stay.
    Why don’t you want to be here?
    Why don’t you want to be with me?
    What did I do wrong, what did I say?
    I’m trying to fix this, to fix me,
    I’m trying to save us, but you keep turning away
    Please, just listen to me, listen to what I’m saying
    I’m in love with you and all this time you’ve been treating me like a game?
    I’m trying to be enough, I’m trying to change your mind
    I’m trying to make you love me, I’m trying to make you mine,
    Why do you keep saying you love me,
    Then turning around and saying you don’t know me?
    You’re twisting me up inside, and it isn’t fair but I need you by my side.
    Don’t turn around, please, don’t walk away
    I’m begging you; stay.
    Dear You,

    Don’t turn around. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve gone through, wherever you are in your life. Don’t loose everything you’ve built, everything you’ve fought for. It’s hard and sometimes it feels pointless, but you’ve got this. You can make it over this one small bump in your confidence; look at what you’ve done in the past, look what you’ve made from nothing at all. Don’t go back to that, to that empty place you were for so long, when all that you felt was alone. I know it’s hard not to, because life is difficult and the world is on your shoulders, but you’re stronger than that. You’re so much stronger than you seem, so much more than what you believe. You’ve got every tool you need, the brains, the beauty, the heart. You’re exactly what this world needs, bundled into a scarred package full of broken hearts and tragic memories. Sweetheart, don’t you see what you’ve done, how much you’ve overcome? It doesn’t feel like it somedays, but you did it. You knocked down the pain of the past and you made it. You did it, you did this, and you’ve can do anything else you want. And for those days when you can’t do anything and you feel like nothing’s ever going to figure itself out, when you feel like you’re about to turn around, remember I’m here cheering you on. I love you, and I know you can do this, so if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, go ahead and call me, write me, find me, I’ll be here to listen.
    I love you.

    1. I love these Alyssa! Your poem is amazing and I love the meaning behind it!
      I absolutely love your story! So sweet and filled with emotion! I love how inspiring and kind hearted it is! Amazing job on both pieces! 🙂 ❤

  9. This is a conversation between me and my twenty pound cat Lark.

    Lark: Don’t turn around.
    Me: Why?
    Lark: Because I ate all my food and then had a hairball.
    Me: But I have to clean it up.
    Lark: First, because you are my human, I want you to scratch my chin.
    Me: I can’t.
    Lark: NO!
    Me (struggling to get up): Get off my lap! Your breaking my leg.
    Lark: Stay and pet me, clean it up later.
    Me: You win.
    Lark: As always.

    1. Haha! This is hilarious! I have 6 dogs, who all act like Lark! This is amazing and I love everything about it! 😀

  10. “Don’t turn around” The blade tucked in my sleeve felt cool to my touch as I pushed Johnny in front of me.
    “I’m warning you! I don’t want to shoot you!” the soldier shouted, the sound of a Launcher crackling to life filling the air.
    “Cristy.” Johnny’s knuckles turned white, his grip on the fish bag tightening with every step.
    “Keep walking.” I gritted my teeth, the blade digging into my palm.
    THUNK! The sound of the ammo leaving the gun echoed in my ears. As I turned, everything slowed. The blade in my hand flew out. Its target. The small rectangular box with miniature lightning spurting from all angles.
    Like a magnet drawn to metal, the thin blade struck its victim with a crack.
    “Run!” I shouted, everything around me turning back to its normal speed.
    Johnny pulled out his pistol from the holster located on his thigh. He looked comedic as he turned and shot off a round, the fish still in his grasp. The fish swung around as the water sloshed inside the bag.
    “We just had to go get a pet!” I yelled at my twin brother, electric grenades crackling as they pasted us.
    “It’s not my fault you’re vile to look at!” Johnny snickered.
    Our laughter was short lived as a ball of fire erupted in front of us.
    “Crap! They got the fire ones!” I screamed nearly tripping into the blazing inferno.
    “No really!?” sarcasm dripped from his words as yanked me backward.
    Turning down an ally way, we could hear the sound of heavy boots as we were pursued.
    “In here!” Johnny pushed me inside one of the building that lined the ally.
    The soldiers ran past, the sun illuminating their bodies. I watched as their shadows sunk into the wall.
    “Come on. There should be another way out.” Waving Johnny to follow me I creeped along the passageway.
    “What was that?” he whispered, his hand flying to his gun.
    “I don’t hear anything.” I paused to listen.
    “never mind.” Johnny gulped, darkness surrounding us. “Do you have a flashlight Cristy?” his voice shook as he basically walked on top of me.
    “Yeah, now would you stop breathing on my neck!” I hissed back.
    “Jeez, man when did you brush your teeth.” I grumbled, the smell of putrid breath wafting behind me, my hands searching my pockets for the portable flashlight.
    “I’m not behind you.” Johnny’s voice turned concerned, as I triumphantly pulled the compact flashlight out.
    “Wait what?” I stopped. the blood rushed out of my face, my hands shook as I snapped the flashlight on.
    Shinning the flashlight to my right, I saw Johnny standing, his gun at the ready.
    “Watch out!” he screamed, his gun raising.
    A grimy hand clasped across my mouth, stifling my cries.
    Squirming I tried to get out of its grasp. The sound of gunshots echoed down the passage.
    The light shown across the walls, the flashlight clattering to the floor, my finger tips frantically searching for my knives.
    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the many shadows of oncoming creatures. As they spilled out of the shadows, the light beam reviled their inhuman appearance. Their arms hanging loosely as they charged toward us. We were surrounded by bloodthirsty Cranks.
    This takes place after the piece I wrote for the prompt: your character gets a pet.
    you may recognize some of the characters! As always comments and suggestions are welcomed! 😊😉 ❤

    1. Naomi, Alyssa What are your fave Emily Dickinson poems and are you two also excited for NaNoWriMo in November? I am. 🙂

      1. Yesssss I’m excited…omg I’m so blonde! Have you made your project on CampNanoWrimo yet? If you don’t do that I can’t add you, it’s a rule, you don’t have to put your actual project if you don’t want to or if you don’t know what it is yet lol but just let me know when you do! >.> I’m Nobody, by Emily Dickinson is my favorite!

    2. Wow! This is so intense and action packed! You’re an amazing adventure and action writer Naomi! I’m sure you would be the next best selling author with stories like these! Amazing! 😀

    1. I use word processor whenever I write, so when I put the generic : ) face it turns it into a blushing emoji. probably if you comment using your phone, the emojis will show up. 🙂 I’m glad you liked my piece!

  11. Don’t turn around, my gut shouts
    I can feel it
    It’s presence
    It’s breath
    It’s long talons ever so slightly grazing me
    Come with me, it says
    I can cleanse you from this world
    I can barely move
    I am petrified
    One foot in front of the other, I mutter
    I am frozen in place
    The talons take my arm
    I run

  12. “Don’t. Turn. Around.” The shaky voice of my superior had me frozen in place. I looked on in silent terror as Ed slowly pulled his gun out of its holster and pointed it at something behind me. “Come out. Stand where I can see you.”

    I heard a chuckle from behind. I shiver of fear was sent down my spine.

    “Now, now….I don’t think you want me to do that. Do you?” A smooth bodiless voice taunted.

    My superior narrowed his eyes, “Yeah? Try me.” He challenged.

    I looked around the room in hope of finding something that would reflect what was going on where I couldn’t see. I had no such luck.

    I quickly brought my eyes back to Ed in hopes of seeing the reflection of who was behind me in his eyes. What I saw instead was fear in his widening eyes before his irises changed brown to red. I watched as any sign of life vanished from his eyes. And I watched as he dropped dead to the floor.

    Instincts took over instantly, my hands pulling out my gun and my body pivoting to point it at the person behind me.

    Once again I wasn’t able to see what was going on, but for an entirely different reason. A hand had been slapped across my eyes. Another hand grabbing the gun from my hands. I heard it smash into the wall.

    “Didn’t you see what I did to your friend there?” The same voice from earlier asked, “You don’t really want to die, right? Cause I don’t want to have to kill someone as cute as you.”

    I started to tremble, tears forming in the corner of my eyes.

    “You didn’t answer my question. DO. YOU. WANT. TO. DIE.” The voice suddenly turned rough and forceful.

    I shook my head against the rough hand still pressed against my face.

    “Good. Now I’m going to take my hand away and you’re going to keep your eyes closed until you hear the door open and close. Understand?”

    I nodded my head.

    The hand was removed and I waited to for the tell-tail sign of the door clicking open and shut.

    Instead I heard a chuckle, “You actually listened. I like you.”

    I flinched as I felt a pair of lips press against my cheeks.

    “Try not to die.”

    The door opened and closed. I opened my eyes to an empty room.

  13. Don’t turn around,
    My little sheep.
    Ignore the silence
    And keep walking.
    It doesn’t matter
    What’s back there,
    You know?
    Simply press on
    And they’ll follow you,
    Or they’ll hold you down,
    My little sheep.
    Move while you can.
    A boy sits alone,
    Bullets in his mouth,
    The taste of copper flowing with blood,
    The sound of another soul being lost,
    My little sheep.
    Shh, are you listening?
    Don’t listen, can’t you hear me?
    Are you doing what I’m saying?
    I’m trying to protect you.
    They’ll go soon.
    There’s a girl
    Crying herself to sleep
    Cover your ears,
    Keep walking,
    My little sheep.
    She skipped out for a few days
    Faking her sanity
    Hiding her hopes under her pillow,
    Instead of taking them.
    She holds her hopes in her hands
    You have to hold hopes in your heart,
    My little sheep.
    Otherwise you end up like her.
    She swallows her pains
    Shivering as they go down
    So that she can sleep
    With silent tears
    Going down her cheeks.
    Go on,
    My little sheep.
    There’s an old woman
    Suffering and sick.
    Ignore her pained pleas,
    She’ll go away soon.
    Go forward,
    You’re almost there,
    My little sheep.
    The nurses walk in,
    And bend over
    To become
    The angels of Death
    Hearing her pleas
    And helping her.
    Shh, you didn’t have to do anything
    See, little one?
    There are others who can help.
    Just keep walking, that’s all you have to do,
    My little sheep.
    There’s a mirror,
    A pained expression.
    A sunken complexion.
    A lonely reflection.
    You’re all alone.
    You’re here now,
    My little sheep.
    You traveled the road,
    And now they’re all gone.
    Look back, my dear.
    See how far you’ve gone.
    You left them all behind,
    My little sheep.

    Think twice before listening so blindly,
    So naively, so mindlessly,
    My little sheep.

    1. Wow! This is crazy! You have such a deepness, but you lighten it with “little sheep” but ten it adds more creepiness, just amazing. Your “horror and suspenseful” writing is just mind blowing. ‘Gives round of applause’

  14. Hey, I saw the comments about the CampWriMo and wondered if I could join as well? (Unless you know you don’t actually see this comment in which case – okay… xD) If you do, however, I would like to join, it seems like a fun writing experience and because I’m unable to attend the CWC meetings, if I did this I’ll get to know you guys a bit better!
    Anyways, that’s all!

    1. If you’d like to just let me know what your username is and I’ll add you! p.s. AMAZING NAME! lol I would absolutely love anyone else to join. SOOOOO if you want to join just let me know BUT you have to create your project first otherwise I can’t add you! 🙂 Cheers!

      1. Haha thank you! My username is Novellaj, I’ll set my project now so you can add me. Thanks again!

  15. Don’t turn around,
    It’s just a sound,
    All in your head,
    Yet it overwhelms.
    This feeling of dread,
    Takes over,
    And drones on,
    Over and over,
    The words like a symphony,
    Try to get to me,
    To you.
    “Don’t turn around.”
    But you must,
    So you trust,
    Your instincts,
    Your gut,
    And you turn,
    Eyes closed,
    But turn back.

    Though you yearn,
    To peek,
    To gaze,
    You realize,
    Though the feelings burn,
    Something funny;
    You’re feeling something…
    In the back of your mind,
    Something grave;
    And the tears well up,
    As you think about how,
    She would have laughed,
    Would have smiled with you now,
    IS smiling with you now,
    As she sees close up,
    What you are feeling;

    At a grave.
    At her grave.

    This isn’t very good, I haven’t written a poem in a while. I know this was sort of confusing and the rhyming doesn’t really have an order, but hopefully, you still get it (if you got this far.) Basically, this girl is at her Mothers grave and she wants to turn, the grave feeling inside of her is telling her to, then she realizes something funny that reminds her of how her mother used to be, (and probably still is) so she doesn’t turn around, cherishing that feeling.

    Hopefully, you still like it, let me know, definitely not my best but just wanted to contribute to the prompt, any feedback’s welcome 😀 ❤
    (I have another section of the poem that I left out that might help the storyline a bit so let me know if you want me to post it too 🙂 )

    1. This is amazing Isabella! I love the meaning behind it and how its sort of an inner struggle rather than an outwards one. I love how you used this prompt! 🙂

  16. This is a continuation of the story above. It was supposed to go with it but I just took it out.
    It’s basically the end and just sort of an explanation.
    Overwhelming sadness,
    Longing to turn around yet not,
    Knowing that at the simplest glance,
    There was a chance,
    That you would cry,
    Wondering why she had to die.

    She had so much happiness left to give,
    So you refuse to turn,
    Meaning no disrespect,
    Only to keep her happiness in your eyes,
    In your mind,
    To let it live,
    To continue to give,
    Where she could not.
    Hope you like the rest 😀 ❤
    Any feedback welcome, as always 🙂

    1. Yay! I’m glad you continued it! Amazing job, the ending was heartbreaking. I love when poem holds so much meaning and convey actual emotions. Bravo! 🙂 ❤

  17. Sofia, (I wrote this down here because that was way too much work going back up to the top) CampNaNoWriMo, is almost exactly like NaNoWriMo (if you’ve heard of it) if not, it’s a site which was created to challenge you to write to a word goal of your choice (in NaNoWriMo you don’t get to choose) and share your ideas, thoughts, and talk to your cabin mates. A cabin is a private group of up to 19 people which you can share everything with.
    If you want to join I’ve still got a lot of room, you have to make your profile, and create your project, if you don’t create a project and set your word goal you can’t join a cabin. Alexa, Novella, and Lydia have all joined, and I think Naomi was going to as well. It’s a ton of fun, and it’s no big deal if you don’t make it to your word goal!
    And if you don’t feel like starting an entirely new project that’s cool too, a lot of people use Camp to edit things which they already done or to create Epics (really long poems).

  18. “Don’t turn around.” echoed again and again in my mind. I feel his eyes burning into my head.
    “You don’t want to talk about this?” he asks. I feel him coming closer.
    “Don’t turn around.”
    “It was one mistake, one stupid mistake! Ive forgiven you for all the stuff you put me through! Forgive me this one time! Please Emily!” he yelled, I could hear his footsteps going faster.
    “Don’t turn around, because if you do, all you’ll get is more heartbreak.” my mind whispered as tears raced down my cheeks.
    “We didn’t do anything, we just kissed. Me and that girl aren’t anything, just friends.”
    “How come he kissed her then?” asked my mind, secretly telling me all that i wanted to say.
    “Please Emily. Don’t do this.” He said, I could tell he was close to tears from the sound of his cracking voice.
    “Don’t turn around.”
    “Don’t do it.” screamed everything in my brain.
    Just as he started to slow his pace, I did what everything in my heart told me not to do. I turned around.

    This isn’t very good, but i wanted to add something. 🙂

  19. That was really interesting, I love your outlook on the prompt, I feel like everyone’s was so unique! But seriously… EMILY WHY DID YOU TURN AROUND???!?!?!?! He kissed another girl who was “just a friend”… yeah right, you don’t kiss your friends… Well, you definitely got me with the emotions part, Emily just made me mad lol, great job 😀

    1. Haha! Thank you so much Isabella! I love making characters like this, that’s why with every prompt I do different characters! I love how you felt so much towards what I wrote! Lol!! Why Emily!? 😉 Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂 ❤

  20. No problem ❤ And I totally agree, I know a lot of people do continuations of past characters but I just love making new ones every time, it really challenges you as a writer and is just a fun way to make your story even more unique and creative :b

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