Today’s prompt:

Create a poem with a few book titles you find on your shelf.

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


60 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #16

  1. Books used: Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott Gregson
    The Dark Half by Stephen King
    Insomnia by Stephen King
    Alive by Chandler Baker

    I am a chaser of the light
    The Dark Half of Insomnia
    The half that makes you fright
    And feel like you’re no longer Alive
    I steel away the want to sleep
    The one thing I deprive
    Even though sleep
    Is something you want
    And something you need
    It is the one thing
    You won’t get because
    I’m the ears that ring
    When you lay for bed
    And close your eyes
    I’m the monster in your head
    That keeps you awake at night
    I am The Dark Half of Insomnia
    A chaser of the light

      1. I’ve seen the movies for Carrie and Pet Semetary, but am unable to read them because my library doesn’t carry then. I haven’t read or watched It because I’m terrified of clowns. I’ve never heard of Salem’s Lot. I suggest Mr. Mercedes, it was amazing. Finders Keepers was okay ig, I didn’t care for it. It was sort of a continuation from Mr. Mercedesナbut I couldn’t seem to get into it.

      1. recommend. so many typo’s and I call myself a writer. How was the movie for Carrie and Pet Sematary?

      2. Carrie was alright, and I liked Pet Semetary. It’s an old movie. I’ve read Firestarter, it was really good. The movie for that was cheesy lol because of its age. Mr. Mercedes is about a guy, Mr. Mercedes, runs a stolen Mercedes car into a group of people waiting in line to apply for jobs, and kills a bunch of people. Then, a retired cop/detective spends the entire book trying to find him. I’d say what happens when he finds him, but I don’t want to spoil the book. And don’t worry about typos lol, I have them all the time.

    1. Wow it sounds great! Mr. Mercedes is next on my reading list. By the way, I love your poem. Salem’s Lot is a must read, it is true horror. It is about how vampires take over a town and what must be done to save it. Nothing like Twilight. I loved that book and the movie was amazing.

    2. Wow, amazing Marysa! I haven’t read any of these, but your poem has gave me many new ideas! I love this!!! 🙂

    3. Marysa, Pet Sematary scared me to death. I have a cat and am just… whoa. I didn’t even see the entire movie! 🙂

    4. The opne scene I saw for Carrie was the blood scene and the end. I screamed all night. A great movie to watch is Silver Bullet. I couldn’t sleep for three nights after watching that and I always thought I saw… the monster out my window. I think it was a werewolf that met It. something in between the two. I am shivering in fear remembering .

  2. Wherefore art thou Romeo and Juliet, I can read thee for
    Two hours at a time,
    War and Peace, Anna Karenina, sit on my table,
    I have yet to place Hamlet in a deserved spot, with a plastic skull.
    Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, I find you on my shelf, but closest to my bed,
    For late, night reading, with a flashlight.
    The Amber Spyglass, Anne of Green Gables, and last but most certainly not least,
    The lovely, wonderful Sense and Sensibility and the witty, moving Jane Eyre.
    My favorite books and their places,
    Take up the limited spaces,
    In my books shelf,
    Where is Dobby the house elf?
    Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, Leo Tolstoy and Shakespeare,
    Do not fear, my beloved novels and series,
    I shall keep you for always and forevermore.
    You shall not collect dust at my hands,
    Will you ever regret your stay with me,
    Let our… fun be.

    All I can say is I read a lot. I forgot to add Twilight and True Grit.

    1. I also forgot Mansfield Park and the odyssey. Please don’t think I am weird for having so many books, I am not weird, just crazy, like most writers. Let’s just say that in the hot Florida summer, and you are so hot and feel lazy that you don’t even want to deal with the heat and walk to the pool, books are your best choice.

  3. This is unrelated to the prompt 🙂
    Say I love you.
    Say I love you when something is misplaced or late.
    Say it even when your heart is filled with hate.
    Say I love you when you know it’s true.

    Say it before you bid adieu.
    Say it even when you’re breaking under the whole world’s weight.
    Say it truthfully, say it proudly, say it like means something to you.
    Say I love you now, before it’s too late.

    Say I love you.
    Say it in the morning, say it when it’s late.
    Say I love you because you can never understand fate.
    Say it when you’re happy, say it when you’re blue.
    Say I love you, and someone will say I love you too.

  4. Oh, the Places You’ll Go
    for You’re Only Old Once!
    Oh, the Thinks You Can Think
    When you eat Green Eggs and Ham!
    There’s a Wocket in my Pocket
    and a Fox in Socks.
    There goes Daisy-Head Mayzie
    With Ten Apples Up On Top!

    1. Naomi! Yes! Dr. Suess in the house!!! XD I love this so much, amazing job!!!! Really brings back good memories! 🙂

  5. Books I used: (They’re all really awesome by the way, so you should totally read them lol)
    Girl In Pieces by Kathleen Glassgow, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone, The Merciless by Daniella Vega, Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth Laban

    Every Last Word, I’m screaming at you
    You ignore, because I’m something so blue,
    So full of envy, so full of scars,
    I’m a Girl In Pieces,
    And you’re breaking my heart,
    This was our moment, our dance in time,
    But instead you said we were faulty,
    Like the time you sang a line,
    The Merciless are more anointing,
    Than the words from your lips,
    We are nothing more than broken hardships
    We had a fault tracing our hearts, but now the Fault is left In Our Stars,
    How terrible did I have to be
    For you to break down and drive away from me,
    So terribly shot, the way you knocked me down,
    I guess I’ll have to write it down,
    A Tragedy Paper, that’s what you see?
    It’s a moment for me to tell everything I mean,
    It’s not something to get back at you,
    It’s a way for me to let you loose,
    You were breaking as quick as daylight,
    I had to write, to save myself from the night,
    It isn’t easy, saying all these words,
    Telling all my stories, thinking they need to be heard,
    I’m sorry I’m not perfect, I’m sorry you aren’t too,
    But that doesn’t mean I’m quitting,
    I’m not nothing without you.

    1. Girl In Pieces by Kathleen Glassgow, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone are all amazing books. Amazing poem btw, very sad and seemingly heartfelt. I can relate 😦

      1. Thank youuuuu! And yeah they’re some of my favorites 😛
        I’m sorry you can relate 😦

    2. Oh my gosh this is so beautiful! I really love this, and the books you used to write it! Really beautiful, we have a similar taste in books, I wrote my before I read everyone else’s and I used both every last word and tfios. I actually have the unproofed copy or every last words from before it was on shelves. Its pretty cool! 😀 ❤

  6. Unrelated to the prompt

    Every day that goes by, I can feel my heart bleeding
    Every hour that goes by, I can feel my hope depleting
    Every minute that goes by, I can feel the pain seething
    Every second that goes by, I can feel you leaving
    Every dream has turned to nightmare
    Every smile has turned to blank stare
    Every interest has turned to no more care
    My mind has been darkened by demons
    And for everything, I find no reason
    Without you, I’ve become a shell
    But no one has been able to tell
    That I’m secretly suffering
    Through every day, minute, hour
    With a brightly painted smile

  7. What is the fault in our stars
    Battle wounds in scars
    Every last word that’s spoken
    Is every piece of heart that’s broken
    I feel like I’m in the hunger games
    Starving or a mocking jay
    Getting burned while catching dire
    I’m a Junior and a liar
    Tonight the streets are ours
    Reach up to the stars
    The beauty of a morning flower
    I love the books that captivate inner power.

    Books are The Fault In Our Stars, Every Last Word, The Hunger Games, Mocking Jay, Catching Fire, Juniors, Tonight the Streets are Ours, and Morning Flower. Tell me what you think! 🙂

    1. I can’t either. I cried so hard at the end of Fault in Our Stars. Katniss is so cool, i tried archery. it was scary.

      1. Oh my gosh, me too. Why Gus?!?!?!? Yeah, I love Katniss and the hunger games, I’m actually a skilled archer, I shoot bull’s-eyes almost every time I shoot! 🙂

    2. That is awesome! I had only one bullseye this weekend! after three days of practice! that is so cool Gabrielle! Yes, why Gus, but I think if it had been Hazel… I would still be crying.

      1. Thanks! Wow, that’s still pretty good! Ive been target practicing as long as could remember, how long have you been target practicing? 🙂 Ugh! I know, Hazel would be heartbreaking, but Gus was just completely like, woah, what just happened???? 😦

    3. I hated gus’s death. I have been practicing since Friday morning, until yesterday at night. I hope to do more in the summer. I feel like Katniss Everdeen when i draw arrows from the quiver.

      1. Me too, very tragic. 😦 Wow, so you just started! I cant believe you hit a bullseye so soon! XD, I know, I have a quiver built into my bow, but I don’t have a shoulder quiver yet. :/ What type of bow do you have?

    4. It was a one time thing and the instructor was helping me… a lot. I don’t know what kind, what would you recommend?

      1. Well, crossbows are super easy, depending on the pound test, which depends on your strength. I have a 40 pound test, which is pretty strong for a young girl, but it depends on your range as well. The higher the test the longer the range I’m pretty sure. A regular bow is tough, since there isn’t a roller to help the string pull back, so being new at it, I recommend a compound bow. It’s easy draw, most of the time lightweight and pretty cheap. My dad got mine at Rural King, not sure what he paid but Rural King has pretty low prices.

      1. I use a large block of Styrofoam. They sell them at bass pro, rural kind, sometimes Walmart, and tractor supply. 🙂

  8. Marysa, Pet Sematary scared me to death. I have a cat and am just… whoa. I didn’t even see the entire movie! 🙂

  9. I interpreted this prompt as more of a book spine poetry thing, so every line is a book title.


    Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies.
    Life As We Knew It,

    Can’t Look Away.

  10. Sing me to life,
    sing me to death,
    sing until I cry,
    don’t just let me die.
    Though we’ve parted,
    I’m still broken hearted.
    I love you,
    say you love me too,
    your voice can carry me
    to an oasis,
    just let us be,
    forever more,
    This must be true,
    sing to me all night and day,
    please just let us play,
    let us never part again,
    or I will meet my end.
    my friend,

  11. This is so amazing, I love how perfectly all the rhyming fits together! Were you basing this off of the particular book or just free writing using words from the title?

  12. The Hunger Games taught me to feel for others.
    That love is not a game, but someone changing another.
    To fight for what is right and not to kill.
    And that each character has a purpose even when their breath is still.

    Carve The Mark made me realize that pain is in life, but life is not pain.
    When someone loves you, they understand every flaw and see your life as their gain.
    Though they may not agree with your choices, they love who you are.
    That family may not always teach us correctly, instead, opposites show us the fault in ourselves and not the stars.

  13. The Lightning Thief,
    He’s stolen the skies.

    The Lord of the Flies,
    Control beyond command.

    The Hobbit,
    Power throughout heights.

    The Princess Bride,
    Prepare to die.
    Just a quick, last minute thing 🙂

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