Today’s prompt:

Write a free style poem about the thing you dislike the most

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


85 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #4

  1. The Dislikes

    When the sun gazes upon you with a firey gaze,

    And you can’t avoid the sunburn that comes from the blaze.

    Or when you’re already in bed, nice and snug in your blanket,

    And you realize you forgot to hang up your jacket.

    When you want something sweet,

    But there is really nothing to eat.

    Or when you walk across a dark room,

    And hear a loud boom,

    And think of your immediate doom,

    What are the things you hate the most?

    What do you think?

  2. Semi-Related to the prompt: I hate when people manipulate/persuade/push me into doing things that I hate, or don’t want to do.

    It’s easy to be persuaded
    To do the things you hated
    When the person doing the persuading
    Knows what about it you’re hating

    1. Wow, I love this, so short but with so much emotion and pain and its like, wow. So relatable, I love it so much. Amazing. 🙂 ❤

  3. Tbch this could be related to the prompt. In regards to self-hatred. Buuut, I wrote this.

    Within her selflessness, she finds considerable selfishness
    Within her beauty, she finds a repulsive ugliness
    Within her words, she finds insufferable silence
    Within her selfishness, she wonders where her selflessness lies
    Within her ugliness, she wonders where her beauty hides
    Within her silence, she wonders where her words reside
    She takes a look at herself, and finds nothing else
    But a monster, who’s only there to hurt her
    It is the cause of her pain, her guilt
    It is the one who tore down these walls she’s built
    She can’t blame ‘it,’ for ‘it’ is she, and she is ‘it’
    And I can’t blame ‘she,’ for ‘she’ is me, and I am ‘she’
    I take a look inside myself, and find nothing else
    But a monster who controls every part of my being
    From actions and thoughts to what I am seeing
    This monster inside of me, I need your help to defeat
    So maybe, one day, I can find a little bit of confidence
    Instead of living my life behind a barbed wire fence

      1. Wow, amazing Marysa, I love the depth and the beauty of this, and your description. Beautiful, just beautiful. ❤

      2. Wow, I can tell, its very deep and has so much emotion. I sorry this is how you feel, I promise you’ll find more confidence and I’m sure you are very pretty. ❤ Society tries to pin labels and pretty and ugly, but really we are all beautiful in our own ways and we cant let society's labels change us. Truly beautiful poem, and I promise everything will get better. 🙂 ❤

  4. Screeching, clawing, sounds of steel
    Scraping, chafing, ripping the heels
    Sandpaper feel with a high pitched screech
    Ugh I hate this noise, its so out of reach
    Back and forth like torture
    I hope it never comes for you
    What is this torture you may ask
    Its the big black board in the back of the class
    Chalkboard with its sandpaper tune
    It will drive you as crazy as a loon.

    Ugh, I hate that screeching chalkboard noise, like that sound that sounds like sandpaper and fingernail files? Idk, I just really hate it and it makes my teeth itch every time I hear it. Ugh.
    Anyways! Tell me what you think! 🙂

      1. Haha! Ikr! I cannot stand sandpaper, that noise on blackboard, fingernail files or anything with texture like that or scraping sounds. Ugh. Glad you liked it and sorry it made you cringe! XD 😀

      1. Oh my gosh I HATE lip smacking, or chewing noises, like with chips and stuff. So gross. XD

    1. Oh my goddddddd, I hate that sound so much! Also people chewing beside me. *Shivers*. Great job Gabby, really describes the sounds and makes it seem so real! 😀

  5. This is unrelated to the prompt 🙂
    When I first met you, we were both small,
    Life was a dream, no worries at all.
    You cared for me, I had your back,
    But then our world faded to white and black.

    You seem to have forgotten about us. How?
    Unintentionally, of course. But now,
    I’m just another face you’d avoid at school.
    Conflict raised, things grew tense,
    And you’re acting cruel.

    You can’t just use me, I’m not your doll
    I’m getting so tired of our silent brawl.
    It’s not fair to play me like this, after all we’ve been through,
    And I’m getting tired of all the lies and excuses you spew.

    1. Actually, its kind of related to the prompt. This is beautiful, very relatable. I can really feel the depth and emotion that is forged into this. I love it so much, amazing job.:) ❤

  6. The Legend of a 9 Year Old’s Nap

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    This pint sized bed is now mine to keep
    I ignore the cold nose nudging me
    A dog as jealous as it can be.
    For its bed has been stolen by a thief
    Giving up on holding a beef
    My dog curls up next to me.

      1. Thanks Sofia! It was better than napping on the cold tile floor! Lol glad i’m no longer 9!😂

  7. I hate people living there dreams though me. 😛

    I make them believe this is something I want,
    I make them believe this is something I need,
    Because that’s what I told them I’d be,
    I told them I’d smile and be a writer,
    Happy and free, no cares for me,
    How could I have known, doing this, it would make me so unhappy,
    Forcing words from my brain,
    Onto a paper that I can’t claim,
    Because maybe they won’t like it,
    Or I’ll have to change my name,
    Something won’t be right,
    But you see, it’s in my veins
    So I’m supposed to be her,
    The girl with the pen and the smile, not needing anything more,
    I’m scared though, what if I don’t make it,
    What if I decide not to try,
    What if I decide this isn’t me,
    What if I decide this can’t be me,
    The girl who’s happy, with the pen in and the paper,
    What if I can’t love anything I write?

    1. Alyssa Holmes, my dear, you have taken my breath away. I wasn’t expecting to have my heart touched, but I truly relate to your words. I am going to screenshot this poem and add it to my favorites. Thank you, thank you for sharing. ❤️

  8. What are the Things you Hate the Most?

    When the sun gazes upon you with a fiery gaze,
    And you can’t avoid the sunburn that comes from the blaze.
    Or when you’re already in bed, nice and snug in your blanket,
    And you realize you forgot to hang up your jacket.
    When you want something sweet,
    But there is nothing to eat.
    Or when you walk across a dark room,
    And hear a loud boom,
    And you think of your imminent doom
    What are the things you hate the most?
    The things you avoid at any cost?

    What do you guys think?

  9. I cringed so hard writing this
    Has tiny legs
    And loves water
    God forbid they decide to fly
    Even small ones make my skin crawl
    Why, oh why,
    Do these horrid creatures live?
    Of all the bugs in the world,
    Roaches are my least favorite

      1. Same! Then my dad calls me a scared-cat. It’s not the funnest nickname I’ve ever recived, lol! Do even small ones make you run? (They do to me, haha.) 🙂

    1. The last time I saw a bug, I was babysitting and jumped up and ran in circles, jumping and screaming at the top of my lungs. It turned out it was just a lizard and I screamed even more. I still have the job though; they thought it was funny:)

      1. LOL! I would’ve died! I’m glad you still have the job! What did the kid you were babysitting say? XD! 😀

    2. Oh my goodness, roaches. Ewwwww. I don’t like ear wigs. I’m okay with almost very bug, but ear wigs and roaches. ‘Shivers’ truly amazing, perfectly described the most disgusting bug in the world. 😉

  10. I don’t know what I dislike, and I know that I don’t have any poetry, but I do know what my cat dislikes.

    Me: I am going to the store.
    Lark: Bad human! Obey me and stay here!
    Me: I can’t. Bye.
    Two hours later.
    Me: I am home, why are you upside down?
    Lark in exasperated stage whisper: I died because you left.
    Me: Okay.
    Lark: I hate the grocery store! it eats you, it destroys all happiness! It is eternally bad.
    Me: I get your cat food at the store.
    Lark: Curse you super market!!!!!!! (faints)
    Me: I also brought some catnip.
    Lark: Go back and get more.

    I am sorry, but I can’t think of poetry for this.

    1. Oh my goodness this is so hilarious! I feel like I have the same discussion with my dogs every day. XD Love it! 😀 ❤

  11. Turtle necks.
    You strangle me!
    You try to choke me with your hot, scratchy turtlenecky… collar.
    they say it is my imagination, but you
    Loathe me.
    Oh, what did I do to you that you should
    wrap, your little… fabric around me!
    Oh! Turtle necks!

    I am sorry. But that is it. I again disgrace poetry. Sorry Emily Dickinson!!!!

    1. Ooh, turtle necks. Couldn’t think of that! It’s okay, everyone has a writing skill that they aren’t good at, but can get better! (I don’t mean that to be a rude comment 🙂 ) Mine is love stories. I simply cannot write them. At ALL. But, this poem was really nice, it gave me an itchy feeling while reading it. Great job Alexa! 😀 ❤

      1. I have never written one in my life. I am not fond of them very much. i tried writing one for Camp wri mo but quickly gave up. I will still tinker with it but it is so hard. Are you part of camp wri mo?

      2. Sofia, it is where you write a novel or short story the whole month. I am participating and it already started, but since we are only four days in, you can still join. I am going to see I if can add you to my cabin if you join. I have to ask though, I cant do anything without talking to our head, who invited me. But It is a lot of fun and if you sign up today or tomorrow it won’t be to late.

  12. Roller coasters, spiders,
    Oh so horrid!
    Dentist appointments,
    Make your teeth chatter.
    Never should you see me smile,
    Whenever I’m eating cucumbers.
    The taste they bring to my tongue,
    Is just so sour and bitter,
    I’m not sure I can handle it.
    Roller coasters make me sick,
    I can’t imagine being there.
    Spiders and their long hairy legs,
    Just a bit too awkward for me.
    This is what I honestly don’t like,
    I’m not sure I ever will.

    Happy fourth day of NaPo everyone! I hope it’s going well. This was one of the hardest prompts, but I enjoyed doing it anyway. Any comments are, –as always– warmly welcomed! 🙂 ❤

    1. I kind of like roller coasters and yet kind of don’t. On one hand, they are terrifying and then next, exhilarating.

      1. Thanks! Also, I just don’t I’m not very good at fast speeds, considering I’ve ridden a horse no saddle or bridle at 30 miles per hour! XD 😉

    2. Oh my goodness why???? My teeth literally started itching while thinking of the dentist! XD, this is literally amazing, the spiders, the dentists, the roller coasters, literally the 3 scariest thing ever. Amazing, bravo!! 😀

  13. Well, I dont usually do poetry (I suck at it) but it’s NaPoWrMo so I gotta get down to it! (plus it said freestyle so I guess I dont have to worry about rhyming) This isn’t nearly as good as the ones you guys have posted, seriously, all of them are spectacular. *applause* But, I’ll just share anyway.
    I hate (with the passion of a thousand suns XD) big egos. (Or people acting like they are above everyone else, but that fits into the category XD)
    I’m small
    I’m insignificant
    Why do you act so above me?
    People say it’s just ’cause you’re jealous
    But what do I have that is so special?
    I’m shy and quiet
    I’m not a threat to you
    What do you want to prove?
    Please approach me and tell me why
    What can I change to put you at ease?
    You’re popular
    You have so much
    Perhaps that’s why you feel so entitled
    People say it’s just ’cause you’re jealous
    But please realize that you’re special too.

    1. Ah, great poem, Kyra! Also, you don’t suck at poetry, this was in fact mind-blowing! 🙂 Also, I completely agree with you. People who act like they are superior to you are really annoying, and it sucks being around them. Way to go Kyra! Can’t wait to see your other poem(s)!

    2. I agree with Sofia! You DO NOT suck at poetry! This was amazing, Kyra! I completely agree with your words and I love how even though your poem was sharing your dislike for people with big egos, you ended it so sincerely. I love the line: “But please realize that you’re special too.” Brilliant piece! Definitely going to keep an eye out for you. ❤️

      1. Omgosh Isabelle and Sofia, you completely just like, made my month! XDD Wow thank you so so much! And yeah, I really tried to put my personality into it, and that’s why the feedback is so meaningful to me. You’ve definitely inspired me to not hold myself back or think too little of myself. (Yes, just two comments can do that to me XD) Thank you again!

      2. I couldn’t figure out how to directly reply to your comment, Kyra. So I’m just typing it here, haha. You are so welcome girly. I meant every word! You can certainty tell! Those words belong to you and you alone. I completely understand the struggle of thinking too little of myself and my writing. But it is a battle worth fighting! Please don’t hold back because you are absolutely amazing, Kyra! 😘 Oh, and I feel the same way. When I get a single positive feedback comment on my writing, it makes my day and gives me that little spark to keep on writing! Again, I cannot wait to see what you’ll do next! ❤️

    3. Wow, so beautiful and deep. Its very relatable and so true. I’m just like in awe reading this. Truly amazing job, truly 1000% beautiful work on this. Just amazing. ❤

  14. I remember the moment it hit me.
    It seemed a strange contradiction
    Because the circumstance wasn’t sudden.
    It was gradual and present and I knew it well.
    But when we had visited
    That same olive house,
    The one with the wide windows
    where dust would sparkle
    when sunlight peeked through.
    The one with the garden and swing.
    The purple room.
    And a too small kitchen that
    Always had enough space
    for coffee and frosting.
    Where Guitar ever played
    and memories were kept along
    Narrow hallways in frames.
    The one where roses grew wild,
    Long ferns, and bougainvilleas too.
    They created a jungle where imaginary
    Lions prowled with the greatest explorers.
    The one with the sandbox
    That was really a pirate ship lost at sea.
    And the magnolia in front of the red door
    where a baseball game of four
    would claim it as first base.
    The one with the white swing
    Where we’d snuggle tight in a space
    meant for just two and play eye spy or
    listen to stories while we made
    flower crowns with ferns and weeds.
    The olive house that wasn’t just a house,
    It was a home full of adventures,
    of memories, of love.
    And it was there, when my Papa
    sat on the tan couch,
    Something new among the old,
    When his features lit up and he grinned
    And then laughed.
    This big, soft hearted man who seemed
    all wisdom and might would take you
    by surprise and make you laugh
    till your sides ached and
    your eyes welled with tears.
    It was there, when I caught my breath
    and met his smiling brown gaze,
    That I realized goodbyes were on the horizon.
    They were coming fast, coming quick.
    But I was not ready.
    I am not ready.
    I am not ready to say goodbye.


    this is a very personal poem dedicated to my grandparents. They are selling their home, where I practically grew up, and are moving to Jacksonville. I thought it could fit with the prompt, as saying goodbye is something I dislike very, very much.

    1. Ahhhhhh….Amazing job, Isabelle! I can really feel your pain through this poem. Also, I promise it’ll get better, the wound will heal by time. 🙂 Great poem, Isabelle, I really couldn’t have done it better myself. I really hope you feel better by time’s passing. 😦 ❤

    2. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry you had to go through that Isabelle. I literally teared up while reading this, which is odd for me since I don’t cry often. This is truly beautiful and I’m so sorry, its will get better. My family lost our home years ago, and its so sad to drive by it or see it because there were so many good memories, so I know what you’re goin through. It will get better, and I absolutely loved the poem. ❤

  15. *screams into the distance* Omgosh. Just WOW! You nearly had me crying, the imagery is so wonderful!! And yes, I agree with you %120, I HATE saying goodbye too. =T Though keep up the amazing work!

  16. Are you jealous yet, do you know me yet?
    I’m on the street wearing name brand shoes.
    Cost me hundreds of dollars but I bet you don’t know my name.
    Got the shirt from Costa Rica; on a journey to find myself.
    On the plane ride watching movies, pretending I’m main actress.
    Rapping my favorite lyrics, dreaming that a DJ is watching me.
    And I like that you recognize me; at least the clothing on my body.

    And im dreaming of my debut.
    I’ll pretend I’m in love with you.
    I want my name on your brain like a tattoo.
    Every critic gives me the best review.
    And I know i have to work so hard.
    Mold my face like a moviestar.
    Wear these handcuffs around my hands.
    But in Hollywood they call them bracelets.
    I’ll be beautiful like all of them.
    This is what I’m dreaming.

    Today I’m living in Detroit.
    A city bankrupt from broken dreams.
    I spent everything on Gucci.
    Last paycheck went to Beats just to look cool, now I’m drinking out of a fountain in the park.
    Maybe they’ll see me and think I have money.
    Look like a big time, seem like I am more than an extra.

    And im dreaming of becoming who I watch on Vevo.
    I want fans that will shout “your my hero.”
    I’m no longer a zero, instead I’m tied to a contract saying no.
    Now im wishing my dreams said goodbye instead of hello.
    I wanna be a rookie, but this is life of a pro.
    Just to think about it gives me vertigo.

    I think I’ll take the next train home.
    Theater screens were not built for me.
    Thank you for giving me this bed.
    Before I make it, let me lie in it.

    1. Holy cow this is awesome! I just seen this in the meeting and I loved it. So true and so relatable and amazing. Love it. ❤

  17. Running on low self esteem
    When all I see is empty dreams
    And his world keeps turning
    While I am at a standstill.

    His arms are empty
    But he gives little cares
    While my arms are open
    But there’s no one there.

    His words are but a memory
    Words he won’t repeat
    His love has filtered down the drain
    Leaving nothing but what was already there.

    I hate heartbreak
    With a passion incapable of forming words
    But here I stand
    With my hand away from his hand.

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