A Panther’s Rule by Lia V.

Laid out across her tree branch, Phereniki was basking in the small amount of sunlight that the trees around her let through. Phereniki had just finished patrolling her territory and with no existing threats, she had decided to watch her subjects from a higher ground.

Phereniki let out soft growl that sent a rumble throughout her body when an unfamiliar scent wafted its way through the air and towards her. Muscles tensing, Phereniki slowly got up, her claws extending into the bark. Scenting the air, she came to the conclusion that whatever animal it was, it was still a distance away. It was however, at the edge of her humble kingdom. Uninvited.

Phereniki leapt from her branch, landing gracefully on all fours. She would warn these new animals of her reign while satisfying her curiosity as to what they are at the same time. Following the scent, Phereniki strolled through the trees and past the animals that were in her path.

Phereniki came upon a river after a few yards, the scent now stronger than ever. The only animals she saw were few and familiar. Letting out a warning growl at her subjects not to disturb her, Phereniki crouched down to lap up water from the river.

When a twig snapped behind her, her ears twitched and her head jerked up. Turning her head, Phereniki found the origin of the outlandish scent.

There were two animals who looked as strange as the scent the carried was. They stood on two paws. Phereniki looked at her paws then back at what the animals were standing on. No-paws wasn’t the right word, but it would have to do for now as she knew no other name for them. They were taller than she was, but Phereniki knew she would have no trouble taking them on if the need arose. She had fought bigger and won. They lacked the necessary fur on their body and seemed to have no claws or fangs either. Instead they had a weird material covering them and a lump of what looked like a shaped stone. Phereniki came to the conclusion that any fight would be swift and easy.

Standing to her full height, Phereniki rotated her body away from the river and towards the furless creatures. A rumble flowing through her body, she stalked forward, her tail whipping back and forth.

One of the two creatures let out a sound that caused Phereniki to stop and pull her ears flat against her head, baring her fangs.

A sound Phereniki recognized as a whimper made its way past the maw of the smaller of the two. Phereniki felt satisfaction at the noise that corresponded with fear. They should be afraid of her.

She started forward again. With each step she took, the creatures backed away from her until they were running away, leaving only their scent-now mixed with fear-behind them. Phereniki preened and let out a massive roar for all her kingdom to hear. She had protected them from an unknown threat. Phereniki would be Queen still.


7 thoughts on “A Panther’s Rule by Lia V.

  1. I thought It was really cool how you wrote from the perspective of an animal, while making it seem so real. Great job!

  2. This is amazing Lia! I cant believe this you should like make this into a book like Warrior cats! Really amazing, this is just wow. 😮 😀 ❤

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