An Engrossed Matter by Lucy

I call my composition,

A manifold of confessions;

A moral mind in hysterics;

And a turnabout of an estuary.


There, there, I can promise a question,

“Have I waited all this time?” 


To those who quell so deeply,

Of a time where a transcript was only born;

And I say, a wondrous, wondrous, scandal for the mind,

The complexity and gravity of such thing,

I observe with increasing interest and become invested in its anomaly—

And absorbed of its fashion spleen upon sight.


And I say, with all my excitement (to get rid of my thoughts),

With its absorption to perish our thoughts,

Then, there, I can promise—

In a world that can stop.


9 thoughts on “An Engrossed Matter by Lucy

  1. well DANG! This really makes you think, and read it again and again to absorb the meaning. I love poems like that, and you pulled it off like those poets of old! So so good, please keep this up!

  2. Wow, this is fabulous, your word choice is brilliant, and you really made me think and study the meaning. It’s absolutely beautiful! 🙂

  3. Goodness me! Lucy! Wow! This has such a deep meaning! I couldn’t really have written it better. Amazing job, Lucy! Love this so, so, so, much! ❤

  4. Amazing, so many feelings and so much emotion and depth is in this. I love it so much, you really did an amazing job on this. ❤

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