Today’s prompt:

Write a poem about your favorite season.

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


41 thoughts on “NAPOWRMO Day #18

  1. It’s not a poem, but I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this? I’m not used to writing short stories and such, but I liked writing this tidbit…so can I have some feedback please? All criticism welcome 🙂

    Somewhere on the east coast of Florida, there was a hidden beach. Secluded by the green trees, thick with vines snaking their way towards the shore, growing inches each year. A place of peace, the tides danced in slow rhythmic motions-not quite crashing, but gently pushing up on the yellow sand. The wind whispered diminutive secrets in my ear, lifting my hair gently to be heard amongst the sound of the waves. The lizards ran at the sound of the intruder as I walked onto the beach, and the fish swam lazily towards the surface of this salt infested water. A path long since forgotten, laid to my right, seen only to those who actively searched for it. The road stood only feet from the beach, shielded by the trees you could barely make it through.

    I still remember that frightful day. It was the day the men in their reflective vests, with their yellow, sun faded hard hats and work boots, ruined the peace of this sequestered beach by bringing in their equally yellow bulldozers. The ponderous machines tore through the trees as easily as the fish glided through the water. I was soaking in the summer sun, much like the lizards, when the sound of men, and vehicles approached. “What are you doing?” I wanted to yell, alas I was hopeless against the men with orders from the state. So I stood, watching the horrid scene unfold before me. The lizards scurried across the sand, searching for an escape from a ghastly fate. The birds screeched in protest as they flew circles overhead, witnessing their homes being destroyed.

    I sigh, remembering that day, as I stand at the once hidden beach, now full of kids tromping through the water. The road clearly visible beyond the parking lot that replaces the old tree line. The lizards no longer bask in the sun wherever they please, instead remain hidden behind newly placed picnic tables. The fish no longer swim idly towards the surface, but frantically fight off its predators far out in the ocean’s abyss. During the day, people fill the beach to maximum capacity, and the air is calm no more. As it clears out after sunset, I sit in silence, reminiscing the day the beach was mine, a place of peace.

    1. I love this Marysa! It’s beautifully written and the story flows so well. You did a great job at describing the beach. I love the last line. It’s a beautiful story. Great job!

      1. You’re an absolutely wonderful writer, I’ve read everyone of the poems you’ve posted and I’m usually just in awe of them! I could read them all day long, not kidding, I really relate to them and they’re extremely powerful. This is just as good as your poems 🙂
        I am definitely one of your biggest fans 😛

    2. OH MY GOD. I LOVE this!!! It’s just a story, and I already feel like crying. (I’m emotional, especially when it comes to stories, lol) Really good job, you should write more if you want to!! Love it!!!! ❤ 😀 ❤

      1. You’re so welcome! Like Alyssa said above, all of your poems are truly amazing, I am also a fan of yours!! 😀

  2. (Unrelated to the prompt)
    Moments ago you said you were done,
    But here I am still falling in love
    Moments ago you said this was it,
    But here I am still expecting your kiss,
    Moments ago you lost all hope,
    But here I am still giving my soul
    Moments ago you said forget it
    But here I am still thinking we’re a whole
    Moments ago you left
    But here I am still holding on
    Because what am I, without you here by my side?

  3. Leaves trickle down my skin
    As the world decides to decay within
    The sun sets low behind the hill
    While the moon grows tall above me still
    The air is chilly, a strong breeze blowing in
    A shiver leaves me shaking,
    But a smile stays on my lips
    Because the goosebumps
    The empty trees, full of limbs
    I love the way the fall comes crashing in

    1. Alyssa, I love this! I had to decide between fall and spring, but spring came first. (With fall a very close second!) I really love how vivid it is, and the wonderful image it brings to your mind. Fantastic job!!! ❤ 😀

  4. This is (very) unrelated to the prompt
    I was young when you found me, young and golden.
    But all you wanted to do was see me broken.
    You took my heart, twisted it in your hands,
    And then you laughed and went along happily,
    Like we could still be friends.
    But it’s so hard to forgive, impossible to forget.
    The lies you spun, just to get in my head.
    Your words play on repeat, like a broken record;
    It’s okay,
    I forgive you,
    It’s okay.
    So many things I should have said,
    So many things that went unspoken.
    I was tangled in myself, c
    Confused and lost,
    Restless and angry.
    Your words just keep striking me as we struggle to make amends.

  5. (Also unrelated to the prompt)
    I thought you loved me,
    You said you did,
    Yet here we are, doing it again,
    You leave me, you love me,
    You love me, you leave me
    How many times will you say you love me?
    Just enough to keep me around?
    I keep coming back, even when I know it’s not right
    I keep falling in love, even when it hurts
    How many times will you say you’re mine?
    Just enough to make yourself feel loved?
    I keep holding on, thinking you’ll figure it out
    I keep hoping, wishing you’ll actually fall in love
    How many times will you make me cry?
    Just enough to make yourself feel strong
    I keep staying here, even when it hurts
    I keep reaching for you, even when you turn your back
    How many times will you break my heart?
    Haven’t you done it enough,
    When will I decide this isn’t love?
    You turning your back, me begging you to come back
    You leave me, you love me
    You love me, you leave me

    1. It wouldn’t let me reply to your comment, so here’s my response lol (great poem btw);
      That literally means everything to me…I mean, serious, thank you so much. It means so much that you think I’m even good, let alone enjoy my writing.
      If you want to see more, I have this,
      If you’re on PC (idk how it looks on the phone), on the sidebar are categories that will help sort you through what of mine you want to read. (Poems, stories, quotes, etc.) Alsoooo I’ve read a few of your poems, they’re really good. Honestly, better than what I could do.

      1. Haha, that’s exactly how I feel about your work, that mine could never compare. And I’ve been on your site and I’ve read most of your stuff, seriously you’re amazing. I LOVE your poetry, it hits you right in the feels lol. And thanks 🙂

  6. Unrelated to the prompt

    I am a wanderer 
    In search of a lost boy
    Second star to the right
    And straight on til’ morning
    Is the path I must take
    To find my one lost boy
    But it seems I cannot fly
    For I have no magic dust
    Or maybe I don’t believe enough
    Help me find another way
    So I may be a lost boy too
    Forever in youth with that boy I once lost
    Together, we will finally be found

  7. Spring’s here, oh joy!
    Birds fly, The wind whistles in a
    Cheery tune.
    The trees dance in their gentle
    Hula, swaying their beautiful
    Green leaves.
    The squirrels wake,
    Sky turns blue,
    Showing a melodic day.
    The last froth of winter dissapears,
    Leaving the fresh times here.
    Please, enjoy this season
    While it lasts,
    Please, oh, please,
    Spring stay for a while!
    Hey everyone! I hope ya’ll are having a great day. 🙂 This poem is one of the few I’ planned ve written for NaPo. I hope you like it!
    Side Note: I’m super bummed, but it’s not writer’s block. I have a cute story I’m writing, I’ll post a peice on the blog soon, so you guys can help me. I have all characters planned out, but I don’t know what is going to HAPPEN in the story. Any ideas, XD? ❤ Thank you guys for the help!

    1. Lol, I’ll sort of describe it. XD, sorry I forgot to include details, I was in a hurry! 😉

      The story is about a girl called Ella. She’s friendly, fun, and excitable. One of her flaws is that she’s jealous of her friend Indi, who is blonde, popular, pretty, –the average popular person in a school. XD, I wish there were some way I could get it sent to you, so I could get feedback and ideas.
      Is there any way I can send it to you? 🙂 Thank you!
      Also, thank you for the sweet comment on the poem, it made my day. ❤

      1. Sure, It is a pretty name! I actually got it (It’s a long story) from my mom’s -friend’s -cousin’s -grandma’s daughter. Lol, I’ll send it to you tonight, thank you! 🙂

  8. Summer, I sit in your grassy green lawn,
    For too long,
    And I swim in your rivers,
    Receiving some shivers,
    And then I lie in your sun,
    I can’t ever be done,
    Loving summer,
    The beautiful days,
    Sun’s sunny ray’s,
    ‘cause its summer! Today.
    Your beautiful yellow beach days,
    Your funny sunny friendly days,
    Your heat, your wet, your dry!
    Hot, ice cream melting, days!
    In the sun, having fun!

    Oh, in fall,
    I always have a ball!
    The leaves change
    And the colors range.
    The air is cool,
    Time to play some pool
    In the patio,
    Oh, oh, oh.
    Fall calls for trees,
    To change their leaves
    And fall,
    For Fall!
    Not an Autumn day goes by,
    Without a cloud in sky,
    Showing off the leaves of the trees,
    In the streaking sunlight,
    Oh, Fall.

    Winter I hear you calling me,
    Never letting me be,
    Calling me to walk on your snowy lanes,
    The white ground glistens in the sun,
    Where I am having fun.
    Never being alone, when the snow starts to fall,
    I get all
    Of the feeling, a wintertime feeling of cold,
    Dark days, harsh and not caring, for winter,
    You cold dark and dreary being,
    With your white and icy snow!
    I know that I fall for you,
    every time it’s true!
    Sledding, and skating,
    And disintegrating beneath,
    The layers of fabric, that keep me warm!
    And the hot chocolate,
    And your pure white snow!
    I’ll keep falling for your charm,
    Don’t be alarmed!
    I lie in your flowers,
    Admire your April showers,
    Warm myself up in your blossoming sun!
    Watch all the animals, and their new children play.
    All day,
    While you sit over us and keep us safe.
    You have little ponds, where the fairies play,
    And where the creatures stay,
    To welcome you spring, today.
    Please stay.
    What a charming springtime
    And we just have you time,
    For days and days.
    We love spring,
    We love your rings of friendship,
    And spring!
    Lucky days of spring!

  9. I cant choose
    Spring and winter
    Fall and summer
    Forth of July and bbqs
    Water games and so much to do
    In summer
    The season of warm weather
    Icy winds and blasts of snow
    Too cold to go
    Christmas and the ew year
    Oh how I love when winter is here!
    Cool winds and red leaves are falling
    I hear the sound of turkeys calling
    Pumpkin pies and family feasts
    I love fall so much, I wish it’d never leave!
    Flowers, daisies and roses,
    Every plant is growing
    Every piece of life is showing
    Oh how I wished spring wouldn’t disappear.
    I love al the seasons when they are near
    And everyone comes with new surprises
    Each one with different sunrises.

    I cant choose a favorite season, please tell me what you think! 🙂

    1. I love this Gabby (Is it okay if I call you Gabby?)! I was considering my favorite season and just realized how hard it is to choose :b I love how you were so creative and sort of wrote your way out of that decision! I wish that was the case for every decision I had to make. Great job, you summarized all of the fun moments of the year and seasons in one poem 😀

      1. Thank you so much Isabella, yes, I usually go by Gabby anyways! 🙂 Thank you for you kind comment!!! ❤ 😀

  10. Evacuate now!
    Gas lines and crowds.
    Let me in,
    People with red cans!
    Panic in the air
    Shelves empty and vast.
    We gotta go!
    Storms about to blow!

      1. Yes it was! I kinda like hurricane season,(I know it seems crazy) There’s lots of excitement involved. 😉

  11. The fog begins to settle,
    The tree tops and the wind meddle,
    The white crystals flow through the air,
    The fallen grasses lie without care,
    For when the long days come around,
    All of our summer dreams are drowned.
    I don’t know why I made this sound so sad, I really love Winter, the dramtic-y sad-ish stuff just sort of came out. I know I didn’t use very many fancy or descriptive words but I just thought it sounded a bit better kept simple. Hopefully you guys still like it, feel free to comment or leave any feedback although the poem is short 😀 ❤

  12. Changing colors, the dead leaves fall. Life begins when another ends.
    The crisp, cool air fills the welcomed winds.
    Mountains covered in trees become a sea of red, yellow, and orange.
    From a distance, the land appears to be paint and artist blends.

    The hot Summer is gone, the spicy scent of Autumn is here.
    Driving through a fog, suddenly a burst of color as bright as a chandelier.
    Crimson and pumpkin orange covers the hills.
    When the color washes away it reveals the end of the year.

    Spiced, fresh taste of cider. The warm, cozy fire where I read a book.
    The mood takes me to the comfort of my nook.
    Life seems right when everything changes.
    Life flows into another season like a brook.

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