Today’s prompt:

Write a limerick about your shadow

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


21 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #21

  1. Oh Shadow, I’m afraid I’ve mistreated you
    I owe you an apology too
    How so?
    You’re with me everywhere I go?
    I’m always sitting in the beautiful sunlight, forcing you to leave my presence.

  2. A
    Dark and misty,
    Alone yet not forever
    Running or walking,
    a shadow,
    on the ground,
    in the air.
    Shadows here and there,
    tall, short, long, small.

    I am not the best poet but lol. I could write a little something about shadows, (My shadow and I were friends, it seemed to reflect my opposite self, a self I knew little of, but could easily learn about.) Anyway, that is my bets shot of poetry.

    1. Alexaaaaaaa! I loooove this!!! Magnificent job ❤ Also, your poetry is really good, don't say it isn't! 🙂

  3. For a moment I was ever so mellow
    Then suddenly here you came, my shadow
    I didn’t believe it could be true,
    I had completely forgotten you
    I’m so sorry my dear shadow

    Well, not great, but it’s a limerick lol!

    1. It’s great, Alyssa! Lol, I was going to write one, but I couldn’t get the limerick format down, but you got it perfectly! Awesome job! 🙂 ❤

      1. Aww thanks Sofia!…I realized after writing it shadow and mellow so don’t rhyme lol ergs

  4. There was a boy who lost his shadow
    And a fairy from Pixie Hallow
    They fought Captain hook
    Who feared a croc that tocked
    Because of the clock it swallowed

  5. Dark, creepy, but it follows
    Sort of like a monster from behind the hollow
    Deep and pitch black
    It sneaks around behind my back
    My shadow, is something that often gives me mini heart attacks.

    Not very good, tried to throw some humor in it, kind of failed, but oh well! Tell me what you think! 🙂

  6. Oh shadow how I miss you when you leave,
    Although, I know I must proceed,

    I go on with my life,
    Continue during night.

    My nocturnal tendencies forbid my eyes from your dark sea.
    I tried to stay true to the limerick “rules” but I think limericks as serious poems can only be pulled off by the best :b And that just so happens to NOT be me…

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