Finding Your Inner Poet by Kayle

As March draws near to a close, NaPoWrimo lays just over the horizon. But before we can start our month of poetry writing, lets clear some things up first. Everyone can be a poet, and I mean everyone. Poetry isn’t just for the angst and tortured souls or those who have overcome insurmountable events in their lives. Poetry is an expression of events or emotions through words that create powerful images. It doesn’t have to rhyme, it doesn’t have to be short, or long. The magic about poetry is that it really can be anything you want it to.
With all writing, the first thing you really want to do is define your reason, or what inspires you most. Whether it be to share your life in words that only the writer minded can understand, or to inspire others, or simply to put your jumbled thoughts on a page in the same mismatched rhythm your brain creates them in. Once you have this, you can begin to look further into poetry. What kind of poet do you want to be? Do you want to rhyme the last word of every line, or maybe every other line, or you want every third word to rhyme, but maybe you don’t want it to rhyme at all. And this can change piece to piece, as you see what best fits for what you’re trying to accomplish. You want to find the feeling that you want your piece to have. Think about or look up some images that remind you of that particular feeling, maybe some descriptive words, whatever helps you to embody that emotion. Then put your mind to paper. It can be rough at first, but just let your words flow. Your lines may be all put together, and certain words you may not like, but with everything you can go back and edit. But if you’re becoming a poet only for NaPoWriMo, then remember that it’s not about the quality of the poem. It’s simply about writing the poems. Putting your mind into beautiful and imaginative words. Let your emotions drain from the pen, as lines and stanzas come together. Because that’s what poetry is all about. Making yourself vulnerable, not hiding behind the normal regulations of writing, because it can be anything you want it to be. There are so many styles, and forms of poetry that you can experiment with, and create, simply to better yourself as a poet and as a writer.
Another thing to remember about poetry, it’s not a story. Your sentences may not always make sense and may often lack punctuation but that’s okay. You’re not writing paragraphs, you’re writing stanzas. You’re not telling fluid stories, but almost impressions of ones. Not every detail will come through, and not everything will always make sense, but sometimes that’s just poetry. You may be used to writing 5 paragraph essays and pages in stories, but you may have to tell that story in 10 lines, so you have to choose your words and the details you include carefully, with thought and whole-hearted attention. That’s the beauty of it all, and everyone can do it. I can, you can, we all can be poets.


6 thoughts on “Finding Your Inner Poet by Kayle

  1. Thank you so much for writing this! It’s so inspirational and motivational! Thank you for the advice and inspiration! 🙂 ❤

  2. Thank you for such an uplifting piece. I whole heartedly agree with your thoughts. This was just the boost I needed to kick off NaPoWriMo. 💖

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