What Happened by Sofia C

My life isn’t perfect,
It isn’t full of glee.
My life is a disaster,
I couldn’t think of why.
My mother, father, brother,
We can’t seem to imply.
Where’s the merry smile I
Used to have?
Where’s that person that held
Me from danger?
Now I have none. It is pointless to ask.
But I have courage to say:
What happened?
What happened to my family?
What happened to our bonds?
What happened to fun times being along?
I’m in my own realm, I can’t seem to escape.
The knots holding me back don’t seem to shake.
I can’t leave, I can’t go. Whenever I cry for help,
Their reactions make me cold.
Nothing I do seems to work, nothing at all.
I hope one day my family and I will fix our
Problems and get along.
That day seems so far, so far and so away.
I don’t really think I can bear another day.


5 thoughts on “What Happened by Sofia C

  1. Oh, Sofia, I’m so you feel this way. I know how it feels when it seems like your life is falling completely apart, but I promise it will get better. It might be later down the road, but it will get better! Just remember that there is always someone to support you, and don’t let anything stop you from working towards your goals and dreams. I truly hope your situation becomes better.

    1. Thank you so much, Eshanie! I fixed everything up, so my family is okay and always will be, I hope. ❤ This was also based on my friend, who is having a hard time with FLVS, I don't know why. I'm convincing her to join a club but she's so resilient, she doesn't want to. Thank you so much, it means the world you like the poem. 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m so sorry you’re going through this Sofi, you’ve always been so positive on the prompts and stuff, but I guess everybody has something they don’t show often. Thank you for sharing this with us! I hope your friend joins a club, maybe have her stay with you during a meeting so she can see how much fun the club is? Again, I’m so sorry you feel this way and I promise you things get better, I swear! It may take time, but life constantly changes and every day is new, nothing is exactly the same. Trust me, it gets better. Nothing stays the same, I mean, I was a friendless homeschooled girl who danced like a cow, now I’m a high leveled dancer with many friends and an amazing school. Life changes, for the worse sometimes and for the better sometimes. Things get better, I swear. 🙂 ❤

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