Today’s prompt:

Imagine a dialogue between two people. Write a poem that only shows one side of the dialogue

Post your poem to comments!

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


39 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #10

  1. “I don’t see how this is your business. What does it matter why I am here?” Rose said angrily.
    “It matters because you are trespassing.” He said.
    “I have permission.”
    “Not from me!”
    “So? You do not own this theatre.”
    “Leave now.”
    “You, sir cannot tell me what to do, and perhaps, if you did own this theatre, as you said earlier, you could clean it up a bit! And learn some manners while you do it. That is no way to talk to a lady.” Rose’s face was pale white, but she was furious.
    “If you know what is good for you, you will leave.” The man replied, exasperated.
    “Fine, but when I come back, you should be gone, or I will bring a constable with me!”
    “I can never leave! Do you understand that? I will always be here! Now go!” he yelled back.

    If one does not stop to look,
    one will not see the other is
    simply unreal, but the other will see
    someone confused, until the one
    from the start, opens their eyes,
    the other was who they’ve been searching for all the time.

    This is terrible, but I gave it my best. I can’t understand it either. 🙂

  2. “and as I sit and watch the sky,
    Watching as the clouds go by,
    I think of you
    And hope,
    That you are thinking of me too.
    We’ve been apart for centuries,
    Haven’t seen each other for decades,
    It was an eternity ago! But yet,
    I know, that I will always love you, and hope you will always, love me too.”

  3. “This isn’t right
    Why did you abandon me?
    I don’t care
    You promised me a month ago
    It suddenly came up?
    It suddenly came up?!
    Immediately having to go and vandalize the school is a matter of importance?
    Where are your priorities?
    We were going to study at the library
    Study on your own
    I’m leaving”

    1. Awesome job Sofia! I like how you repeat the same line, but add different punctuation so you really feel the anger 🙂 ❤

    2. Ooh Sofia this is GOOD! You followed the prompt so well, this is fantastic! As Alyssa said, you used punctuation so effectively to change tone of voice. Brava!

  4. “My dear, you will never amount to anything. You aren’t pretty, your voice would never carry across a stage. Please, dear, just give up.” Grace said.
    “Perhaps you are right ma’am.” Rose replied.

    Your words sting and cut like a knife,
    But you won’t bring down my life.
    For I am weak,
    But, I am strong so,
    You can’t break me down.
    I’ll always come back around. And tell you no! I will live how I want to, You can’t tell me what to do.
    Okay, I am done.

  5. What’s with this?
    You’re someone completely different now?
    You’re too “cool” for me?
    Oh, that’s just great,
    How’d you manage that?
    I don’t even recognize you anymore!
    You’ve changed, so drastically,
    It’s like I can’t even see who you were before!
    And you don’t care!
    Well isn’t that something?
    Okay, great, just walk away.
    I don’t care anymore,
    I’m not here to fix you!
    I was here to help you fix yourself,
    Okay, fine, do it on your own.
    Ha, like you could love yourself as much as I love you.
    Go ahead and try,
    You won’t be able too.
    But it’s fine, I’m done.
    And? Don’t come looking for my shoulder to cry on.

    1. Wow, this is so tragic and beautiful, I can really relate right now after something so similar to this just happened to me. Truly beautiful and amazing job, this is just gorgeous. 🙂 ❤

  6. “Why can’t you leave me alone?
    It’s stupid.
    It’s pointless.
    You don’t know me. You can’t know me.
    You’re not getting anywhere with this.
    This is all your fault.
    You never listen.
    I’m just a joke to you.
    There you go again,
    Lying and pretending.
    This is all your fault!
    No, let me speak.
    I’ve had it hard,
    You’d never understand.
    You never even tried to understand.
    Are you even sorry?”

    1. Wow, so deep and beautiful and heart wrenching just amazing job Sarah, every heart felt and relatable! 🙂 ❤

  7. So I kinda just went off with this, not knowing what I was really doing. But! I hope it’s good and that ya’ll will have fun reading! 🙂

    “So…this is weird.
    Wow, don’t you have anything better to say?
    Haha, so typical. The weather.
    Again. Very typical. Though I’m doing better than usual. How about you?
    Oh, that sucks.
    But I mean, if you need someone to talk to, I’m here.
    Haha! Is not! You’re way more cheesy than me, have you heard yourself talking sometimes?
    That’s just the kind of person I am. I dont care for trivial talk.
    Hmm, oh I know. The trees are really pretty in fall aren’t they?
    Haha!! What, too playful for you am I?

    So what’s the double meaning behind that sentence huh?
    Well, you *should* love me.
    Because I love you too.

  8. Evil Laser Stress Mouse is an inside joke we make in Psych class lol
    Why do you enjoy doing this to me?
    I don’t care if it’s your job, Evil Laser Stress Mouse!
    I’ve got 60 assignments due
    In two days
    Because of you!
    Oh, Evil Laser Stress Mouse, won’t you please let up?
    Fine. Have it your way.

    1. Oh my gosh I relate so much! I have so many evil laser stress mice in my life everyday! Lol, I love this! 😀

  9. Unrelated to the prompt

    I sit down at this empty table
    Seats four, but sits only one
    And I feel the absence of people
    In the emptiness that fills the nullity around me
    “Eat your food.” Demands the unknown
    But as I take a bite, I realize
    My plate is also empty
    I stand, sweating and panicked
    Taking in my surroundings
    And seeing this table is placed
    In a room, a dark void
    That consists of nothing
    Black or white? A colorless hole
    Table’s gone, was it ever there?
    Looking ahead, I see nothing
    But a piece of wood with four legs
    Rotted with thin, worn padding
    An empty chair
    Within the encompassing nothingness

  10. Unrelated to the prompt~

    Why is black the pinnacle of fear and nothingness
    And white the epitome of peace and fulfillment
    When black is every color at once
    And white is none at all?

  11. ~Unrelated to the prompt~

    I offer my tears to the ocean
    A salty sacrifice
    As I float across the open
    Vast ruminative surface
    With reflections like glass
    On a cracked, dilapidated mirror
    This peaceful sky in the earth
    Has become a place of despair
    Rather than a peaceful paradise
    And as I offer up my tears
    I offer up my soul
    To become one with the tides
    To be washed upon the shores
    Of your beach
    The true vacational space
    That offers me warmth
    From your sun’s rays
    And cool, whispering winds
    Protecting me from harm
    After my formidable ride
    With the ocean I once immolated myself to

  12. “Sorry but I’m not home
    Leave a message at the tone”
    “It’s me, just calling your phone.
    I guess this is just a phase
    I’m still stuck in this haze.
    That I can’t stop missing you
    I think of all that we’ve been through
    About what we once had
    Tell me, was it all bad?
    Every night
    I think of our fights.
    I go over the ‘what ifs’
    It’s like looking over a cliff
    Staring at the jagged rocks.
    I wasn’t shocked
    When you said it was over.
    Our relationship was like a rollercoaster.
    Anyone could have guessed
    That we were full of unrest.
    I’m sorry I’m such a pest.
    I wish you all the best.

  13. I need to be alone.
    You said I could go home.
    Grabbed my hand and pulled me back.
    This wasn’t your first attack.

    I cry until I fill the bathtub.
    To wash away your words.
    your words are a sandpaper scrub.
    You said I could tell you anything, instead, you work my nerves.

    The image is burned into my head of you laughing at me.
    Hurting so bad, you laughed so well.
    Pour boiling water on an open cut.
    Look at you, oh you who treat me so well.
    Said you would help me.
    Why don’t you talk to me?
    Why do you shut your mouth?

    Maybe its cause you like the way I look
    When you make fun of me.
    And when you yell at me, “don’t lash out.”
    And I calm my nerves by sitting far away.
    Not far enough, as I can hear you say “what now, are you depresses?”

    I need to be alone.
    You said I could go home.
    Grabbed my hand and pulled me back.
    This wasn’t your first attack.

    I cry until I fill the bathtub.
    To wash away your words.
    your words are a sandpaper scrub.
    You said I could tell you anything, instead, you work my nerves.

    1. Wow, this is so tragic and heart breaking, I’m so sorry i you’re going through anything upsetting or like this, it will get better. ❤ Beautiful poem. 🙂

  14. Hey There
    I love you
    Go away
    I don’t know you
    The day is broken
    I’m unspoken
    You’re pretty
    You’re hideous
    Don’t go
    Get on the bus
    Its a constant battle
    Between you and me
    Its all debatical
    Why cant you see?
    Day after day
    Way after way
    I love everything about you
    You hate everything bout me
    I love you
    Why cant you see

    Short and not very good, but please tell me what you think! 🙂

  15. Unrelated to prompt:

    Hearts of gold chip into stone
    Tangled hair and weak to the bone
    A consistent buzz won’t leave me alone
    Just leave me to think in my silent zone.

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