Here I am by Shalymar P

Here I am

Gazing at the stars,

Viewing the world in its sill

Ways, sometimes

How life feels like

Sand in shoes

Ever so uncomfortable


Able not to surpass the difference

between the sun and moon

they are both the great lights

in the extents of the sky

they both guide me through



Making paths clear

Though, people lack much



The only difference between

The bright lights, is one rules

By day and the other shadows

The night


I see both all the different,

But the same

Where one goes half insane,

The other is wise not to fool


That is sand in shoes I to me,

It is a tiffy I say,

How can we indulge ourselves?

Of only what we see


Here I am

Feet in sand, not sand

In shoes


As I look upon

The drifting ocean

And feel the tickle

Of the sand


I cannot fathom

What makes dust into dust and

Sand into sand,

Is it that one lives by

The sea?

And the other is what

Our flesh and bones are made of?


I am not capable to

Define either

I am not able to surpass

The difference between the two


They to me are all too

Different, but are the same


Here I am

I watch the dawn bring the

Day, and dusk bring the



There I see the light fade,

There I see the light come,

Light and dark


Both brought with a

Brush of colors before

The expanse of the



What makes them so different,

I am blind to that fact,

For I cannot commit the



I do see though what they

Do share,


But, I cannot think of

What makes them so different

I know one brings the day,

I know the other brings

The dark night


But I am blind,

How can one man be cruel,

How can the other love?

Who am I to see that,

I can’t see nor believe

That either is true


Here I am,

Not knowing,

Ignorant of all knowledge

I just see the act and

Believe the act is not

The person


The being has until final

Breath to make his mind,

Or be forever shamed in a

terrible land


Though, as a human I can

Believe which is the better place

To call home


Until, final breath do us part,

With our choice,

I know where I am

I do not know where

You are, but all I have

To say is, Here I am


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