Today’s prompt:

Write a pantoum poem telling the story of your favorite summer vacation trip. (

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


57 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO Day #23

  1. (Unrelated to the prompt)

    Tailgatto’s fierce,
    And has proven to be quite the hustler,
    She’s really the cat’s meow!
    Wade’s insatiable, he never stops playing,
    His barking drives us up the wall,
    But he’s just too cute to resist!
    He’s really a girl’s best friend!
    Krissy’s larger than life,
    Literally and figuratively
    She craves belly rubs kisses, and
    She’s such a cuddlebug!

  2. Sooooooo I don’t really remember ever going on vacation during the summer…but I will write a pantoum because that seems interesting .-.

    A breathe escapes my tattered lungs
    Once again I’m not enough
    Breaking down,
    Searching for love

    Once again I’m not enough
    Mascara running down my face
    My hands, I can’t make them not shake
    Everything is falling apart

    Mascara running down my face
    I’m losing myself
    Maybe it’s time for a change
    No more smiles and lies

    1. This is just wow, as I read, I kept reading faster and faster since it had that effect, This is so sad an so beautiful and I’m so sorry if you had a Summer like this Lys. 😦 ❤

  3. This isn’t about a summer vacation, but it is a pantoum. I’ve never tried this form of poetry before so I’m not sure if I did it right…
    Gentle breeze, what news do you bring?
    Can you tell me something good?
    Tell me a beautiful something.
    Gentle breeze, tell me if I should.

    Can you tell me something good?
    Let me know what I’m supposed to do.
    Gentle breeze, tell me if I should,
    Tell me what to do because I haven’t got a clue.

    Let me know what I’m supposed to do.
    Lead me through this life.
    Tell me what to do because I haven’t got a clue.
    Lead me through all this strife.

    Let me know what I’m supposed to do.
    Tell me a beautiful something.
    Tell me what to do because I haven’t got a clue.
    Gentle breeze, what news do you bring?

  4. Unrelated to the prompt

    I am at a loss for words
    I didn’t think you of all people
    Were capable of breaking me so hard
    I can’t believe the hurt
    Of the bullet in the gun you loaded
    Going straight through my heart
    Let me as you a question
    What happened to all the promises
    You swore you’d never break?
    What happened to the attention
    You swore I’d have forever
    As long as your happiness I didn’t take?
    At least tell me what I did wrong
    So I can turn off all these sad songs
    Tell me where I made my mistakes
    That caused you to walk away
    Leaving me covered in my own hurt
    Buried six feet under the dirt
    Tell me, so maybe I can move on
    Just as quickly as you have

  5. Unrelated to the prompt

    You should be here
    With your arms wrapped around me
    Singing off-key with a permanent smile
    You should be here
    Smiling at me when I laugh
    Bouncing along with the excitement from the crowd
    You should be here
    With your arm secured around my waist
    Enjoying the positivity floating around us
    You should be here
    With your hand interlaced with mine
    Kissing me between each song
    You should be here
    Driving me home late at night
    After a perfect day with nothing to worry about
    You should be here with me

    Unrelated to the prompt

    Vision clouded in white by fog
    Glazed over like one deep in sorrowful thought
    Darkened by a lampshade of longing
    Not even the strongest prescription could focus this heart-broken eyesight
    There is no fire hot enough to rid of the numbness in my fingers
    As I walk through Mother Nature’s relentless wrath
    In a painfully silent search for you
    Lost in a tornado’s spin conjured by loneliness
    Without map or compass to give a sense of direction
    I’m wandering, lost, with hopes of stumbling upon you

    1. Wow, your poems are always so beautiful and deep and personal, they are just amazing, related to the prompt or not. ❤

  6. Let me see if I can do this write. (I know i spelled that wrong.)

    Summer heat
    It is neat.
    Summer here, summer there,
    Summer is hot,
    but I love to walk,
    down a sidewalk,
    with an ice cream cone dripping down my hand.
    It’s so grand.
    On a summer evening,
    waiting for the heat and humidity to start leaving.
    Summer day,
    don’t stay away.
    Let’s go swimming,
    and fishing,
    I can’t think of another line!
    But I hope it’s… divine?

    Yeah, well, that was my best shot. 🙂

    1. Lol, great job, Alexa! Loved it! 🙂 ❤

      Also, did you show your mom the other stories about Rose & Cassandra?

  7. Lark will sleep all day. In the sink. Mother will try to turn on the water to know avail to get him out. He will be in such a deep sleep, he won’t feel it, and his giant paw will twitch with dreams. She will give up and let him sleep in the sink that barely contains his fluffy, 20 pound body, which over flows a little. Along with his long legs and that one paw. And the black tail curled around his head.

  8. Unrelated to the prompt
    My mind is escaping
    To these new revelations
    Were angles fall
    And devils rise
    We’re all meant to die
    Blood on our hands
    As our lips curse every man
    We keep it to ourselves
    Because dying inside
    Beats going through hell
    There’s no honesty
    Not on these streets
    Not between the sheets
    Where our bodies lie
    Entangled because once we were one
    Though now we’re separate
    Empty, yet full of blood
    Our demons rise
    And our souls sink
    The death is on our hands
    The innocent are so weak
    As the strong beat them down
    Into nothingness
    Because they can’t hold their ground
    Because they can’t fight the sound
    Of lying lips
    Swearing the truth
    Telling that the proof
    Is in the pudding
    And other saying’s
    That mean nothing
    Because words get twisted
    And people get distant
    Friends become foes
    Lovers become unknown
    Were innocents die
    And liars live
    We’re living in a world
    Based off a broken sin

  9. It all started with a post
    Niall is going on a world tour
    He’s headed for the East Coast
    We got tickets that’s for sure.

    Niall is going on a world tour
    Preparing the night before
    We got tickets that’s for sure
    Bought snacks, do we need more?

    Preparing the night before
    Little sleep, it’s time to go
    Bought snacks, do we need more?
    Waiting in line with everything in tow

    Little sleep it’s time to go
    Got there hours early
    Waiting in line with everything in tow
    Those are his tour buses, surely

    Got there hours early
    Only an hour to go!
    Those are his tour buses, surely
    Been waiting since four!

    Only an hour to go!
    Singing the night away!
    Been waiting since four!
    Wish I could forever stay!
    Singing the night away!
    This is the best day ever!
    Wish I could forever stay
    Forget this day, never!

    This is the best day ever!
    Made new friends
    Forget this day, never!
    I don’t want it to end

    Made new friends
    He’s headed for the East Coast
    I don’t want it to end
    It all started with a post.

  10. Joy and Glee
    I feel so free
    All Laziness
    No pain
    Of completing
    Projects in time

    I’m feeling
    So bored
    At the fact
    That there is nothing
    To complete

    Maybe I don’t have as much
    Joy and Glee
    As I did before.
    Joy and Glee


    Sorry about not posting much! 😦

    1. That’s okay, this is so true and so relatable, my favorite lines are “so bored at the fact that there is not to complete.” I love that, its SO true!!! Awesome job!! 😀

  11. The instructions for this style of poem were pretty intricate but I think I will give it a try, even if it is unsuccessful :b
    I never remember leaving,
    Not once on a summer day,
    I do remember, and am reliving,
    The summer in which you stayed.

    I don’t remember grieving,
    Over the loss of you,
    Although I remember diving,
    Surrounded by morning dew.

    I said to you,
    “Don’t hold a grudge,” And heard you scoff.
    I heard you whisper, “I’ll miss you, too.”
    And watched as you drove off.
    I never really go on Summer vacation, everyone usually comes to my house since I live in Florida with a pool. So I just wrote about a summer day at my house. My cousins and I would often stay up all night and make a beautiful breakfast at like six A.M. and then do what we call “Pajama Diving” where we jump in the pool in our pajamas. After that we usually pass out around eight after doing something like yoga because we feel productive lol. Hope you guys like the poem 🙂

    1. Isa, I love this! So true about Summer when you have fun family over.
      “Pajama Diving” sounds fun!!! I’m going to try it this Summer. i just have to find a pool that will allow it, lol! Great poem! 😉 ❤

      1. Thank’s Sofia, I’m glad you liked the poem! ❤ Pajama Diving is super fun, I'm not sure if public pools will allow it but if so; Go for it!!! 😀

    2. This is so good Isabella!!! Is this based off of a true story, like the grudge thing? Beautiful jo, your rhyming is just wow. 🙂 ❤

  12. I’m not very good at ABAB or BCBC sort of poems, so I’m just going to write a free verse with a bit of rhyming. I hope you enjoy! 🙂
    Turn on the fan, it’s too hot!
    Summer’s pleasures are gone.
    When you’re not at a beach
    It’s no treat!

    The heat is insufferable,
    Not one bit tolerable.
    The pool is the only thing
    That keeps me cool.

    Feels amazing when you dive
    In, no more heat deprive.
    At last I feel no more heat,
    Until I meet the sun again.
    I hope you guys liked it! Summer is glorious when you’re at the beach, but trust me. In Miami (South Florida) the heat is so, well, HOT! Those of you guys who have a pool, like Isa, you guys are so lucky!!
    It’s really easy to get heatstroke, so I recommend you spend most summer floating in the pool, lol. 😉 ❤

    1. Yes! Oml its so hot (;-д- )=3
      And your poem is really good! Everything is on the spot 👌

  13. This is super cute ❤ Love it, amazing job Sofia 🙂 I have never had heatstroke but I don't usually go to the beach. I know I live in Florida, but, when I was little (like up until maybe 8) I would literally go to the beach EVERY DAY. It was insane, so now I'm a bit over it… anyway, great job Sofia I can COMPLETELY see where your coming from, summer days when your not near a body (or bottle) of water are basically torture in Florida :b 😀

    1. Wow! Everyday? I’m guessing you got sunburned a lot? Lol, they ARE! Imagine being in a sweaty, hot helmet, to work out the horses. It’s torture, but still, at least they’re horses! Thank you for the sweet comment! ❤ 😉

  14. Okay, I was not here, but I love all the poems above. they are amazing. I wish I could comment on them all especially, but that takes a long time and my time is short at the moment, but I want to say great job. All of you.

  15. Cool air
    In this world
    Don’t want to stare
    I cant be bored

    Darkness is dark
    And the light is light
    In TN, music is in the heart
    And the joy is bright

    Staying in a cabin
    Late at night
    I can’t believe this has happened
    What a life!

    Sleeping in a big bed
    Warm blankets with
    Cool air and faux fur spreads
    Oh how I love this


    I hope you all like it, its okayish, I was describing TN, I have a hard time with ABAB poems, so please tell me what you think!!! 🙂

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