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Blackout poetry: print out a sheet of text and create a poem out of it. Type the resulting poem in the comments. For more info:

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


34 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #5

  1. Hey guys! The link doesn’t seem to be sending me to the article, if it doesn’t send you to the article when you click on it, just type out the URL manually 🙂

  2. I was able to get to the post. first I typed out the URL manually, which then said they couldn’t find the page, so I searched blackout poetry john depasquale under teacher bloggers

  3. The hurt I feel when I see your name
    Is one that holds a thousand aims
    Fueled by loneliness and the absence of you
    Can only be solved if we can subdue
    The distance brought upon by outside forces
    And our love will no longer be in painful contortion
    Twisted around by fate and mistakes
    We need to move fast before one of us breaks
    I know that you feel the utmost despair
    And our situation just doesn’t seem fair
    But don’t give up on our promises and hope
    For now, just find a better way to cope
    Until we return with arms open wide
    And put our love on display with great pride

    1. Beautiful Marysa, I love the descriptions and your wording choice Truly a poem of great proportions, beautiful. ❤

  4. I used the lyrics from Miki Howard’s “Hope that we can be together soon” for this one.
    I love and need you
    I hope my wish would come true

  5. Let me give a gift to you
    And return what you seem to have lost
    It is a gift I hold with me every day
    One that holds the words I cannot say
    One that lets me be okay
    Let me give a gift to you
    And return what you seem to be straying from
    It is a gift I cannot lose
    One that keeps me tied to you
    One that makes the sky look blue
    Let me give a gift to you
    And take away some of your pain
    It is a gift that we both need
    One that will allow us to suceed
    One that stops our hearts as they bleed
    Let me give a gift to you
    And help guide you on a straight path
    It is a gift that makes sense of trope
    One that loosens your necklace of rope
    One that takes away the urge to elope
    Let me give you this gift called hope

    1. Wow Marysa, I love this, the ending line is just mind blowing, and it adds a sort o lightness to this emotional poem. Beautiful, just a heart wrenching poem that holds so much. I love it. ❤

  6. I didn’t get to see the link, but I hope this is accurate for the bit I saw.

    Though we were torn apart,
    We’ll always know in our hearts,
    That one day we’ll be together again,
    For our life and love can never end.
    And as I sit and watch the stars go by,
    Waiting for us to be you and I,
    I picture you clear and free,
    Waiting, watching, for me.

  7. Do you still believe in love?
    I wonder.
    If the sky comes falling down
    I would lose it all for you.
    You would do nothing.
    I used the lyrics from “Hey Brother” by Avicii.

  8. I used, “Mercy” by Lewis Capaldi for mine 😛
    I don’t know, I’m just wasting time,
    You pull the trigger, (there’s) my ghost,
    It hurts, I’m not alright,
    If you’re calling, have mercy,
    You’re breaking my heart, please
    I’m falling apart, I’ve got no hope,
    (Just) wasting time, drawing the line
    It hurts, I’m not alright,
    I’m falling apart,
    I don’t know how we got so wrong,
    Mercy, please, my heart
    I can’t let go,
    I’ve been holding on,
    I can’t let go,
    You’re breaking my heart,
    I’m falling apart,
    Have mercy,
    Oh mercy my heart

  9. Your words are smoke that reach my ears but doesn’t stay.
    The air we breathe smells different to me,
    But our hands still feel it.
    Nothing’s holding me back but I still can’t reach you.
    Our love is water evaporating, yet its something I want to pursue.

    Why is it so hard to love you?
    This dream is fading; reality is too true.
    Bones are broken cause im crushed to look at you.
    My heart is bleeding; you were ripped from it.
    The sun is setting; its casting shadows of us.

    My mind is a maze to you.
    Emotions stop before they break through.
    And your hate comes from a deeper pain.
    What is this poisoning your veins?

    Why is it hard to love you?
    I just can’t understand you.
    Bones are broken cause I’m crushed to see you.
    And you don’t even know me; though we’ve spent years together.
    My sadness has lasted forever.
    And because im losing you it will leave me never.

    You don’t ask me what is wrong.
    I could be crying all day long.
    And I always think of you.
    Would this hurt you?
    Make you angry?
    Forgot that I had my own mind.

    And I see the tears in your eyes.
    I shouldn’t be a suprise.
    That I am leaving you.
    And I see that we could smile at each other.
    We could laugh and talk about little things.
    But a personal connection isn’t there so I’m locking myself like a door.
    Goodbye, sincerely, all of my love.

  10. I loose some, I win some
    I break down before coming up
    Right now, I don’t have a chance
    I’m losing quickly, drowning
    Trying to figure this out
    I scream and shout
    You tell me its alright
    You fix the broken
    You show me the light
    While the rope is still tight
    Around the flame of tomorrow
    Shining a darkened light into the world
    And I reach for you
    You’re my hope
    Save me o lord
    Give me life Lord
    You can move mountains
    I don’t have much faith
    So please open the gates
    Please don’t leave the mountains unmoved
    I need strength
    Its not well in my soul
    I just need hope
    You’re able
    You can
    Just please, I need your hand.
    You’re my hope Lord.
    And I know it will fade when I just say the word
    You’ve been faithful
    You’ve been good
    I will cling to you
    Come my way
    I know you’re there
    I know you care…

    This is based off of the song “Even If” by MercyMe, any opinions are appreciated! 🙂

  11. Not really doing a blackout poem:

    What are words?

    Simply things you put on a page?

    Or what you use to describe the birds?

    They say words can’t hurt.

    They can’t trap you in a cage.

    Words can take away our confidence,

    Make us throw away our favorite shirt.

    But they can give us joy.

    Make us fall in love,

    Whether with a book, person, or song,

    Use these words to build a picture,

    And only for encouragement,

    never in a way that’s wrong.

  12. Unrelated to prompt:

    A normal morning
    A familiar breeze
    The sound of a common silence
    The introduction of that day
    The day that love died.

    Fingers weaved in each other’s grasp
    A heart that won’t quit beating
    Had crumbled away
    In a gust of wind
    On the day that love died.

    Night then began to fall
    And though the room was flooded
    With hateful thoughts and unwanted tears
    It had turned empty and pitiful
    On that night when love died.

    Smiling and waving
    A forced laugh
    And the expression of pitiful faces
    All challenge me as I try to forget
    The day that love died.

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