Today’s prompt:

Personify spring in a free verse or rhyme poem

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


39 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #7

  1. The birds, the trees,
    Children’s happy smiles.
    Please oh, please,
    Spring, stay for a while.

    The airy breeze rolls
    Without a doubt,
    The water tolls,
    Not a single pout.

    The cheery songs for spring,
    They bring joy to our hearts,
    We have the feeling to sing,
    For such a wonderful season.
    Hi everyone! I’m not sure if I personified spring here, but I just decided to write a poem about it. I’m currently sitting outside, so I had more of an idea of how to go do this. I hope you guys like it! Have a great weekend! ❤

    1. Aw, thanks Alexa! Also, I looked into it, but I felt like I already had so much on my mind that it would be better for next year.
      (I do a very challenging sport, synchronized swimming, and the competition season has already started, and getting ready, it’s a lot. Also with the meetings for the club, I can’t seem to make ends meet.)
      WOW. I that was more than I thought it would be. LOL. Maybe next year, are you coming back to CWC next year?
      That was a very long comment! XD

      1. I am staying on CWC for as long as I can. Doesn’t it go through the summer? Good luck with synchronized swimming! you said on your last comment about how you ride horses, I love to ride horses. Don’t worry, lengthy comments are my favorite. 🙂 I love to write and enjoy the cabins. But I think my writing needs opinion. Yours is very good. 🙂

      2. Thank you, you’re really sweet! ❤ Your writing is amazing too, Alexa! Same here! I actually have two horses of my own, one is named Pumpkin and the other Misty. Misty is a wild mustang, and I'm training her. She's very good, but we still have things we need to work on. 😉 Do you like horses or ponies best? 🙂

      3. Wow, good luck with your swimming, you got this! I know, its sort of overwhelmed with everything going on, and I totally understand! Also, how’s your training with your mustang going? Have you rode her bare back yet? 🙂

    2. Aw! I love this Sofia! Described spring perfectly, and I love this! Even though its not really personification, its sill amazing and just added a ton of ‘springiness’ to my day, thank you for writing this, it truly added a ray of happiness to my ‘oh no I didn’t get all my assignments done!!!’ day. I love it! 🙂 ❤

  2. I try to ignore the pain ripping through my abdomen
    Throwing up, I guess this is how it begins
    Fever chills and back ache pains
    Oh dear god, someone get a crane
    To lift me from the couch, I will not move
    Until pain is what my body doesn’t choose
    The nausea is honestly torture
    Now I see why it’s viewed with terror
    No, I’m not a story teller
    I just have a virus called Salmonella

    Sooo…I have salmonella and it’s torture. Help. Note to self: Make sure you know 100% whether or not your eggs are good before cooking them.

    1. Oh no, I really hope you get better Marysa! I’ve never had Salmonella, do you get it from eating bad eggs?
      This is a great poem though, very vivid descriptions. Amazing job, I hope you get better soon! 😦 ❤

    2. Oh my gosh I am SO sorry Marysa! Holy cow that sounds miserable! I had the stomach flu in January and it was torture! I am so sorry and I hope you get better soon! ❤ Amazing poem, or should I say story since its so vivid! Good luck and get better soon!!!!

  3. I understand pain, I have Crohn’s. I hope you get better.

    Spring, with your lush, Florescent flowers,
    and wonderful April showers,
    How divine and elegant you are,
    to eyes close up and a far.
    To sit in your sunshine and sleep in your grass,
    The thought of walking to pass
    your blue shinging rivers,
    gives me delightful shivers.

    1. Beautiful poem, Love the descriptions! Totally captures springs beauty and essence! Wow, I’m so sorry, I don’t know much about it, but I hope you get better soon. ❤

  4. Wonderful job, Alexa! Love the descriptions here, very vivid, like in Marysa’s poem above. “Your blue shining rivers, give me delightful shivers….” Is probably my favorite line, I can really visualize a ‘blue shining river’ in my head. Awesome poem, love it a LOT! 🙂 ❤

      1. XD I am too, sometimes. On one prompt a while back in December, I was writing a piece which had a space in the middle, and I left the last sentence without a period!! It looked something like this:
        She smiled softly and hugged.
        “I’ve missed you.”
        Her green eyes bounced with delicate excitement, and her rosy cheeks softened in the breeze. Her lush brown hair covered in braids of flowers was strung across her neck in the softest manner, as the wind carried it gently. She grabbed the teddy bear and hugged it tight, skipping across the stones.
        The teddy bear’s ears hopped along
        She sat on a rock, as the teddy bear sat next to her.
        “I’ve missed you too.”
        The girl gasped as the teddy bear hugged her, but she sighed, not a gruff sigh, but a pleasant one. The teddy bear let go, as he gently took the girl’s small hand. He guided her up into the realms of the sky, as the girl laughed tenderly.
        The story continues, but I just wanted to give an example. LOL, that was super longagain! 😀

  5. Light pink hair blows in the wind
    Filled with flowers
    She has many powers
    A dark green dress
    covers her delicate as a daisy’s skin
    glowing upon
    the light within
    Her eyes as blue
    as the deep
    and luscious
    sky above her head
    Her freckles on her cheeks
    Painted like
    the spots
    the fawn who
    had just began life
    He toes
    and short
    like the mushrooms
    growing beside the tree trunks
    Her crown
    of flowers
    with the majesty of the field
    of daisy’s
    that brush against her smooth legs
    She walks around the snowy forest
    so cold
    so dark
    she brings life to every plant
    every animal
    every little living thing
    and they bloom as she walks by
    her dress trailing the ground
    thawing the snow
    to water the grass
    the world evolves
    into a beauty unknown to the human eye
    Its spring who has given earth new life.
    And everything bows as she walks by.

    Okayish, not very good with freestyle, please tell me what you think! 🙂

  6. Spring awakens bright, rested, and excited to make her plans.
    With a gentle breeze and warm sunbeams, she brings forth ducklings.
    Covering the trees with new growth
    She busies herself with the dusting and dowsing of yellow, powdery pollen.
    Remnants of winter is her broom as she sweeps fire across her dry brush floor.
    Her opulent floral dress fluffed and the brightest flowers in her mossy hair
    Spring makes her way to the stage
    Brandishing her extraordinary Festivals and unique Shows.
    With love in the air, gators begin to court in Spring’s clear blue pools
    As toads sing their heart felt tunes.

  7. Brightly, I enter the room
    Rising from the night, refusing impending doom
    Prodding the world, to beautify
    What should no longer be known as night
    As the sun had risen, so have I
    A flower blooming in my hand
    Praising the grass, the trees, and the land
    Protecting the skies, from dark and gloomy clouds
    As the bees fly around simply to help me collect
    Everything which keeps me contempt
    A bright blue sky,
    A blossoming bush,
    A brightly lit room, for all to look
    Come join and see what I have made,
    For I am Spring,
    And I’m here to change
    The season’s from cold, chilly, and rough
    To warm, and pleasant, trust me it’ll be enough

    Not my best poem yet, but it was fun 😛

  8. Snow. It’s frost protects the fragile leaves that stayed through Autumn.
    The blankets of snow, white and pure, covers Earth so it can be revealed what has grown new.
    Winter is freezing the parts of life it wishes to save and kills the branches that forgot him.
    Winter can be harsh; it is a powerful season filling our lungs with a sense of new.
    Sometimes it makes everything look grim.
    But spring comes to grow the life tgat was protected during its coldest moments.
    How the sunlight melts away the frost covering the soul of Earth.
    The birth of flowers and trees spread through the grass prepared for its time after a long wait.
    And as birds sing for the renewal, we begin again.

  9. I love references and acrostic poems so much
    The wind blows through your hair
    Exquisite flowers adorn you, from head to toe
    From the ashes, you rose like Phoenix
    In the ocean, a brave sailor, a demigod, praise your beauty
    To be in the presence of such powerful, beautiful goddess,
    Is a dream come true

  10. Spring smells dance through the air,
    Animals spring from their burrows,
    Grasses spring from the ground without care,
    Fish spring from a river, where life overflows.

    As flowers spring from the grassy ground,
    All you need do is look around,
    To see where Spring can be found,
    For Spring has sprung all around.
    Super late, but just trying to get in there last minute 🙂

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