Today’s prompt:

Reflect on this past school year. Write a poem about your thoughts on it.

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


21 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #9

  1. A bit behind
    Looking around
    Trying to find
    My pencil that’s on the ground
    Where is my notebook?
    I’m too tired to look
    So I’ll write the notes on my bed
    As a million thoughts run through my head
    Now its time for a DBA
    Holy cow, I didn’t think it was today!
    Run around and say I need a minute
    Trying to find the pencil again
    Then I fail and hang up sadly
    Why do DBA’s seem to go so badly?
    Maybe I should clean my room,
    That could help
    But then I cant find the broom
    So I throw everything on one shelf
    Day after day and night after night
    It feels like a never-ending fight
    But then my teachers call just to give me praise
    And it truly brightens my dark day
    So as I sit down to do more assignments
    I bought a whole pack of pencils and pens
    I rewrote all the notes on paper
    Now I have a stack of notes the size of a skyscraper
    Okay, now I’m ready to start,
    I got every little piece and every little part
    Okay, I got this, I’m a high shooter
    If only I could find my computer….

    This is about how every day of my school life goes. Lol, Tell me what you think! 🙂

    1. This is so perfectly accurate Gabby! I love the part about not knowing it was today, I totally thought I was the only one who forgot when my dba’s are…even when I write them down lol

  2. I’m not sure if I could’ve gone half the school year without you guys and my teachers, so thank you.
    1 2 3,
    started with a tragedy
    4 5 6,
    Months of stress, finally, finally, soothed by an angel
    7 8 9,
    And just like that, our tiny shred of happiness is snatched away
    10 11 12,
    When will this circle of dread, depression, and anger lift?
    13 14 15,
    This test of faith I must pass,
    Or I will surely go mad
    this beaten woman I must stand by,
    For we have no one else to trust
    In this long hour of darkness,
    I find comfort in the love and kindness of my teachers, my peers
    Thank you for your unending support,
    We really need it
    If I could hug you all, I would
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Wow, i love this Eshanie, so emotional and heartfelt, and I love the counting the numbers at the beginning. Amazing! Aw! I know, I wish the whole CWC group could meet irl someday, I would love to meet everyone! I know I couldn’t get through half of what I do if it wasn’t for everyone here and in other classes and clubs. Amazing poem, and yes, I relate very much and I thank you so much for being so kind and writing such mazing pieces. You and everyone else on here rocks! 🙂 ❤

      1. Thanks so much Gabby! School has played such a big part in my life this year, so I had to write something to thank you guys! I absolutely love your writings, you always write in a way where people can relate to you! You’re an amazing writer!

      2. You’re welcome! I know, I wish there was some way I could repay everyone for being so kind! 🙂 Aw! Thank you sooo much! I go through a lot and when I write it, I feel others go through similar situations and feel thing similar to me, but thank you so much, that means way more think it does!! ❤

    2. Aw, this is such a fantastic poem Eshanie! I couldn’t have gone much without the support of everyone here either, especially my friends in CWC. You guys give me the spark to keep on writing, you guys are the match an I’m the matchbox. Wonderful piece, Eshanie, I love this so much! ❤ 🙂

  3. Unrelated to the prompt. I wasn’t going to post this, as it was just a vent, but blehh. Why not.

    I take a real look at myself-exposed and bare
    Silently, I curse what I see in the mirror
    First my hair is much too thin
    This is where the self-hate begins
    My eyes, I look and see one not straight
    Better or worse? I try not to debate
    Below them lies hints of exhaustion
    The bags and darkness are what I see flaws in
    My cheeks still hold that childish chub
    Despite my age, I notice the scar just above
    A couple of different spots, I see breakouts of acne
    Does everyone else see what I see?
    My eyebrows seem so uneven
    It doesn’t matter, I try to reason
    My lips misshapen and kind of too small
    But still, I admire my cupids bow
    My ears, uneven, and seriously tiny
    One holds a rip that looks like it’s smiling
    Random freckles can be seen if you’re close
    Just don’t focus too much on my crooked nose
    My teeth are one that I really despise
    Not straight, or white, no matter how hard I try
    I look at the roundness of my jawline
    Do you think it could look better with time?
    The muscles tense, I think my shoulders look odd
    Sometimes I wonder if they may be too broad
    Next my arms, I know are too big
    My fat distribution makes me feel like a pig
    “Why can’t you be flat?” I ask my stomach
    Sucking in, but just out of habit
    Consciously aware, I stop that at once
    A part of my past that sometimes still haunts
    I look to my hands and wrists, too small in comparison
    The place with no fat, and look like a skeleton
    One glance at my scars, and I instantly regret
    Because of the itchy feeling it sends
    Now for my legs, stumpy and short
    “Too big and too fat,” my mind retorts
    Ankles too large, I look at my feet
    My only words are “ew and ugly”
    My fingers look honestly too bony
    And my fingernails are nervously chewed down to nothing
    I truly hate my weird looking knees
    I’m asking you now, is this what you see?
    The rest of my body, I’m sure you can imagine
    How I really feel about it
    When I look in the mirror, this is honestly
    What I see, and I think it’s more than just insecurity

  4. Time is too little,
    I’m rushing around,
    Too much to finish,
    Not enough time,
    I’m fighting the clock,
    To figure out a way
    To finish each class
    As the time ticks past
    And I’m out of time
    It seems I’ve lost my rhythm and rhyme
    I’m so gonna fail
    If I can’t figure out
    What this is
    And where it came from
    Where’s my pencil and where’s my pen
    I think I lost my notebook, but then again
    It was probably just papers full of nothing
    I think I’ve lost everything that would have helped
    Oh no, it’s time,
    I’m so gonna fail

    So I’ve never actually failed anything lol, I’m just always super behind and feel like I’m going to fail 😛

  5. Brush my hair, make me pretty.
    I’m just plastic with a face; your opinion welcoming committee.
    I wear dresses sewed from tears.
    fastened with buttons by your peers.

    I was born to be a doll.
    But wasn’t cut from the same mold.
    I know that isn’t true, it’s just a protocol.
    Everyone is wearing Barbie clothes, and I’m in gold.

    Bought me from the reject pile.
    Frome the lost and found aisle.
    Thought I was befriending someone with style.
    Turns you were hurt and gonna hurt me too.

    I wasn’t born to be your punching bag.
    I know, I know you feel so sad.
    But you can’t take it out on me.
    We are both outcasts from society.

    Dollhouses are too small for all this personality.
    Choose one thing, but labels aren’t reality.
    We all feel cramped in our toy boxes.
    So I’m burning it with my own matchbox.

  6. Sitting down at my computer,
    Realizing I have a module test.
    I scurry quickly to find my notes,
    All but to know my brother scribbled on them.
    In quick haste I make my way,
    And quickly log in to the course.
    I print them out and dash back in,
    and re-write them in a flash.
    I heave a sigh and begin the test,
    To get a surprising 90 percent.
    I go to my science class,
    checking my e-mail quick and fast.
    There it is, a golden hue,
    An e-mail saying:
    “You did good.”
    One little e-mail can change your day,
    It can drastically change you grades.
    I print out the guided notes,
    To realize I have no pencil.
    I walk around the whole apartment,
    Searching for the ding-dang pencil.
    I have no idea where it went,
    Until I find it in my bed.
    I sharpen it and get to work,
    Looking at my table full of dirt.
    I had forgotten to take out my boots,
    They were all covered in horse poop.
    I grumpily stomp out, with the boots,
    The put them out in the living room.
    I come back in and sit back down,
    And finish the lesson in an hour.
    I groan and sigh when I see the lab report,
    I get to work on Limiting Factors.
    I finish and submit it,
    My teacher responds in a jiffy.
    “Great job darling, 100%,
    Keep up the good work, I bet.”
    I smile, this is good,
    I play with Snowy for a while.
    My mom calls to tell me to do another math lesson,
    I cringe at the thought of another exam.
    I gather my courage and my notes,
    And sit back down before I get old.
    Hi guys! This is just what a regular FLVS day for me is, I decided not to include the DBA’s, because I always score high, I wanted to add the funny problems. 🙂 Have a great day! ❤ Any comments are warmly welcomed. 😉

  7. Public presentations

    “When the Civil War broke out…”

    I say as I portray Mary Edwards Walker

    And children eagerly listen

    Tons of notes

    I scramble to pick up my pencil

    Time is ticking

    The slide changes

    I groan

    I borrow someone else’s notes

    Creative writing assignments

    So much erasing

    Why can’t I do anything right?

    No, no, no

    That’s not right

    Crumpled up paper goes flying

    Missing the trash



    “Let’s all agree on a theme” says the president

    “We’re gonna take a vote”

    “Black and white wins

    Split up into your planning commitees

    Decorating here, music there…”

    And the gavel goes in multiple directions

    The end of the day class

    Jokes are thrown

    Everyone laughs

    Even the teacher

    We joke twenty minutes more

    “Ok, we really need to work”

    The teacher says, wiping her eyes

    1. the thing with Mary Edwards Walker is a project im doing in school. We call it the Living Wax Museum. we choose a person and teach the kids a little bit about them. we get to dress like them and talk like them and pose like them until the kids “activate” us by tapping our arm. its a fun project, we present it to the whole school on the 17th of april. its a fun project

  8. What can I say?
    I had some of the best days!
    But sometimes the skies were gray.
    My desk is a mess
    It’s the shadow of my stress.
    Papers sprawled out, I must confess.
    Pencils dull, and erasers worn
    And is that popcorn?
    It’s been a year since I saw my desk
    It once looked picturesque
    Now, you would never guess.
    As I clean, I go through my things
    Look I’ve made a clearing!
    These months have gone by to fast
    All this work is now in the past.
    With my desk clean
    I’m ready for whatever next year brings!

    1. Oh wow, in just a quick poem, this gave me so much nostalgia. Amazing job, I love the ending, how you cheer the poem up, great job, Naomi! 😀 ❤

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