Today’s prompt:

Write a sonnet about a Florida summer day

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


58 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #3

  1. I bid thee Florida’s hot days, and hot nights
    Cool treats and cool drinks unlike any other
    When the sun sits high in the sky,
    There are no worries about the future
    Bask in the delightful warmth,
    Go where the sand meets the cool ocean
    Find joy and love in unlikely places
    Music drifts wherever you go,
    Dance until your soul is free
    Summer is like no other here,
    June, July, August, three months of warm fun
    Nothing can beat summers in Florida!

    1. Great rhythm in the poem, Eshanie! I find rhythm hard to do in my poems, but you pulled it off with out a hitch! the ‘Dance until your soul is free’ is my favorite line, it brings a sense of actual summer being here. This is truly awesome, and it sure does describe Florida. Way to go, Eshanie! ❤

      1. Thanks! Rhythming sometimes comes easily to me, but writing this sonnet was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be!

  2. This is (very) unrelated to the prompt.
    I wonder what goes on in that head of yours,
    Your dreams, your hopes, your ambitions
    You’re such a beautiful girl,
    It’s a shame, the choices you’ve made
    They will forever follow you, even after death
    You’re a cunning thief,
    And an even better liar
    The things you’ve done are almost unforgivable
    I love you, sister,
    But I hate the things you’ve done,
    This persona of stupidity, the acts of treason
    How could you hurt me like this?
    I could’ve avoided this frustrating deafness,
    These annoyingly weak eyes,
    Those painful braces,
    Family is not worth anything, sometimes
    All they want is to suck every bit of joy,
    Create chaos and confusion
    You could’ve changed your ways,
    I guess you still can,
    But How can anyone trust you?
    I wish I had Mom’s and Auntie M’s relationship,
    To have a sister who loves me for who I am,
    And not simply because of our mother
    What happened?
    Who made you hurt so much,
    To have no respect for yourself
    Is the saddest thing on Earth
    I truly, genuinely hope,
    That you find inner peace one day.

    1. Oh no, I hope things get better soon if this is based on real experiences, Eshanie. I hope you and your sister find that peace. Wonderful, realistic poem, Eshanie. Magnificent work! 🙂 ❤

    2. Oh my goodness Eshanie, I’m so sorry this is your life. 😦 Things will get better, have you and your sister tried to talk about everything your going through? Anyways, I hope everything gets better between you two, siblings have a connection that many people don’t have, so please try and regain that connection, because a sibling bond should never be broken. ❤ I sure things will get better between you two and I wish you the best of luck in reviving your relationship. ❤ 🙂

  3. Sitting and sipping a warm cup of tea,
    Cool, comfy, safe, slowly drifting away.
    This is not a Florida summer day,
    It is hot, humid and always raining.
    Yes, this is true, that’s how it is for you,
    But it is quite different for me, you see.
    I do not venture beyond my confines,
    I do not seek the sea, sand, sun, and waves,
    I simply just stay inside, locked away.
    Not reading a book nor playing a game,
    But longing for a very special day,
    When I am no longer invisible.
    But until that day comes here I will stay,
    Cool, comfy, and safe, inside, locked away.

  4. (This is unrelated to the prompt)

    The dancing butterfly soars through pale skies,
    Like fallling leaves, she swirls and glides.
    Bright colors painted on dainty wings guide eyes,
    So much beauty and grace in such a small size.
    She jumps from flower to flower with ease,
    Spreading pollen, a loyal partner to bees.
    Flying with the sun, playing with the breeze,
    The buttefly travels through plants and big trees.
    A gentle creature; tender and soft, and small,
    A peaceful thing, she avoids any brawl,
    Never letting her beautiful, docile act fall.
    She is nature’s gift, a treasure to us all.
    As the sun sinks down low, the butterfly leaves
    And it seems the whole world grieves.

    1. Sarah, I LOVE this! Butterflies are so intricately beautiful and gentle, I truly love it! Amazing job, the ending is mellow, but amazing. Sarah, wonderful work. I love it! ❤

    2. Wow! So beautiful, I love the butterfly and how it brings so much beauty to the life of the poem. If that makes sense. XD, anyways, amazing job, I love it SO much!!! 🙂 ❤

  5. And to you dear Rose, has the sun not set upon your falling petals
    Has the moon not left you stricken for what might have been
    Upon the evening, had the sun not set
    How sad must you be, to be trapped within the weathers of the seas
    For Florida is taking over thee,
    Thy poor soggy rose, leaning into the fallen trees
    As the wind sweeps you away from I
    Thy heart is breaking, aching with the thought of your sorrowful life
    The way you’ve sunk so far in the ground, your petals depleting
    Leaving you alone, with nothing but your stem
    Afraid for when the sun doth rise again,
    Your petals shed from against your skin, leaving you bare, frozen in the rigid wind
    How unfair, could this cruel night become, to leave you naked,
    Until the sun doth come
    So idk how this is, but here it is lol. 😛

    1. Wow, Alyssa! This is amazing! I love the descriptions of what happens to the rose as the night progresses, I’m actually curious to see how the rose turns up when the ‘sun doth come.’ 😉 Great job, poems don’t usually reel me in so easily! Love this, fantastic work Alyssa! 😀

    2. Oh my goodness this is beautiful. I love the rose descriptions and the feelings and the meaning behind it all. It seems very deep like there’s an underlying meaning behind the flower. Amazing, just amazing. ❤

  6. Sweet savory smells,
    Sitting at the beach, popsicles tell.
    Feeling the sand between your feet,
    Oh, what a delightful treat!
    The water greets with a splash,
    which sends you playing in a dash.
    The frolicking waves carry you over,
    hitting the sand gently unlike a boulder.
    The fresh airy breeze rolls in the air,
    Never should you have any despair.
    Nothing beats these Florida treats,
    Come on over to the beach!
    Just a quick rhyming story I looked when I saw the prompt, it was super fun! Here an acrostic about FLORIDA. Enjoy!
    Fun for Florida, well being taught,
    Love for beaches, doing a trot.
    Occupied, you’re never stopped,
    Roaring waves, they’re never topped.
    Ice-cream cones in hand,
    Dancing around in the sand.
    Amazement, it never stops. Once you come, you’ll never stop!
    Hey everyone! This poem / acrostic I thought up were just fun, and I tried to make it as related to the prompt as possible. The rhyming part; it was my first time rhyming poems a lot, but I think it came out alright. Thank your for taking the time to read them! Any comments are warmly welcomed. 🙂 ❤

    1. Thank you so much, Alyssa! It was about my second time writing an acrostic, so I’m glad you found it good! Thank you again! ❤ 🙂

    2. Haha! I love this, amazing job on everything, I absolutely love both poems, the flow, the theme, just everything about both are amazing!!!! Go Florida!! Amazing, I love it! 😀 ❤

      1. Thank you so much Gabby! That means a lot more than you think it probably does! 🙂

  7. Semi-related to the prompt

    Its fiery uproar pierces my skin in the light of day
    Imprints my eyelids from the blindness it causes
    Vivid orange with specks of red
    Casting darkness off everyday objects
    Ninety-two point ninety-six million miles away
    It never sleeps-not even rests- yet our day it still pauses
    Maybe if someone would’ve said
    You still have about five billion years
    I wouldn’t fear the inevitable day
    That the sun explodes

    1. Marysa, I love this! The sun exploding, the words, the images it produces in your mind are just plain beautiful! I truly, truly love this, magnificent work, Marysa. 🙂 ❤

  8. Oh, thou hath shone on me, with your summer sun,
    Made me sweat but yet,
    I have… felt your heat and seen your lovely colors.
    I swim in your warm waters, so blue and cool!
    Escaping your heat and watching from a window,
    I sit in my porch chair and read while you suround me in your sounds.
    You have children laughing, birds chirping and nature about you.
    You bring me joy and happiness, yet you also melt my ice cream.
    I wonder for you, I wonder if you take as much pleasure as you give in your summer nights and mornings.
    How wonderful you are. Live forever, my dear friend

    I stink at poetry but I hope you like it anyway. (Not sure what kind of poetry it is either)

    1. Oh, Alexa, I love this! I love how you add a bit of humor too, (if that’s what you were going for,) like : “You bring me joy and happiness, yet you also melt my ice cream.” Love that! It’s a really fun, entertaining poem, truly amazing. Also, you DON’T stink at poetry, this was fabulous! ❤ 😀

  9. Oh summer days how you call to me
    I silently sip lemonade freshly squeezed
    In the green grass as far as the eye can see
    The green blades swaying with the summer breeze

    Rays of sun bring warmth to the chilly ground
    The birds sing their joyous daytime song
    As small white flowers lay scattered all around
    A group of critters scurry so they can sing along

    But oh how your days hold the unknown
    The rain pours down, as animals run for their home
    As the sky starts to break out in its angered tone
    A group of ducklings take shelter under a leafy dome

    And just like that, the sun appears from the cloudy gloom
    The hidden creatures come out and continue their summer tune

    1. Oh, marvelous job, Naomi! I love how it shows both sides of summer, the dark, rainy side, and the awesome, sunny side. I love how you add the sun at the end, clearing the skies. It gives me a beautiful image in my mind. Great job, this is a wonderful sonnet about summer! ❤ ❤

    2. Amazing! I especially love :the ducklings” part since summer is all about baby animals and birds, in my opinion. I love ducks and that little sentence just made my day! Beautiful job! 🙂 ❤

    1. Haha, great job, Grace! All of the poems above are all saying that summer is a wonderful season, beaches, but yours honestly describes what summer is to me sometimes. Great job to the prompt, Grace! Fantastic! ❤ 🙂

    2. Grace, this is so cool! That’s the side of summer no one mentioned, but it still is so true! The heat, bugs, and the sweating are reallyyyyyy annoying, but summer is still fun. Great haiku, Grace! 🙂 ❤

    3. Haha Grace! I feel you! Especially mosquitos, I can already picture the muggy days with swarms of them. Ugh. Love the haiku!! 😀

  10. Florida Summer Day:

    You step outside, the heat a big contrast,

    To the coolness of your wonderful home.

    And you walk with your friend, having a blast,

    Remembering your stunning trip to Rome.

    And finally you make it to the beach,

    Digging your feet into the cool, wet sand.

    You grab your backpack and take out a peach,

    While your friend swims to a small rocky island.

    She comes back to shore, dripping water on you,

    She grins and you know that you wont have peace.

    Looking forward, you dive into the blue,

    You see your friend picking up a shell piece.

    Right there, you wish your greatest wish ever:

    If only summer would last forever!

    What do you guys think?

  11. Warm breezes and sun on your skin
    Lovely days and happiness within
    Popsicles and ice cream cones
    Cool river ad creaks an skipping stones
    Oak trees, flowers and cool breezes
    Welcome Summer to Florida’s beaches
    We’re glad you came, just keep it real
    Summers here, its a big deal.

    I don’t know where I went to at the end. XD tell me what you think!!!

    1. Gabby, awesome job rhyming it! I have so much trouble making it sound right and keep the flow. If that sounds real. XD, I really love this, that sounds like the perfect summer. Awesome job! ❤ 🙂

  12. Life’s a mess. A forward spiraling staircase.
    In this home that once felt good, now I only hate this place.
    All alone in a room; its my head thats trapped me…but It’s dark and unsettling.
    Nobody knows, what she is going through.
    But let’s give her an interview and screw the review because all they see is a messed up kid.
    They couldn’t last a day in her shoes.
    Abusive emotions are her muse.
    She paints poetry with her own tears and the crowd loves it and cheers.
    The children inspired march in the streets singing songs of their own defeat.
    And the tv crew sees their generation as a poetic notion.
    But they go home and tell their babies not to cry.
    Exemplify it, don’t deny it. You hate having to deal with someone who is affected by it.
    Stigma and stereotyping hasn’t helped their tear wiping.

  13. The sun warming your skin
    As you peak over your sunglasses
    A tan beach with white waters
    And a bright layer of fun stretches for miles around.

    An occasional breeze heading your way
    Blowing the scent of salt into the air
    As the chattering folk exchange smiles
    Peace settles in the sand.

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