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Write an essence poem (

Please read the NaPoWriMo page for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April. Please read How to Post During NaPoWriMo. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


62 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO #25

  1. Hi everyone! I recently wrote a novel… or a draft of one, lol. I need opinions desperately. If you are interested in reading it, let me know. It is very important to me. I thought that the CWC club members would be the best to ask, let me know, Thank you! Oh, and it is called… The Theatre. I think. I am very bad at titles.

    Essence defines us.
    Essence makes us us
    We are Essence too.


    The essence of us, is so very different than what you would think.
    the essence of me is different than you,
    we aren’t the same, but individual.
    we shine in our essence in our own ways.

    Not sure how good that is but oh well.

    1. Wow! It is really good, actually, not good, AWESOME! I love your poems, Alexa, also, is the next “Lark Adventures” coming up this Friday? 😀 Great job!

      1. Yes Sofia, it is. Thank you! This is the novel that you already read too, but yes. I am nervous about the next Lark Adventures, I hope everyone likes it! Friday for certain. (Unless an emergency comes up, which it shouldn’t.)

      2. Yay! Can’t wait for “Lark Adventures”, I’ve been looking forward to it all week! ❤ Great title! You changed Rose and Henry to The Theater?

  2. Unrelated to the prompt

    I’m down on my knees
    Begging you please
    Help me find my sanity
    I’m stuck in this room
    Of white padded gloom
    Will they let me out soon?
    This restraining jacket
    Straight they called it
    I’ve just about had it
    With little white cups
    Holding little white drugs
    Swallow not, put under your tongue
    I used to be fine
    Before they confined
    Me like a mime
    I’m asking you now
    Help me get out
    So my sanity doesn’t drown
    This is just a nightmare
    In a few moments I will wake
    And even though my heart will ache
    From images I refuse to share
    You’ll be right next to me
    Smiling from ear to ear
    And I won’t shed a single tear
    Because this isn’t reality
    I’m not in the midst of falling
    Trying to survive without you
    I’m not stuck being chewed
    Spit out, or crawling
    I’m not struggling to stay alive
    I’m not trying to hold my pieces together
    As they fall away like a sick bird’s feathers
    I’m not being choked by your goodbye
    Because this is all just a nightmare
    And in a moment I will wake
    *Had to change the last word to be school appropriate* This started out as a rap I was making, and turned into this… 😛

    I loved you
    Notice that I used past tense
    Don’t give me that nonsense
    You’re nothing but a nuisance
    When you try to give me your two-sense
    That makes no sense
    Think I need to use incents
    To get rid of the stench
    Of your lies
    Don’t tell me I didn’t try
    When I still sit up and cry
    Because you said goodbye
    I have to pretend I’m fine
    Or you’ll take me way up high
    Leave me out to dry
    Then let me fall and die
    When the entire time
    You’re to blame
    I think it’s finally my turn
    To prevent myself from hurt
    Baby, I hope your stomach churns
    I’m about to give you what you’ve earned
    To make sure this lesson you learn
    I’m going to leave you to burn
    And make my message be heard
    Karma’s a jerk

  3. I love that Marysa!!!!!!!! Great job. I can’t rap, so this was amazing to me.

    and I think I should have included an excerpt in my earlier post.

    Deep within the streets of Paris, actors and actresses lived, breathed and died in the theatres. It was a cycle. A cycle that had gone on since the beginning of time itself. A cycle, that for the first time, in the 18th century, stalled. And it would never be the same again.

  4. The descriptions weren’t too strict, so I’ll give it a try. Here goes!
    The duckling walks waddling,
    It’s muddling and puddling.
    Haha, this was fun to do, super short though. Also, I have a piece I am writing, (And yes, about horses AGAIN), that I would like any CWC members to revise or give me feedback on. Please, I would love to share my writing with you guys! ❤
    ***Alexa, I wrote a bit more on the one about Indi I sent you. I'll send you the other piece today. 🙂

    1. YAY thank you, and I wrote more of Cassandra. But I think I am editing Rose and Henry a little. I hope I get someone else to read it too. II am so glad you like it! and I love this Sofia, thank you again!!! and I am so excited to read about Indi! That is how I feel, but so far, like you, I have not had anyone ask to read it. But I would love to read it too!

      1. Oh my,you wrote more on Cassandra? Yay! I don’t mean to pressure you or anything, it’s just I really liked it. Can you send the new part to me? 😀

    2. Okay, I will, I am glad you like it, I sent you another email too. I will send more of Cassandra, but I am not sure how good it, I wrote it this morning and after my medical day yesterday, I have a splitting headache. I am glad you like it though.

      1. Ouch! what happened? Also, I didn’t get the e-mail. I’m not sure what might have happened. I hope you feel better soon! ❤

      2. What happened? I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy yesterday and then I had to go get an iron and remicade infusion. two Iv’s, four needles and they upped my remicade for my crohn’s, which went from 325 to 400, causing me to have a severe headache. Plus, the medicine for the cleanout or “prep” for the endoscopy made me sick. I am having the best week ever! 🙂

  5. So basically Sofia, you and I are looking for the others opinions. But you are a great writer. and Naomi and Marysa, and I think I just really like good writing in general. I am weird that way.

    1. Thank you! And, lol, I also really like any type of good writing. It’s not weird, we’re writers! And yeah, I think we are looking for other’s opinions. I don’t trust my writing enough. ❤ 😉

      1. I don’t trust my writing either, and yes, I am terrible at titles, so I did change Rose and Henry to The Theatre. I don’t like that one much either, but oh well. Yes, I love opinions. Honestly, I used to believe my writing was horrendous but now, I just think it is bad.

      2. WHAT?! You’re writing is FANTASTIC! Bad is MY writing! The story I wrote about Ella and Indi is the one that is bad, or below! Don’t ever think your writing is bad, because it isn’t!! 😮

    2. Don’t you ever think YOUR writing is bad, I love your writing Sofia, it is really good! Mine is bad! yours is great!

      1. Aw, thank you, but still, let’s settle it. Both of our writings are equal. (Well, yours is higher.) Lol, yous isn’t bad!

  6. Unrelated to the prompt
    I wait, and I wait
    For you to come and say
    You’re normal vindication
    I’m waiting,
    And then you say it
    You’re sorry, you’re sorry
    You really didn’t mean it
    And I believe every word you cry
    Because you’re special
    And I love you
    Even if you tell me lies
    I wait, and I wait
    For things to go wrong
    Because you can’t stay faithful
    Not for very long
    But you do come back
    So at least I have that
    And you do say you love me
    So at least I feel something
    I’m waiting
    For you to realize that I’m the one
    I’m the one you need
    The one you’ll never leave
    But you just keep breaking my trust
    The thing is,
    I don’t know what’s wrong with me
    Because I keep waiting for someone
    Who’s just going to leave

  7. Oh, if you didn’t get the email, type in my name in your search email’s search. It happens to me a lot. I actually lost one of yours and found it. If you need me to send it again though, I will. Thank you for liking Cassandra so much, and I am so excited about reading more of Indi’s story! 😀

  8. I am so embarrassed I just learned that essence, does not actually mean to write about your essence. I am blushing so hard.

    1. XD Lol, It’s fine!!!! Your poems up there were amazing! Why don’t you try the essence sentence / poem?

      Essences are like presents,
      We’re writers, and that’s our essence!

      Doesn’t rhyme or anything, lol!

      1. My cat and my dog are in love. but it is one sided. Faith licks his ears and he swats her.

  9. I’ve never done an essence poem before so I’m not sure if I did this right 🙂

    So bright, such brilliance.
    Strength, might, and resilience.

      1. Know, I mean our novels. Faith was a show dog that was retired and not a good shower. Not shower. she wasn’t show dog appropriate. It is actually Leap Of Faith. 🙂

      2. Wow! She must’ve been awesome while showing, but I’m guessing she has a much more relaxed life now. 🙂 I feel bad that Lark doesn’t like her, poor girl! ❤

  10. hi guys. this is one of those random messages that should’ve been asked awhile ago. anyway, for napowrimo do our poems have to follow the prompts? again, should’ve asked this awhile ago but i didnt so…yea. thanks for the help!

  11. The broken path; leads you,
    Your token of trust; due.
    Definitely not my greatest but I wanted to contribute 🙂 A semicolon saved me since ‘Your token of trust is due’ was more than 6 syllables which is what an essence poem calls for. Hope ya’ll still enjoyed reading it 😀

    1. Great job, Isa! (I know I’ve asked this before, but it’s okay that I call you Isa?)
      Yep, sometimes semicolons save the day! Mine is just a cute little sentence, but yours conveys such a deep meaning in just 10 words. Amazing job Isa, I love it!!

  12. Thank you Sofia! 😀 It means a lot! Isa is fine, I’m not sure how you’d pronounce it but I just say go for it. Isa is something new, most everyone just calls me Bella, so it’s nice to have a bit of change lol 🙂 Your poem up there was really cool, mine was just really random lol, I never really have a plan when writing… It just kind of comes.

  13. Bright streaks of energy break across the sky
    I stare and ponder, asking hat is it, how does it happen and why?

    Tell me what you think!! 🙂

  14. *NOTE* This is a poem none of it has anything to do with me or the prompt XD

    “Dark side”

    The ropes you hold me in,
    as the blackness is closing in.
    You control my every waking thought,
    as your making your next wicked plot.

    Your teethy grin makes me shriek,
    now everyone calls me freak.
    You wreak havoc inside the walls,
    waiting for when you can make the calls.

    I cant escape your powerful grasp,
    out in public they yet notice my gasp.
    I wish i could climb out of this shell,
    for it is like i am trapped in a cell.

    Can some one please notice the difference under my skin?
    The other side of me i always shin.
    A demon, a monster, well i have no clue!
    For it knows it will come out too.

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