Dear my dear by Gabrielle H.

Too bad you’re not here

Too bad you’re not mine

Your words tug upon my ears

And make my soul shine

This is a dark world

I was left alone, sad, on the floor, curled

Your songs gave me strength

They brought me back to life

You went the distance, you went the length

And got rid of all my strife

Too bad you’re not near

Too bad I’m too young

This leaves me in tears

You tighten my lungs

You’re tearing me apart

You tug upon my heart

Either way it’d be doomed from the start


7 thoughts on “Dear my dear by Gabrielle H.

  1. Holy cow this is amazing Gabrielle. Its such raw emotion with a deep grip, very passionate and very beautiful. I applaud you for writing something so amazingly heartfelt. ‘Applauds’ ❤

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