Fallen Angel by Marysa S

The angel with the broken wings
Doesn’t fly, they lie in slings
The light from her halo extinguished
Powers are slowly being relinquished
She sympathizes for the vessel possessed
She took away everything from them
Only to have her fate condemned
She wanders around in the dark
Knowing she never fulfilled her part
Heaven now finds her redundant
Leaving her feeling despondent
Ready to quit, she looks to the sky
And shouts the only thought in her head-“why?”
But whomever above, won’t answer this time
She’s left alone with the pain that she feels
As she realizes that heaven’s not real


12 thoughts on “Fallen Angel by Marysa S

  1. Wow, Marysa. This is so amazing and emotional, I love this poem with all my heart. ❤ Truly amazing job, I love this, so, so, so, much. 🙂 ❤

  2. I love this! I’m not really a poem type of girl, but this is something I wouldn’t mind reading over and over.

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