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Start your poem with a lyric from your favorite song

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


42 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #8

  1. So I’m gonna sit right here, on the edge of this pier
    And watch the sunset disappear
    The lights fading
    And I know you are as well
    Oh how I miss you
    I wish you’re doing well
    You passed a while ago
    And I never got to know
    Who you really were
    I was too young to differ
    I met you and we talked
    But I wish you walked
    Alongside me for a while more
    Instead, life closed its door
    And you left
    Right off a cliff
    Into the unknown
    I hope I’m right about where you’re gonna go
    Don’t die
    There still time
    There’s still life
    Your family needs you
    Please don’t do
    What’s about to happen
    Its not worth it
    We don’t know what’s the truth
    How you fell through
    How you broke without repair
    How you aren’t really here
    So goodbye friend
    I didn’t get to know
    My heart goes to you
    As you wash away with the flow
    You mix with the sea
    Your favorite place to be
    Goodbye friend
    Until I see you again.

    The song is “Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan, and its a very good song despite the name. The poem is based off of my uncle Paul who passed away, he loved fishing and being out by the sea, so I dedicated this to him. I was kind of young when he passed, so I didn’t get to know him that well. Hope you all like it! 🙂

  2. “Waiting here for someone”
    Wondering if she will come.
    Hours pass, as he thinks of their past.
    The lights dim down, while people fill the town.
    No sign of her, but he already knew
    she will never show up
    Since he’s on his fifth cup.
    With a heavy sigh he loosens his tie
    Standing from his chair
    He runs a hand through his hair.
    Turning towards the door
    His unused napkin falls to the floor.
    And once more
    He leaves alone.
    The song is “Too Much Too Ask” by Niall Horan

    1. Wow, this is awesome Naomi!!! Amazing, I used to be a huge fan of 1D, but I fell out when they split up, but after reading the poem, I want to go and check them out as solo artists! Amazing, I love the story behind it! 🙂 ❤

  3. I recently watched the Phantom of the Opera, (I love opera music, and yes, it was terrifying,) and this was my favorite song. It was haunting.

    All my life you’ve been my friend,
    Now you’ve sadly met your end.
    With all my heart I wish you were here,
    because you’ve always been so dear.

    I think these are the right lyrics, the movie’s channel was staticy. Christine sang it for her father. I also love Katerina and the Waves Walking on sunshine.

    1. YES!!!! I love Phantom of the Opera! I just recently watched it as well and I was not disappointed 🙂 All of the music was amazing, I love opera music and combine that with an amazing plot line and you have a beautiful musical. I love how you captured the movie as well as the song in your piece, very good job 😀

  4. Open your eyes

    To this world of lies

    Why must you hide

    From their goodbyes?

    Secrets reside

    Above the sky

    Way up high

    Where dreams die

    And so you sigh

    Step off the ride

    And find this world

    Is full of lies

    1. Wow, so deep and so tragic, amazing job Marysa, sadly, our society is this way, I wish it would change, but beautiful poem, I absolutely love it. ❤

  5. Based on Blameless by Dara Maclean
    A song to my mother and Father

    “Sacrifice of Love ”
    You paid the price,
    a sacrifice of redemption
    of power and of love

    And as I embark on a new journey,
    A new start to a series of
    my life you shine even greater

    You have always let me live
    my life, but always
    let me know of your
    faith and blessings.

    And now my hidden power
    is indebted to you
    and father who even though
    you cannot stand

    You stood up for me
    you gave time, and love
    and free you made me
    in mind, spirit and thought

    And even though i am
    graduating, and stepping
    into a new life.
    I will always be your child.

    1. This is truly a masterpiece and truly beautiful Ivan. I feel the same and will have a hard time leaving my parents when the time comes. Truly amazing. ❤

  6. My head’s under water, but I’m breathing fine,
    As long as I’m with you, nothing’s on the line.

    I’ll always be here to help you out,
    Nowadays, things are changing ’bout.

    We don’t smile like we used to,
    But I believe we’re still true.

    Our faces are stuck to little screens,
    I’m sure we couldn’t talk without those spleens.

    I still love you with all my heart,
    I hope we’ll never have to part.

    So here I am with all my courage,
    To say something with out turning red.

    “I hope I say this right, Lia, will you marry me?”
    This was an awkward poem, haha! I’ve never written much with dialogue, so this was a bit new to try. The rhyming is a bit off in parts, I’m still getting used to it. 😉 I hope you guys like it, happy NaPo! 😀 ❤

    1. Happy NaPo to you too Sofia! You did an amazing job, I love the story and her emotions and just everything about it! Super cute and such a sweet story, that you somehow miraculously put into a poem! Amazing job! 🙂 ❤

  7. “God save the Prom Queen”
    She’s way too beautiful for all of this suffering,
    Tragic lines making up her mouth
    But a smile that makes everyone think she’s proud
    Save her, please, she’s just a tragic being
    No one notices because she’s just so perfect,
    But she’s falling apart, she doesn’t think she’s worth it
    The Prom Queen, is dying so tragically crying
    Wishing she were more, than a crowned beauty queen
    Wishing she were more, than something so obscene
    Save her, save the pretty Prom Queen
    She’ll never be the same if you don’t call out her name
    The Prom Queen, she’s falling apart
    Save her from the tragedies that are affecting her heart

  8. My hand holds yours and I feel as if I’m floating.
    You soul heals mine as you speak words worth quoting.
    Your eyes glisten to reveal the light shining within your heart.
    I was broken, heart shattered, then you picked me up and carried me to someplace I’ve never been. You are the finer art.
    Take me away, sweep me into the abyss.
    I doesn’t matter if we aren’t remembered as long as we kiss.
    Our popularity means nothing to me.
    We are separate from this world; this gives me glee.
    A single song, just a note, barely a lyric brought us together.
    You are winter and everything is bad weather.
    You are not my life, but you are a reason I’m here.
    Your words are the reason I have ears.
    And you are why I know how to love.
    If nobody understands me, I know you do.
    No one knows good music like you.
    And nobody laughs like you.
    So please, take us far away, where we are one, I am whole, and that I will finally know you aren’t just a dream, but perhaps you are real.

  9. I can’t forget

    “I’m ready to forgive you, but forgetting is a harder fight”

    I can’t ever forget what you did to me

    How you used me so you could get higher up on the totem pole

    How you lied straight to my face

    I wonder what you’ve become

    I don’t recognize you

    I thought you were my friend!

    But I was wrong

    Yet again


    “I love you like you’ve never felt the pain”

    You had promised me this

    After you promised you would wait

    Which you did

    But you couldn’t keep the second

    Now you hate me

    You said you understood why I had to break it off


    I can’t talk to you without being called a name

    Without you scowling

    Even when I bring these names back to throw in your face

    You scowl at me

    Like I’m a monster

    Like I’m nothing but the dirt beneath your feet

    Like I’m a liar

    And you’re the perfect one

    And I wonder if I misjudged you

    Where something went wrong

    What did I do to deserve this?
    both of these songs used the same song, just different lines. the song i used was ,”Little do you know” (the cover with annie leblanc and hayden summerall)

  10. A Tribute

    “Hold it all together

    Everybody needs you strong”

    I hold it in

    Bottling it up

    “Be strong”, I was always told

    Now I must live this out

    As I wave bye to my dad

    And receive possibly the last hug and kiss from him

    He enters the Army base

    I don’t know if he’ll exit

    “Be strong…”

    “I promise…”

    As I embrace my children for possibly the last time

    I know that I must come home

    This country called me

    They understood

    But I know they don’t want me to go

    But I have a duty

    To protect those who cannot protect themselves

    “Be strong”, I say

    And enter the Army base
    with this one i used a line from the song, “Just be held” by Casting Crowns. i tried to go from both perspectives: the soldier and his oldest child

    1. this stuff wont stay spaced out properly. “as i embrace my children for possibly the last time” is the start of the soldier’s perspective

  11. ‘Smile even though you’re sad,’
    You’re ‘walking the long road, watching the sky fall,’
    Don’t let them see you’re had,
    Keep them behind your wall,
    Where they can’t see,
    You’re trove of true emotion,
    Let them perceive.
    Don’t release your inner commotion.

    They shall fall,
    As you rise,
    You’re the last of us all,
    Don’t let them hear your cries.
    Persecution awaits,
    Those who show a trace,
    Who bear the weight,
    The crushing embrace,
    Of sorrow.

    Negative emotions kill,
    Positive emotions pursue,
    So, against your will,
    Hold it all in,
    Because a single tear…
    Can kill you.

  12. I forgot to mention, the words in quotes were from the song ‘Death of a Bachelor.’ I didn’t really base the poem off of the song but I hope you guys like it 😀 Feel free to leave any feedback or comments 😀 ❤

  13. *I’ve fallen so behind and it’s super late so who knows if this makes any sense! But a little piece from some Shawn Mendes lyrics from his new song*

    *Is there somebody that can help me*
    A tsunami of helpless thoughts
    A hurricane of self destruction.
    *It’s like the walls are caveing in*
    I want to push back.
    I need to push back.
    *Sometimes I feel like giving up*
    But I rise from these shattered pieces
    Pick them up with bleeding hands
    and know that it *isn’t in my blood*.

  14. The devil popped around today
    Like he’s done for so many
    Before me
    He whispered in my ear
    Little promises
    Blank hopes
    And he told me
    A little something
    That would
    Make the sorrow go away
    I don’t want to
    I want to remember you
    For posterity
    For the sake of myself
    But I need to let you

  15. I ended up making a poem out of the entire song (As The World Falls Down – David Bowie).
    Falling in love
    Makes no sense at all
    Falling in love
    Wasn’t too much fun at all

    Within such a fooled heart, Beatin’ so fast
    There’s such a sad love
    Every thrill is gone,
    But As the world falls down
    As the pain sweeps through,
    I’ll be there for you

    In search of new dreams,
    I’ll place the sky, I’ll place the moon
    Within your eyes
    There’s A kind of pale jewel
    Within your eyes

    As the pain sweeps through,
    I’ll spin you Valentine evenings
    Deep in your eyes,
    It makes no sense for you,
    I’ll paint you mornings of gold

    There’s A love that will last
    Open and closed Within your heart,
    your heart

    Though we’re strangers ’til now,
    I’ll leave my love
    Between the stars
    We’re choosing the path
    Between the stars

    It Makes no sense for you
    But I’ll be there for you-ou-ou
    As the world falls down


    Falling down

    Falling in love
    Wasn’t too much fun at all,
    Every thrill is gone
    As the world falls down

    As the world falls down

    Falling in love
    Falling in love
    Falling in love
    As the world falls down, falling

    Makes no sense to fall
    Falling in love
    Falling in love
    As the world falls down, falling
    As the world falls down
    As the world falls down
    Falling in love

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