Broken Mirror by Alyssa H.

A broken mirror in disguise

As you look at yourself and change your mind Amazed at one moment, then suddenly blind You’re full of sadness, and somehow utterly kind An innocent soul, trapped by pain Left alone hoping something could change Wishing someone would show you the same As you shed tender affection onto everything you see Giving everyone everything you have Without ever giving up The innocence you have Tired of people who don’t know your name You disappear into yourself Tired of playing their games Your soul can’t be empty, but I see it’s locked down Protected by other’s envy, the way they kicked you out You try and forget they even exist Because the memory of them is too much to give They never give instead they just take Dragging everything out of your heart Leaving you left with your mind and a caged soul A broken mirror in disguise You’re telling everyone pretty lies Pretending to be perfectly fine Yet here you are crying in the night Wishing someone was there to hold you tight Crashing downward towards the light How were you to know that they’d all leave you behind It’s not your fault you’re trapped in your mind They left you there all by yourself But you’re not a broken mirror You’re just learning about life Figuring out things before it’s supposed to be your time It hurts your heart, and your left with your mind But I can promise you this, If you just give it time, someone will come And show you the truth You’re beautiful and bright, And deserve every bit of life


4 thoughts on “Broken Mirror by Alyssa H.

  1. This is so beautiful Alyssa, the details, the meaning, the depth, just a truly amazing job. I love it! ❤ 🙂

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