True Blooded Love by Shaelyn M.

We meet one’s summer’s day

In the small town called forks.

Your people will say

We’ll feel much wark.


You are heaven to me.

Thy blood is the sweetest song,

Yet, I am poison to thee.

My heart can’t shake the eternal death that last so long.


“Darling I am your possession.”

“Thy life is an ongoing nightmare,”

“I just wish I were your perfection”

“I love you so much why are you unaware?”


I want to give you long living breath,

But don’t be surprised it turns into death.


8 thoughts on “True Blooded Love by Shaelyn M.

  1. That was BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love the style of your writing, how it sounds like an old poem. A love the lines, “Thy blood is the sweetest song, yet I am poison to thee.” Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Wow this is absolutely amazing! I love poetry but have never been able to write any with actual structure- it’s so admirable seeing others do so.

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