Between The Shelves of a bookstore by Grace T

If it is to be said simply, the moment was magical.
It was so captivating, as if time froze, or never went on at all. There was no longer an echo of the ticking clock, simply a beautiful silence as the performance drew on.
There was something in the air that felt so raw, so intricate in its delicacy. Like a gorgeous gather of musicians in their symphony, every sound played a significant role. I could hear strings of violins, this faint tune of flutes, a gentle pluck of the guitar. Everything was so overwhelming, yet so peaceful.
Oh, the magic of a bookstore, how I found myself inlove with every page my eyes glanced upon. I was in a paradise filled with hardbound treasure.
Enamored in trying to find the volume I was looking for. My fingers brushed against every book I could find, yet the one I was looking for was not to be seen.
A strange, wind came across me, I stood up in my muddle.
The world faded around me- The titles of books and works were unrecognizable, which section am I in again? That’s right, the mystery. I’m looking for a… what now?
I had lost focus, unable to process the task at hand. I fumbled around and decided to go to another isle. After all, there was always many wonders to find on the shelves in a bookstore.
My steps were light, the occasional swing of my bag hit across my hip, My shoulder feeling the annoying effect of stuffing books in the little bag- not to mention the fact I already had two in my hands. I stopped at the classics section, At least that’s where I think it was.
Then, everything stopped. I turned my head to face- you. Our eyes met, I cannot describe the hard gaze that last only seconds between us. It was as if something sounded an alarm in my mind. I felt my heart stop, and momentarily beat against my chest violently. The storm that raged in my grey eyes calmed. This pause in all space and time left me in awe, flabbergasted by the sight of those lovely blue eyes that glanced into mine.
The moment, was only a matter of a second. Such a wonderful, brilliant moment that affected me this much. What felt like a billion years was simply a fleeing instant.
I feel like I’ve told this story for years and years. Like every word I’ve spoken came to this exact part in the tale. I cannot tell if this is the grand finale, or simply a beginning. There’s something so curious about fate, yet it would only be destiny if we knew how to predict it. I’ve spend so long trying to understand, yet to come to the reasoning that sometimes an explanation of the matter, is the inability to explain at all.
I only know one thing is certain, that this moment is something special. Something that weaves itself in the destined ‘loom of fate.’ The memory of when we stood, facing each other, Surrounded by works of fiction, fantasy, and telling of those before…
I felt a new story was about to get it’s ‘once upon a time.’


4 thoughts on “Between The Shelves of a bookstore by Grace T

  1. Oh. My. GOD. Grace T!!!!! I love this!!!!!! ❤ The descriptions are so gently placed and the words string together and made me feel as if I was inside the story. I truly love this, fantastic job, you are a truly magnificent writer. 🙂 ❤

  2. Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved this! It was so well written and beautiful. I’m so amazed by your talent every time I read one of your works and have loved every one of them. 😍

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